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Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection

Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection

Director: Edwin L. Marin, Graham Cutts, Jack Raymond, Leslie Hiscott

Cast: Edwin L. Marin, Graham Cutts, Jack Raymond, Leslie Hiscott


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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Arthur Wontner Sherlock Holmes
Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes
Edmund Breon Julian Emery
Lyn Harding Dr. Grimesby Rylott
Reginald Owen Sherlock Holmes
Angela Baddeley Helen Stoner
Anna May Wong Mrs. Pyke
Ian Fleming Dr. John H. Watson,Dr. Watson
Nigel Bruce Dr. John H. Watson,Dr. Watson
Alan Mowbray Maj. Duncan-Bleek / Col. Sebastian Moran
Hillary Brooke Lydia Marlow
Isla Bevan Mary Morstan
June Clyde Eileen Forrester
Kaaren Verne Charlotte Eberli
Lawrence Grossmith Sir Henry Baskerville
Leslie Perrins John Douglas
Raymond Massey Sherlock Holmes
Alan Dinehart Thaddeus Merrydew
Athole Stewart Dr. John Watson
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
Gilbert Davis Miles Stamford,Athelney Jones
Henry Daniell Prof. Moriarty
Ian Hunter Dr. John H. Watson
Jane Carr Ettie Douglas
Lionel Atwill Prof. Moriarty
Patricia Cameron Evelyn Clifford
Arthur Goullet Col. Sebastian Moran
John Warburton John Stanford
Nancy Price Mrs. Staunton
Patricia Morison Hilda Courtney
Paul Cavanagh Sir George Fenwick
Renee Godfrey Vivian Vedder
William Post Dr. Franz Tobel
Graham [Ben] Soutten Jonathan Small
Harry Cording Hamid
Mary Forbes Lady Margaret Carstairs
Matthew Boulton Inspector Gregson
Billy Bevan Train Attendant
Eve Amber Maude Fenwick
Holmes Herbert Sir Reginald Dailey
Tom Dillon Detective Thompson
Frederic Worlock Onslow,Prof. William Kilbane
Mary Gordon Mrs. Hudson
Carl Harbord Inspector Hopkins
Leyland Hodgson Conductor
Rudolph Anders Braun
Tom Bryson Williams

Technical Credits
Edwin L. Marin Director
Graham Cutts Director
Jack Raymond Director
Leslie Hiscott Director
Roy William Neill Director
Steve Previn Director
Thomas Bentley Director
Rowland V. Lee Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection
1. The Woman in Green [1:06:59]
2. Terror by Night [59:30]
3. Dressed to Kill [10:00]
4. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon [1:01:30]
Disc #2 -- Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection
1. Triumph of Sherlock Holmes [1:18:38]
2. Murder at the Baskervilles [1:05:22]
3. The Sign of Four [14:09]
4. The Speckled Band [58:30]
5. A Study in Scarlet [49:38]
Disc #3 -- Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection
1. The Cunningham Heritage [26:32]
2. Lady Beryl [25:48]
3. The Pennsylvania Gun [25:44]
4. The Texas Cowgirl [25:54]
5. The Belligerent Ghost [25:50]
6. The Winthrop Legend [25:18]
8. Harry Crocker [25:44]
7. The Blind Man's Bluff [25:55]
9. Mother Hubbard [24:59]
Disc #4 -- Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection
1. The Red Headed League [25:25]
2. The Shoeless Engineer [25:43]
3. The Split Ticket [25:54]
4. The French Interpreter [25:59]
5. The Singing Violin [25:48]
6. The Greystone Inscription [25:57]
7. The Laughing Mummy [25:49]
8. The Thistle Killer [25:46]
9. The Vanished Detective [25:53]
10. The Careless Suffragette [25:53]

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