4.4 11
Director: Tim Story

Cast: Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer


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Barbershop, the surprise hit of 2002 comes to DVD from MGM as a not-so-surprising special edition. Though the supplements are very good, the highlight of this disc is the image. Framed at 1.85:1, and anamorphic, this transfer is nearly flawless. Detail is amazingly strong, while colors are precise. Skin tones are perfectly realized as well. This is one of thoseSee more details below


Barbershop, the surprise hit of 2002 comes to DVD from MGM as a not-so-surprising special edition. Though the supplements are very good, the highlight of this disc is the image. Framed at 1.85:1, and anamorphic, this transfer is nearly flawless. Detail is amazingly strong, while colors are precise. Skin tones are perfectly realized as well. This is one of those pictures that is equal to the theatrical print in every way. The sound is also quite good, but not outstanding. The 5.1 Dolby Digital track shows some separation, but is basically centered up front. The surrounds show no life, which is a shame, but not altogether a surprise for this type of lower budget, character-driven film. As for those extras, a nice variety is included. For starters, there is a commentary track from director Tim Story, writer Don D. Scott, and producers Robert Teitel and George Tillman Jr. that is a pleasure to listen to. Four featurettes are also quite entertaining. The longest, "The Final Cut," covers the making of the film, while the three shorter ones look at the costumes, set design, and a humorous piece on "hair-do's" and "don'ts." In addition to this are seven deleted scenes. Each is very brief and would have added little to the movie. A standard photo gallery is also included, with pictures of the cast, shots from the movie, and a behind the scenes. Along with trailers for this film are those for Rollerball and What's the Worst That Could Happen?, as well as an MGM promotional spot, and wrapping thing up is a multiple choice barber trivia game. Fans of this film -- and there are plenty -- will no doubt be happy with what is offered.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Barbershop -- an African-American comedy with genuine crossover appeal that proved itself a box-office surprise in 2002 -- succeeds on its warmth, sincerity, and infectious high spirits. Those qualities will be readily apparent to those seeing the film for the first time on this extras-laden DVD. The movie is set in an old Chicago barbershop, a family-run operation that faces closure and sale by would-be entrepreneur Calvin (played by Ice Cube), who’d rather be engaged in something more likely to earn him big money. Once he realizes how many people depend on the shop’s existence, Calvin has a change of heart -- but it may be too late. Raucously funny and more than a little coarse, Barbershop celebrates family and community in a positive, life-affirming way, which makes this modest movie a real standout of its type. Director Tim Story keeps the camerawork simple and deftly guides his ensemble cast, which is headed by Cube but dominated by Cedric the Entertainer, who is hilarious as an irreverent barber unafraid to skewer the community’s sacred cows. The other characters are endowed with readily identifiable traits that are skillfully portrayed by Story’s actors (who include Anthony Anderson, Keith David, and Sean Patrick Thomas). Barbershop’s easygoing charm is also reflected in the commentary by Story, screenwriter Don Scott, and producers Bob Teitel and George Tillman Jr. Other DVD extras include deleted scenes with Story’s commentary, a reel of outtakes, four behind-the-scenes featurettes, and a P. Diddy music video.
All Movie Guide - Josh Ralske
Barbershop is a genial urban workplace comedy. Director Tim Story keeps things moving at an appropriately bouncy pace, and the cast is energetic and appealing. Barbershop is clearly modeled after Car Wash, and manages to capture some of that movie's low-key, lightweight charm. While the plot tangentially encompasses guns, crime, and overzealous police, the film takes place in a sunny, bright, and essentially tension-free inner city Chicago. In fact, Barbershop could use a touch of the working-class grit that made Car Wash so memorable. There's never any real sense that anyone is working that hard at anything except running their mouths, and never any sense that anything more than hurt feelings are at stake, even when it seems that the entire crew are going to lose their livelihoods due to shop owner Calvin's (Ice Cube) hasty decision to sell the shop to a low-life criminal (played with just the right degree of menace by Keith David). A subplot about an ATM robbery offers a silly, but efficient slapstick counterpoint to the talky comedy at the film's core. While the film makes a noble stab at inclusiveness, featuring sympathetic white and Indian characters, there's a mild, but still disappointing sexism in the way it sometimes objectifies black women. But in the end, Barbershop is a crowd pleaser, which is all that it sets out to be.
Entertainment Weekly - Lisa Schwarzbaum
Reassuring, retro uplifter.
New York Times - A.O. Scott
The movie's quiet affirmation of neighborhood values gives it an honest, lived-in glow.
New York Post
Combines big laughs, a big heart and thoroughly winning characters.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Audio commentary with director Tim Story, producers Bob Teitel and George Tillman, Jr. and writer Don Scott; Deleted scenes with optional commentary; Bloopers; Outtakes; Barbershop-themed interactive game; Photo gallery; P. Diddy and Jagged Edge music video "Trade It All"; Production design featurette; Costume design featurette; Barber school for the cast featurette; "Hairdos and Don'ts" featurette

