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Battlestar Galactica: Complete Epic Series

Battlestar Galactica: Complete Epic Series

5.0 3
Director: Alan J. Levi, Christian Nyby II, Daniel Haller, Donald P. Bellisario

Cast: Alan J. Levi, Christian Nyby II, Daniel Haller, Donald P. Bellisario

Galactica fans rejoice! In what could only be described as some of the most outrageous home-video packaging of 2003, the original Battlestar Galactica series has finally come home to DVD from Universal Studios Home Video with this pricey, but well worth it, DVD Collector's Box Set. Collecting the first run of the series in its original broadcast order


Galactica fans rejoice! In what could only be described as some of the most outrageous home-video packaging of 2003, the original Battlestar Galactica series has finally come home to DVD from Universal Studios Home Video with this pricey, but well worth it, DVD Collector's Box Set. Collecting the first run of the series in its original broadcast order (they were nice enough to leave out the quite horrible Galactica 1980 continuation series), each episode has been digitally remastered in picture and sound quality, with pristine 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound bringing new life to the series which still holds a firm fan base to this day. The extras for this set are staggering, with over three hours of deleted and alternate scenes for every episode, spread out over six double-sided discs. Even more bonus features can be found on the first disc, starting with the commentary with Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, and Herbert Jefferson Jr. They obviously cherish the series, as do creator Glen A. Larson and composer Stu Phillips, as evidenced on the "Creation of Battlestar Gallactica" and "Composing the Score" featurettes, which are also found on the first disc. Skip to the third disc on side two to access even more bonus material in the Inside Battlestar Galactica section, where you can find additional featurettes on working with the Cylons, along with the on-set antics of the three-year-old monkey inside the suit of the robotic dog Daggit. Finally, an expansive 45-minute documentary awaits the viewer on side two of the final disc, where the cast's remaining primaries are assembled to share their thoughts from the highly rated premiere all the way through when the plug was unexpectedly pulled on the show. The inclusion of a collector's book rounds out the set, with its comprehensive episode guide alongside some schematics of the ships and photos of the cast. With the replica Cylon head packaging ready to display on any hardened collector's shelf, the Battlestar Gallactica DVD Collector's Box Set should be worth its weight in gold for any die-hard fan of this acclaimed sci-fi series.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Heavyweight television producer Glen A. Larson -- the man behind Quincy, Buck Rogers, Magnum P.I., and others -- found a cult gem in this action-packed sci-fi series. A far cry from Star Trek and other "thoughtful" sci-fi, the premise was simple and left room for maximum action. Desperate for peace following centuries of intense warfare, the united planets throughout the solar system known as the Twelve Colonies of Man gather to sign a treaty with their dreaded enemies, the robotic Cylons. But in an act of treachery, the Cylons launch a devastating surprise attack, destroying the Colonies' home planets and most of their military strength. A lone battleship, the Galactica, remains to aid the surviving colonists in their quest for a new home on a far-off, legendary planet -- Earth. Along the way, of course, the colonists must survive a series of exhilarating battles. Despite a short run (1978-79), Battlestar Galactica was epic for its day -- the production budget neared $1 million per episode -- and it's a cult hit if there ever was one. Aside from stars Richard Hatch, Lorne Greene, and future A-Team pretty-boy Dirk Benedict, the show offered special effects by John Dykstra (Star Wars, Spider-Man). It also inspired a long-lived and much-loved attraction at the Universal Studios theme park. And, hey -- did you ever notice how the red lights that serve as the Cylons’ eyes resemble the front of K.I.T.T., the car from David Hasselhoff’s TV breakthrough, Knight Rider, also a Larson production? Savor this and more as you enjoy the set's entire 22-episode run, in this six-DVD set.

