Bolt (Bolshoi Ballet)

Bolt (Bolshoi Ballet)

Director: Vincent Bataillon

Cast: Anastasia Yatsenko, Andrei Merkuriev, Denis Savin


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Bel Air Classiques
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[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]

Special Features

Avant-Garde and Kitsch a film by Edgardo Cozarinsky, Interviews: Alexei Ratmansky/Seymon Pastukh/Pavel Sorokin, Menu, Subtitles and Booklet, 32 Pages, Francais/English; /Deutsch.

Cast & Crew

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Bolt: Bolshoi Ballet
1. Act I Scene I: Overture [5:58]
2. Act I Scene I: Physical Drill [6:31]
3. Act I Scene I: Checking the Machines [1:35]
4. Act I Scene I: Dance of the Draughsman Technicianadjuster and Typist [2:10]
5. Act I Scene I: Opening Ceremony and Cleaner's Dance [3:07]
6. Act I Scene I: The New Shop Goes into Production [3:22]
7. Act I Scene I: Dimka's Scene [1:44]
8. Act I Scene I: Work on the Shop Floor is Resumed [1:02]
9. Act I Scene II: In the Boozer [:46]
10. Act I Scene II: Dance Characterizations: Manka Fart/Ivan Corkscrew and Fyodor Beer/Kozelkov (Bureaucrat) [10:12]
13. Act I Scene II: Scene with Mariya, Dimka and Yan [5:03]
11. Act I Scene II: Dimka's Dance (Carter) [3:35]
12. Act I Scene II: The Appearance of Ivashka [1:43]
14. Act II Scene III: Interlude [2:07]
15. Act II Scene III: Workers Go Home [:53]
16. Act II Scene III: Scenes with the Bolt [5:58]
17. Act II Scene III: New Family - Mariya, Yan and Ivaska Trio [4:16]
18. Act II Scene IV: Maritime Conference [3:03]
19. Act II Scene IV: Mariya Variation (Aesthete) [3:02]
20. Act II Scene IV: Ivashka Variation (Compromiser) [2:41]
21. Act II Scene IV: Yan Variation (Smith) [2:07]
22. Act II Scene IV: Red Army Dances [9:07]
23. Act II Scene IV: Apotheosis [7:03]

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