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ice Cube Calvin Palmer
Anthony Anderson J.D.
Cedric the Entertainer Eddie
Sean Patrick Thomas Jimmy James
Eve Terri Jones
Troy Garity Isaac Rosenberg
Michael Ealy Ricky Nash
Leonard Earl Howze Dinka
Keith David Lester
Jazsmin Lewis Jennifer Palmer
Lahmard Tate Bill7
Tom Wright Detective Williams
Jason Winston George Kevin
DeRay Davis Hustle Guy
Sonya Eddy Janelle
Saralynne Crittenden Big Mamma
Jasmine Randle Gabby
Naomi Young Armstrong Grandma
Marcia Wright Angry Woman
Lorenzo Clemons Bank Manager
Frank Townsend Terri's Customer
Scott Dent Boy
Carl Wright Checkers Fred
Laura E. Walls Church Lady
Woody Bolar Customer Artis
Deon Cole Customer Darrel
Marshall Titus Customer Joe
Cliff Frazier Customer Kwame
J. David Shanks Customer Lamar
Leon S. Rogers Customer Larry
Jam Customer Lloyd
Eric Lane Customer Rodney
Norm Van Lier Customer Sam
Ray Thompson Customer Tyrone
Mark Simmons Customer Rob
Vince Green Waiting Customer
Cassandra Lewis Young Mom
Janina Gavankar Fine Woman
Olumiji Olawumi Jay
Satya Lee Korean Woman
Kevin Morrow Monk
Teara Hill Willborn Little Kid
Ebboney Wilson Little Kid
Chester Clay McSwain Mailman
Steven Simoncic Officer With Photo
Matt Orlando Officer
Willie B. Goodson Officer
Cynthia Maddox Prison Guard
Montina Woods Rhonda Watts
Llou Johnson Salesman
Dana Min Goodman Cashier
Parvesh Cheena Samir
Pat "Soul" Scaggs Motel Manager
Dev Kennedy Detective Williams' Partner
Malik S. Middleton Construction Worker
Kwame Amoaku Stair Guy
Toyiah Marquis Samir's Wife
Cerall Duncan Kevin's Other Woman
Eddie Bo Smith Crazy Inmate
Maestro Harrell Customer Tillman
Rhonda Bobo Ricky's Girlfriend
Jalen Rose Himself
Tiffany S. Gaji Cop

Technical Credits
Tim Story Director
Matt Alvarez Executive Producer
Terence Blanchard Score Composer
Mark Brown Original Story,Producer,Screenwriter
John Carter Editor
Felicia Fasano Casting
Roger Fortune Production Designer
George Kohut Camera Operator
Tom Priestley Cinematographer
Don D. Scott Screenwriter
Robert Teitel Producer
George Tillman Producer
Marshall Todd Screenwriter
Mary Vernieu Casting
Trevor Ward Consultant/advisor

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Main Title
2. Let's...Go?
3. A Whole New Venture
4. Sorry, We're Foreclosed
5. What's Under the Bed?
6. The Big-and-Juicy Ratio
7. Sweating the Two-Timer
8. White Men Can't Cut
9. Terri's Funky Apple Juice
10. Raising Their Kids Right
11. The Perks of "Sorority"
12. Strictly Loan Sharking
13. A Sense of History
14. "I Don't Need the World"
15. Education & Ribs
16. "The Little Things"
17. How to Win a Woman
18. Thug Nasty on Fire
19. The Truth According to Eddie
20. Vexing Mr. Wallace
21. Cop Goes to an ATM...
22. Terri's Former Boyfriend
23. No Blacker Than Isaac
24. The Value of "Respirations"
25. "Our Own Country Club!"
26. Breaking the News
27. His Cousin's Third Strike
28. Conciliatory Hook-Up
29. Plans for Ricky's Future
30. Everyone's All Right
31. Two Months Later
32. End Credits


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