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Universal Studios
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[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Ultimate comprehensive episode guide and collector's book; Over 3 hours of deleted and alternate scenes; New interview with television series creator Glen A. Larson; 45-minute documentary on the making of Battlestar Galactica; Featurette on scoring the television series; Featurette on the creation of the Cylons; Audio commentary for the television pilot episode with Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, and Herbert Jefferson Jr.; Never-before-seen photos and drawings

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side 1
1. Brother of Man (Main Titles) [2:37]
2. Peace at Last [10:14]
3. Cylon Attack [18:10]
4. 4 Exodus [15:45]
5. Struggle for Life [13:03]
6. Another Way [16:59]
7. Secret Resort [11:37]
8. Dungeon of Death [9:51]
9. The Trap Is Sprung [21:48]
10. Epilogue (End Titles) [15:11]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side 2
1. Episode Preview [:22]
2. Wedding Plans [14:19]
3. Hidden Outpost [14:12]
4. Combat Ready [11:18]
5. Asteroid Secured [8:28]
1. Previous Episode Recap [2:00]
2. Entering the Void [12:23]
3. Wedding Ceremony [10:07]
4. Tomb of a Lord [9:48]
5. Trapped [14:12]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side 1
1. Episode Preview [:22]
2. Emergency Landing [13:52]
3. Red Eye [14:50]
4. Not Afraid [10:08]
5. Showdown [9:24]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Reconnaissance Mission [16:22]
3. Unexpected Encounter [11:51]
4. Escapee [11:52]
5. Freeing the Colonists [8:05]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side 2
1. Episode Preview [:29]
2. Battle Stations [13:10]
3. Murderers & Cutthroats [12:26]
4. Hunted Survivors [10:08]
5. Saved by the Clones [12:12]
1. Episode Preview [:27]
2. Human Help [13:50]
3. Planning Destruction [12:59]
4. Running the Gauntlet [13:08]
5. Down to the Wire [8:16]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Agriculture Destroyed [12:33]
3. Bad Luck [14:34]
4. Tricked [12:36]
5. Let's Make a Deal [8:26]
Side #5 -- Disc 3, Side 1
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Crash Landing on Attila [13:23]
3. In Good Hands [12:07]
4. Human Bargaining Chip [9:55]
5. Surprise Attack [11:42]
1. Episode Preview [:40]
2. Reunited Warriors [14:28]
3. Rekindled Relations [10:58]
4. Botched Mission [11:25]
5. Under Attack [11:09]
1. Main Titles [1:02]
2. Cylons Retreat [10:23]
3. Assault Team [13:36]
4. Head-On Clash [10:40]
5. Suicide Mission [12:59]
Side #6 -- Disc 3, Side 2
1. Episode Preview [:57]
2. Cylon Kamikaze Run [14:12]
3. Losing the Battle [13:58]
4. Critical Situation [10:16]
5. Blowout [9:19]
Side #7 -- Disc 4
1. Episode Preview [:35]
2. Ship of Lights [10:37]
3. Mysterious Stranger [13:09]
4. Don't Be Beguiled [12:16]
5. Delivered Enemy [12:01]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. The Voice of Truth [13:57]
3. Air of Optimism [8:50]
4. Looking for Answers [13:33]
5. Celestial Encounter [11:47]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Furlough on the Rising Star [15:56]
3. Reunited [11:36]
4. Alternate Motive [10:42]
5. Blood Hunt [10:27]
Side #8 -- Disc 5
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Deadly Altercation [15:43]
3. Find the Killer [11:21]
4. Baltar's Cooperation [11:15]
5. Before the Tribunal [10:00]
1. Episode Preview [:33]
2. First Contact [13:22]
3. Taking Chances [12:07]
4. Rude Awakening [9:30]
5. Hostile Situation [14:01]
6. The Eastern Alliance [12:48]
7. Life on Paradeen [13:12]
8. Catacomb City [8:58]
9. Unwelcome Guests [7:13]
10. A Life of Our Own [5:36]
Side #9 -- Disc 6, Side 1
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Natural Order [12:23]
3. Martial Law Revoked [9:44]
4. Space Thugs [11:23]
5. Reassemble the Cylons [14:36]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. A Higher Calling [16:53]
3. Under Arrest [8:36]
4. Misguided Regime [10:14]
5. Launch Nuclear Strike [12:25]
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Aurora [12:55]
3. Mutiny [12:13]
4. Shuttle to Oblivion [11:02]
5. Back on Track [12:03]
Side #10 -- Disc 6, Side 2
1. Episode Preview [:32]
2. Elaborate Lure [12:40]
3. Tired of Running [15:37]
4. Trojan Horse [9:58]
5. Wing Waggling [9:53]

