Barbara Stanwyck Collection

Barbara Stanwyck Collection

Director: Frank Capra, Lewis Milestone, William Wellman, Barbara Stanwyck

Cast: Frank Capra, Lewis Milestone, William Wellman, Barbara Stanwyck


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Release Date:
St Clair Vision
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[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Barbara Stanwyck trailers (13 mins.)

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Stanwyck Dixie Daisy,Martha Ivers,Ann Mitchell
Gary Cooper Long John Willoughby
Michael O'Shea Bitt Brannigan
Roman Bohnen Mr. O'Neil
Edward Arnold D.B. Norton
J. Edward Bromberg S.B. Foss
Van Heflin Sam Masterson
Charles D. Brown Special Investigator
Iris Adrian Gee Gee Graham
Walter Brennan The Colonel
Gloria Dickson Dolly Baxter
Lizabeth Scott Toni Marachek
Spring Byington Mrs. Mitchell
Ann Doran Bobbi St. John
Marion Martin Alice Angel
Kirk Douglas Walter O'Neil
Judith Anderson Mrs. Ivers

Technical Credits
Frank Capra Director
Lewis Milestone Director
William Wellman Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Barbara Stanwyck Collection: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers/Lady of Burlesque/Meet John Doe
1. Home Sweet Home [16:19]
2. Ridgeville Gal [10:22]
3. Jailbird [16:38]
4. Ticket to Ride [14:48]
5. A Long Jolt [12:11]
6. Along Comes Sam [14:09]
7. Let It Burn [14:52]
8. Miss Smith's Demise [16:24]
1. Old Opera House [9:51]
2. Ready, Girls? [10:32]
3. White Flag [13:22]
4. New Boys [10:06]
5. Respect [13:32]
6. Coroner's Report [6:07]
7. Whip It Up [10:12]
8. Closing Time [16:27]
1. The Letter [17:08]
2. Long John and the Colonel [14:31]
3. Dear Diary [13:12]
4. Millville [14:25]
5. Yokel Appeal [18:38]
6. A Foggy World [14:16]
7. All Alone [16:53]
8. Leap of Faith [13:42]

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