Born on the Fourth of July

Born on the Fourth of July

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Director: Oliver Stone

Cast: Oliver Stone, Tom Cruise, Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava


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The second of three films by co-writer/director Oliver Stone to explore the effects of the Vietnam War (Platoon and Heaven and Earth are the others), Born On The Fourth Of July tells the true story of Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise), a patriotic, All-American small town athlete who shocks his family by enlisting with the Marines to fight in the Vietnam WarSee more details below


The second of three films by co-writer/director Oliver Stone to explore the effects of the Vietnam War (Platoon and Heaven and Earth are the others), Born On The Fourth Of July tells the true story of Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise), a patriotic, All-American small town athlete who shocks his family by enlisting with the Marines to fight in the Vietnam War. Once he is overseas, however, Kovic's gung-ho enthusiasm turns to horror and confusion when he accidentally kills one of his own men in a firefight. His downfall is furthered by a bullet wound that leaves him paralyzed from the chest down. He returns home, spends an appalling, nightmarish stint in a veterans' hospital, and follows an increasingly disillusioned and fragmented path that ultimately leaves him drunk and dissolute in Mexico. However, Kovic somehow turns himself around and pulls his life together, becoming an outspoken anti-war activist in the process. The film is long but emotionally powerful; many consider it Stone's best work and Cruise's best performance. Both were nominated for Oscars, as was the film itself, but only Stone, who co-wrote the film with Kovic from the latter's book, won for Best Director.

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Much of modern America's understanding of the Vietnam War has been shaped by films, not the least of which being Oliver Stone's Platoon. In Born on the Fourth of July, Stone revisits the topic to show us the damage the war did back home. Aiding him is Tom Cruise, whose powerful performance as real-life veteran Ron Kovic earned him the right to never again be thought of as "just a pretty face." Both were nominated for Oscars for work which many claimed was the best of their careers; Stone took home the Best Director trophy. Based on the autobiography of Kovic, the film is a brutally honest account of how the devastation of war extends far beyond the battlefield. In our somber hindsight, we may have less ideological, patriotic innocence than the all-American Kovic at the start of the movie -- but also like Kovic, we certainly don't have much left by the film's end. Stone brilliantly portrays the nowhere-to-turn rage of the Vietnam Vet: angry at the war, angry at the military, yet often hated by those who feel the same way but have never worn a uniform. Like Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July is a historical drama that truly merits the word "important," the kind of film that future generations should watch so as to never forget their past. Despite its pain, however, the film is inspirational, a story of one man's triumph over hate, self-pity and his own personal demons. By rising above his own hardships to make certain the nation recognized and remembered its mistakes, Kovic proves he's still an all-American boy after all.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tom Cruise Ron Kovic
Raymond J. Barry Mr. Kovic
Caroline Kava Mrs. Kovic
Kyra Sedgwick Donna
Willem Dafoe Charlie
Brian Larkin Young Ron
Jerry Levine Steve Boyer
Josh Evans Tommy Kovic
Jamie Talisman Jimmy Kovic
Anne Bobby Susanne Kovic
Frank Whaley Timmy
John Getz Marine Major
David Warshofsky Lieutenant
Rocky Carroll Willie
Cordelia Gonzalez Maria Elena
Tony Frank Mr. Wilson
Jayne Haynes Mrs. Wilson
Claudio Brook [Vietnam]
Robert Camilletti Tommy Finnelli
Reg E. Cathey Speaker
Dale Dye Infantry Colonel
Corky Ford Marvin
Bob Gunton Doctor
Ed Jupp Villa Vet
James LeGros Platoon
Eduardo Ricardo Cab Driver
Jenna von Oÿ Young Susanne
Christopher Walker Aide
Seth Allen Young Tommy
Sean Stone Young Tommy
Samantha Larkin Patty Kovic
Erika Geminder Young Patty
Amanda Davis Baby Patty
Kevin Harvey Morse Jackie Kovic
Jessica Prunell Young Donna
Jason Klein Young Timmy
Lane R. Davis Young Steve
Richard Panebianco Joey Walsh
John Pinto Young Joey
J.R. Nutt Young Tommy
Stephen Baldwin Billy Vorsovich
Philip Amelio Young Billy
Michael McTighe Danny Fantozzi
Cody Beard Young Danny
Ryan Beadle Ballplayer
Harold Woloschin Umpire
Richard Grusin Coach
Tom Berenger Recruiting Sergeant
Richard Haus Recruiting Sergeant
Melvin Allen Himself
Ed Lauter Legion Commander
Liz Moore Fat Lady at Parade
Sean McGraw Young Donna's Father
Oliver Stone News Reporter
Norma Moore Massapequa Mom
Stacey Moseley Young Donna's Friend
Michael Miller Neighbor
Ellen Pasternack Neighbor
Joy Zapata Neighbor
Bob Tillotson Truck Driver
Jason Gedrick Martinez
Michael Compotaro Wilson
Paul Abbott Platoon
Bill Allen Platoon
William Baldwin Platoon
Claude Brooks Platoon
Michael Smith Guess Platoon
William Mapother Platoon
Christopher W. Mills Platoon
Byron Minns Platoon
Ben Wright Platoon
Markus Flanagan Doctor
R.D. Call Chaplain
Don "The Dragon" Wilson Corpsman
Rick Masters Man
John Galt Fat Republican
Begonia Plaza Charlie's Whore [Villa Dulce]
SaMi Chester Aide
Willie Minor Eddie
Eagle-Eye Cherry Vet
Tom Sizemore Vet
Daniel Baldwin Vet
Ron Kovic Veteran at Parade (uncredited)
Wayne Knight Official
John C. McGinley Official
Chip Moody TV Anchor
Lili Taylor Jamie Wilson [Georgia]
Beau Starr Man
Billie Neal Nurse Washington
Richard Poe Frankie
Vivica A. Fox Hooker
Mark Moses Doctor
Abbie Hoffman Strike Organizer
Jake Weber Donna's Boyfriend
Edie Brickell Folksinger
Geoff Garza Young Radical
Joseph P. Reidy Student Organizer
Holly Marie Combs Jenny

Technical Credits
Oliver Stone Director,Co-producer,Producer,Screenwriter
David Brenner Editor
Dave Freeman Screenwriter
Derek R. Hill Set Decoration/Design
A. Kitman Ho Co-producer,Producer
Joe Hutshing Editor
Sharon Ilson Makeup
Richard L. Johnson Art Director
Victor Kempster Art Director
Ron Kovic Screenwriter
William A. Purcell Special Effects
Joseph P. Reidy Producer
Robert Richardson Cinematographer
Bruno Rubeo Production Designer
Judy Ruskin Costumes/Costume Designer
Gordon J. Smith Makeup
Clayton Townsend Producer
Gregory H. Watkins Sound/Sound Designer
John Williams [composer] Score Composer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Born on the Fourth of July
1. The Yankie Doodle Boy (Main Titles) [16:26]
2. The Right Decision [11:07]
3. Vietnam [4:29]
4. The Wrong Man [5:18]
5. A Casualty of War [7:26]
6. The Veterans Hospital [14:02]
7. Home Again [9:45]
8. The Local Hero [11:37]
9. Donna's World [:01]
10. The Wrong War [8:38]
11. All for Nothing [4:55]
12. Mexico [5:32]
13. Wilson's Family [17:23]
14. The Rebel [8:52]
15. Maybe We're Home [9:20]
16. End Titles [3:01]

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