Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997
  • Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997
  • Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997

Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997

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Director: Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher

Cast: Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher


Finally, the entire original Batman film series is brought back to the market with the fantastic Motion Picture Anthology box set. Remastered to the point of beauty, each film has been meticulously brought back to life through anamorphic widescreen prints and top-notch DTS and Dolby Digital sound. As far as extras go, check out the six-part documentary…  See more details below


Finally, the entire original Batman film series is brought back to the market with the fantastic Motion Picture Anthology box set. Remastered to the point of beauty, each film has been meticulously brought back to life through anamorphic widescreen prints and top-notch DTS and Dolby Digital sound. As far as extras go, check out the six-part documentary stretched over all the bonus discs or the multipart featurettes that cover each film's production. Add in additional sections on the heroes and villains of the films along with music videos, a comic book documentary, and plenty more goodies for all you caped crusaders to sink your teeth into. Break out the wallet now, because there's no reason not to upgrade your box set, unless that means going against all of your Schumacher-hating bones.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Originally released in conjunction with Batman Begins’ DVD debut (and followed on Blu-ray in March 2009), this strikingly packaged box set contains the Caped Crusader's four feature-length adventures released between 1989-97. Batman (1989), directed by Tim Burton, startled fans with its extremely odd casting of comic actor Michael Keaton as the Dark Avenger created by comic-book legend Bob Kane in 1939. Keaton played Batman as a super-serious crime fighter still haunted by the long-ago deaths of his parents at the hands of a petty criminal. Burton's vision of a tormented superhero -- operating in a Gotham City designed to look simultaneously gothic and futuristic -- seemed to be at odds with Jack Nicholson's over-the-top portrayal of the Joker, but the film scored high marks for its unique blend of action and atmosphere. Keaton reprised his characterization in the Burton-helmed sequel, Batman Returns (1992) -- which, if anything, was even more grotesque than its predecessor. Danny DeVito was memorably macabre as the Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer was seductively slinky as Catwoman, but some aficionados consider this series entry too nihilistic to be good fun. The series' tone lightened somewhat with Batman Forever (1995), for which Keaton relinquished cowl and cape to Val Kilmer and Burton handed the directorial reins to Joel Schumacher. This second sequel introduced Chris O'Donnell as Robin the Boy Wonder and boasted terrific star power: Tommy Lee Jones as an especially sadistic Two Face; Jim Carrey as an appropriately manic Riddler; and Nicole Kidman as sexy shrink Chase Masterson. Schumacher retained control of the series' destiny, and there was great anticipation in fan circles when George Clooney was announced as the new Caped Crusader. But Batman & Robin (1997) fell somewhat short of expectations, despite the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, and Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. In our view, all four films have much to recommend them, and even if no one of them is perfect, Batmaniacs will be gratified to have them together in one box.

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Warner Home Video
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Over 18 hours of special features; Director commentaries by Tim Burton & joel Schumacher; Includes over 50 must-see documentaries and featurettes including one with creator Bob Kane; 9 music videos; New digital transfers; Both Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround

