Beverly Hillbillies: 20 Episodes

Beverly Hillbillies: 20 Episodes

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Director: Paul Henning, Richard Whorf

Cast: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan


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Timeless Media
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Extras include "The Clampetts Strike Oil" series pilot; Buddy Ebson in a Northwest Passage episode "The Breakout," and in a live telecast of "The House" on Curtain Call Theater, 1952.

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Beverly Hillbillies: 20 Episodes 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Central_Valley_Steve More than 1 year ago
Twenty early episodes of the classic 1960's comedy series, including the first episode that tells the backstory of how the Clampetts found oil on their property in the Osarks, became millionaires, and headed off to "...Californy, the place you oughta be." Other episodes include Jethro's graduation from the sixth grade, the series' first Christmas episode, and the "Giant Jackrabbit" where Granny misidentifies a much smaller animal. The latter was at one time a record holder as the most watched single episode of a regular series. I bought this set immediately after WGN in Chicago discontinued a daily double-run in sequence of the series after several years. Despite having seen every episode several times, it is a series I wanted to have represented in my collection. As with other sets of older series, the original theme song has been covered by a non-recognizable bluegrass tune. I suspect this has something to do with having to pay a royality to the theme song writer and performer. This is the only negative thing I can say about the collection. I appreciate two "extras" included in the set: an episode of "Northwest Passage" with a small part by Buddy Ebsen and an episode of "Curtain Call Theater" featuring Ebsen in a live telecast of a play called "The House" from 1952.