Basic / Formula 51 / Few Good Men

Basic / Formula 51 / Few Good Men

Director: John McTiernan, Rob Reiner, Ronny Yu

Cast: John McTiernan, Rob Reiner, Ronny Yu, John Travolta


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Release Date:
Sony Pictures

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
John Travolta Agent Tom Hardy
Samuel L. Jackson Actor,Sgt. Nathan West
Tom Cruise Lieutenant J.G. Daniel Kaffe
Connie Nielsen Capt. Julia Osborne
Jack Nicholson Col. Nathan R. Jessep
Robert Carlyle Actor
Demi Moore Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway
Emily Mortimer Actor
Giovanni Ribisi Kendall
Kevin Bacon Capt. Jack Ross
Rhys Ifans Actor
Brian Van Holt Dunbar
Kiefer Sutherland Lieutenant Jonathan Kendrick
Meat Loaf Actor
Taye Diggs Pike

Technical Credits
John McTiernan Director
Rob Reiner Director
Ronny Yu Director

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