Cast & Crew

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Batman: Feature Film
1. Credits [2:31]
2. "I'm Batman" [4:31]
3. Looking Fine [2:22]
4. Better Be Sure [2:55]
5. Knox Meets Vale [2:19]
6. Grissom's #1 Guy [2:21]
7. Party at Wayne Manor [3:01]
8. Their Odd Host [3:52]
9. Axis Chemical Ambush [3:07]
10. Napier's Plunge [3:19]
11. Dinner for Two [3:46]
12. Drastic Surgery [2:01]
13. Call Me Joker [2:10]
14. "Get a Load of Me" [2:41]
15. Glad You're Dead [4:00]
16. Two Roses [3:00]
17. Vengeance - And No Press [2:44]
18. So Much to Do [3:27]
19. Put On a Happy Face [3:35]
20. Cosmetics Scare [1:40]
21. Museum Date [7:02]
22. Wonderful Toys [5:44]
23. Not Exactly Normal [4:04]
24. A Name to My Pain [1:49]
25. Not Quite Telling Her [2:51]
26. Dancing With the Devil [4:19]
27. Don't Get Personal [1:54]
28. Gauntlet Thrown [2:07]
29. Sad Memory; Getting In [4:24]
30. Chemical Inferno [1:52]
31. Gotham's Greed [2:25]
32. The Batwing [4:27]
33. Come to Me [3:50]
34. Bell Tower Ascent [3:36]
35. Bat in My Belfry [3:09]
36. Downfalls [6:22]
37. Signals [2:43]
38. End Credits [3:52]
Disc #3 -- atman Returns: Feature Film
1. The Cobblepot Child [2:21]
2. Credits [3:07]
3. Tree Lighting [1:39]
4. Not Properly Housebroken [2:12]
5. Pandemonium in a Bow [3:25]
6. Batman Saves the Day [4:24]
7. Meeting of Monsters [5:58]
8. After Hours With Selina [2:07]
9. Not Like You Can Kill Me [3:11]
10. Catwoman Born [5:20]
11. Snatched and Recovered [6:35]
12. "I Have a Name" [2:37]
13. Hear Me Roar [1:08]
14. Gentlemen's Disagreement [4:18]
15. The Candidate [5:36]
16. Carnival of Chaos [1:39]
17. Cat at Play [2:11]
18. Creatures Threesome [1:44]
19. A Bitch: Life and I [2:31]
20. Mayoral Bid; Framed [5:31]
21. Kind of a Dark Side [2:14]
22. Gold-Plated and Lonely [3:06]
23. Dressing Up; Auto Disrepair [4:50]
24. Fall From Grace [2:43]
25. Don't Like You Anymore [1:47]
26. Driving School [4:14]
27. The Candidate Speaks [5:00]
28. "I Am an Animal" [2:02]
29. Tired of Wearing Masks [4:26]
30. Party Crasher [2:24]
31. Pied Penguin Action [2:05]
32. Addressing the Troops [1:24]
33. The Batskiboat [4:33]
34. Duel of Freaks [2:02]
35. "A Die for a Die" [3:10]
36. Kissing Anti-Claus [1:50]
37. Farewell Escort [2:35]
38. Good Will Toward All [2:28]
39. End Credits [5:38]
Disc #5 -- Batman Forever: Feature Film
1. Drivethrough Credits [2:16]
2. Of Two Minds [3:12]
3. Steel Trap [4:39]
4. Copter Chaos [2:30]
5. Too Many Questions [3:55]
6. Getting Under His Cape [3:18]
7. Terminating Stickley [4:55]
8. Riddles to Solve [4:17]
9. Not Exactly What They Seem [3:46]
10. Big Top Tragedy [8:06]
11. Welcome to Wayne Manor [3:06]
12. "Happening Again" [2:42]
13. Broken Wings Mend [1:17]
14. Ambush [2:40]
15. Riddler Comes Calling [5:59]
16. New Criminal Couple [1:27]
17. Secrets Aloft and Below [3:34]
18. We're All Two People [2:53]
19. Ride in the Other Car [3:52]
20. A Part of This [1:46]
21. Nygmatech Tango [4:48]
22. Party Crashers [4:41]
23. Needed Guidance [2:03]
24. The Lady Decides [2:06]
25. Bats on the Brain [:51]
26. Crimefighter Decides [1:18]
27. Unhappy Halloween [5:18]
28. Intruders [4:14]
29. Counting on Batman [1:34]
30. Partners [2:31]
31. By Air and Sea [1:14]
32. Taking a Dive [1:42]
33. Clash on Claw Island [2:04]
34. Double Jeopardy [7:36]
35. Flipped Out [1:09]
36. Now a Choice [:56]
37. Batman's Identity [1:22]
38. New Dream [1:28]
39. End Credits [4:02]
Disc #7 -- Batman & Robin: Feature Film
1. Hero Preparations [3:47]
2. Museum Mayhem [5:21]
3. Blast Off! [4:13]
4. Frozen Stiff [1:45]
5. Bane Is Born [3:57]
6. Victim of Venom [1:51]
7. Nature of Family [3:02]
8. She's Poison Now [2:32]
9. Mr. Freeze's Plans [2:37]
10. New Family Arrives [2:28]
11. Barb's Nightlife [2:17]
12. Hers for Greening [4:42]
13. Bait for Cold Fish [1:12]
14. To the Highest Bidder [5:37]
15. Cool Party Crasher [3:15]
16. Chilling Chase [2:05]
17. Matters of Trust [3:34]
18. Freeze on Ice [1:55]
19. Renovations [3:06]
20. Thinking Things Over [1:35]
21. Fast Company [4:55]
22. Secrets Revealed [1:46]
23. Escape From Arkham [4:29]
24. At Freeze's Lair [3:42]
25. Beauty and Beast [4:20]
26. Adam and Evil [2:41]
27. Partners Part [2:37]
28. Seeing the Light [3:06]
29. Access Allowed [3:14]
30. "Trust Me Now?" [1:23]
31. Nutball Strikes [1:50]
32. The Lady Suits Up [1:09]
33. Invading Ivy's Garden [4:55]
34. Ice Malice [3:00]
35. Storming the Observatory [4:09]
36. Telescopic Frenzy [1:22]
37. "Freeze in Hell!" [1:49]
38. The Big Thaw [1:50]
39. Helping Hand [2:55]
40. Cellmates [:56]
41. Partners Three [2:15]
42. End Credits [5:10]

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Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This set looks great, including all four Batman movies in their long-overdue special editions. However, this question now remains: Should you buy the complete set? I'd buy "Batman" and "Batman Returns" for sure, but should you buy "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" as well. Normally, one would say no, but this set just looks too good to pass up. Although "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" excelled at being bad, I think that no fan of Batman should be without these movies, because although they were bad, they are an essential part to the Batman legend. Yes, Tim Burton almost perfected the formula and I love those two early movies. So yes, I will buy this set, but mostly because the box it comes in looks too pretty to pass up. By the way, be sure to buy this with "Batman Begins", which is released that very same day.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally, the batman films get the special edition treatment. While the box set edition does not have anything extra that the single special editions have, still is a nice box. While BATMAN 3 and 4 are considered to be not so great, they are still fun to watch.
Guest More than 1 year ago
They're all good and better than Batman Begins.
Walterama More than 1 year ago
Before Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale rebooted the Batman movie franchise, there was the first four Batman film: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin. When Batman made it on the big screen in 1989, it was Batmania all over again. The first two Batman movies with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton were the best. When Tim Burton announced that Michael Keaton would be the Caped Crusader, I was afraid it might become a box office disaster. It turned out that Michael Keaton did an excellent job playing Batman. Jack Nicholson did an excellent job playing the Joker and he stole the movie. This was the start of the franchise. It captures Batman as the Dark Knight as it was on the comic book. Batman Returns was the best film, too. The other two movies were disappointed because the director Joel Schumacher ruin it and wanted to make Batman look like the campy TV show. Batman Forever was okay. Also, I was disappointed that one of U2 songs Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me wasn't included in the Special Edition of Batman Forever. Batman and Robin was the worst movie ever since Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. I agreed with the movie crtics. They should had rewritten the movie script and fired Joel Schumacher in the first place. We had to wait eight years till Warner Bros. find the right script and the right director and actor. Luckily, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan came to the rescue and help rebuilt the Batman movie franchise. As a Batman fan,I hope they (Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan) continues to more Batman films in the coming years.