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Battlestar Galactica: Complete Epic Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Battlestar Galactica is finally on DVD. It should have been released years ago, but Universal Studios wants to take advantage of an opportunity to promote their upcoming remake of Galactica. Well, the remake may feature human-shaped Cylons, a female Starbuck and a sex-crazed Baltar, but at least something good came out of it. The original Galactica is a classic with instant brand name recognition, which is what the remake is counting on. It would have been great if they had let the X-Men producers do their thing with Galactica. Instead it went to less qualified people. But we'll always have the original. Highlights include the pilot episode, ''Saga of a Star World,'' ''Lost Planet of the Gods,'' ''The Living Legend'' and ''War of the Gods.'' Pop it in and watch it this December 7th, a date which will live in infamy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Twenty-four years after its cancellation after just one season on the air, Galactica is still remembered fondly by a surprising number of fans. Is there any other one-year series this famous a generation later? None that I can think of. Here's a rundown of the seventeen episodes that make up this box set collection of every episode of ''Battlestar Galactica.'' Saga of a Star World: The three-hour pilot that launched the series, later shown in theaters as an edited version. After a thousand years of war, the twelve colonies of man are wiped out by the mechanical Cylons. The Galactica and its ragtag fleet of survivors begins the search for the legendary planet Earth. Grade: A Lost Planet of the Gods: The Galactica discovers the planet Kobol, where mankind originated. Adama attempts to learn the path its inhabitants took when they journeyed to Earth. Meanwhile, the viper pilots have contracted a disease which forces the fleet to train shuttle pilots (women) to take over as fighter pilots. Grade: A The Lost Warrior: Apollo is stranded on a wild west planet where things resemble the movie Shane a little bit too closely. Grade: F The Long Patrol: Starbuck pilots a prototype viper into an unknown galaxy and finds an asteroid penal colony where the inmates are descendants of the original criminals. Grade: B The Gun on Ice Planet Zero: A giant laser cannon on an arctic-type planet threatens to destroy the Galactica as it comes in range. A ''borrowed'' plot from ''Guns of Navarone.'' Grade: C The Magnificent Warriors: The fleet is threatened with starvation and lands on a planet where the local movie theater is playing ''The Magnificent Seven.'' Grade: D The Young Lords: Starbuck crash lands on a remote planet and helps a group of children rescue their father, who is a Cylon prisoner. Grade: C The Living Legend: Lloyd Bridges stars as Commander Cain in one of the series' most loved episodes. Lots of action, but lots of repeated effects too. Grade: A Fire in Space: There's a fire. In space. Grade: F War of the Gods: Another classic episode. Patrick MacNee stars as the mysterious Count Iblis, who will lead the fleet to Earth for a high price. Grade: A The Man with Nine Lives: A good story about life in the fleet, featuring Fred Astaire as the man who may or may not be Starbuck's long-lost father. The Nomen make their first appearance in this one. Grade: B Murder on the Rising Star: Starbuck is accused of murdering a fellow Warrior after a heated game of Triad. Derivative of a thousand other trial episodes of a thousand other series. Grade: D Greeting from Planet Earth: A ship is found in space that may or may not be headed for Earth. Unfortunately, it is actually headed for a planet populated by the androids Hector and Vector. Grade: F Baltar's Escape: Another standard 70's plot about a hijacking. Baltar is the hijacker this time. The Nomen return. Grade: D Escape from Terra: With the help of the returning Ship of Lights, Apollo must save a planet from global war. Note that the basic premise of ''Quantum Leap'' is first seen here. Grade: C Take the Celestra: The officers on the Celestra mutiny. Truly a dud. Grade: F The Hand of God: Apollo and Starbuck sneak aboard a Cylon base ship and disable its scanners while the Galactica launches its vipers against it. A fan favorite. Last episode of the series, which goes out on a great note with this one. Grade: A ''Lost Planet of the Gods,'' ''Gun on Ice Planet Zero,'' ''The Living Legend,'' and ''War of the Gods,'' are all two-parters. ''Greetings from Earth'' is a two-hour special and ''Saga of a Star World'' was shown as a three-parter in syndication.
Guest More than 1 year ago
wow im impressed with the original cast and crew of the galactica and the atlantia battlestars so i want to purchase the epic series from the 70's to the 80's.