Branded: the Complete Series

Branded: the Complete Series

Director: Alex March, Allen Reisner, Bernard McEveety, Edward Ludwig

Cast: Alex March, Allen Reisner, Bernard McEveety, Edward Ludwig


The half-hour NBC series Branded experienced a short two-season run - from late January 1965 through early September 1966 - but earned its place in the hearts of many a western fan. The program took place in the American West of the 1880s, around 15 years after the Civil War wrapped. Its hero, Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) had graduated from West Point and…  See more details below


The half-hour NBC series Branded experienced a short two-season run - from late January 1965 through early September 1966 - but earned its place in the hearts of many a western fan. The program took place in the American West of the 1880s, around 15 years after the Civil War wrapped. Its hero, Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) had graduated from West Point and enjoyed a successful military career (eventually ascending to the rank of captain) but suffered from unjust accusations of cowardice and received a prompt dismissal. He then decided to wander around the country, seeking adventures and combing for evidence to disprove his reputation as a coward. Episodes witnessed him encountering both people who believed in him, and people who bought into the military's false accusations. In some instances, McCord also had an opportunity to draw on his knowledge of engineering and cartography. The series bore a somewhat unusual set-up for its time, in the sense that Connors was the only regular, but it showcased an incredible line-up of guest stars including Bruce Dern, Burt Reynolds, Beau Bridges, Cesar Romero, Claude Akins, Warren Oates and many others. This comprehensive set includes the complete series, with such assets as interactive menus, episode selections and bonus features.

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Timeless Media
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Special Features

Bonus features

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Alex Cord Jed Colbee
Bruce Dern Les
Burgess Meredith Horace Greeley
Burt Reynolds Red Hand
Carol Rossen Dr. Evelyn Cole
Cesar Romero Gen. Arriola
Chad Everett Adam Manning,Tad Manning
Claude Akins Ned Travis
Coleen Gray Leslie Gregg
Dolores Del Rio Antonia Molinera
Gary Merrill Aaron Shields
Greg Morris Col. Johnny Macon
Harry Townes Randall Kirby
J. Pat O'Malley Rufus L. Pitkin
James MacArthur Lt. Dan Laurence
Jason Evers Father Durant
Jeanne Cooper Elsie Brown
Joan Leslie Mrs. Cooper
John Dehner Joshua Murdock
Johnny Crawford Clay Holden
Kamala Devi Laurette Ashley,Laurette Lansing
Kathryn Hays Christina Adams
Larry Pennell Tuck Fraser
Lloyd Bochner Frank Ross
Lola Albright Ann Williams
Ludwig Donath Julius Perrin
Marilyn Maxwell Lucy Maxwell
Martin Landau Edwin Booth
Michael Forest Newt Woolery
Michael Rennie Charles Briswell
Mona Freeman Dora Kendall
Pat O'Brien P.T. Barnum
Patrick Conway Johnny Dolan
Robert Lansing Gen. George Custer
Rod Cameron Holland Thorp
Stephen McNally Caleb Reymer
Tommy Sands Richard Bain
Warren Oates Perce Clampett,Frank Clampett
Wendell Corey Maj. Whitcomb
Whitney Blake Nan Richards
Beau Bridges Lon Allison
Ben Johnson Bill Latigo
Brad Weston Charlie Vance
Carol Ohmart Laureen Macklin
Charles Horvath Jud,Deke
David Brian Gregory Hazin
Dick Clark J.A. Bailey
G.V. Homeier Luke Garrett
Gene Evans Matthew Paxton
H.M. Wynant Brissac,Lionel McAllister
Harry Harvey Doc Shackley,Potter,Stable Owner
James Anderson Lt. Garrett,Frank Allison
Janet DeGore Sally
Jim Davis Wheeler,Malachi Murdock,Swaney
Joe de Santis Indian Chief
John Carradine Gen. Joshua McCord,Gen. Josh McCord
John Ireland Renger,Ted Evers
Jose de Vega Juan Molinera
June Lockhart Sue Pritchett
Karen Steele Lorrie Heller
Keith Andes Roy Harris
Ken Mayer Martin Stoddard
Kevin Hagen Paul Mandell
Leif Erickson Roy Beckwith
MacDonald Carey Sen. Lansing
Marian Seldes Neela
Marie Windsor Carrie Milligan
Martha Hyer Callie Clay
Michael Keep Chief Wateekah,Bold Eagle
Nico Minardos Kolyan
Paul Brent Micah Murdock
Peter Breck Crispo
Peter Graves Sen. Keith Ashley
Rex Ingram Hannibal
Richard Bakalyan Roy Barlow
Tom Drake Jordan Payne,Maj. Tom Rock
Walter Burke Luke
William Bryant Gen. Ulysses S. Grant,President Grant
Bill Catching Deke
Bing Russell Sheriff Gorman,Thomas Teal
Bruce Bennett Archie Fletcher
Carol Brewster Grace Stoddard
Chris Alcaide John F. Parker,Karp
Clarke Gordon Howland
Davis Roberts Hawkins
Don Collier Jud Foley,Wilkes
Don Megowan Carruthers
Douglas Fowley Jed Peck
Duncan McLeod Maj. Brackham
Ian Wolfe William Henry Seward
James Dunn Sam Manning
Jan Merlin Jim Darcy
John Agar Sheriff
John Litel Gen. James Reed
John M. Pickard Lt. Shanley,Rand
Kathie Browne Jennie Galvin
Kathleen Crowley Laura Rock
Lee Van Cleef Fred Slater,Charlie Yates
Linda Dangcil Rosita
Michael Ansara Capt. Thomas Frye
Michael Lane Trask
Michael Petit Jimmy Whitlaw
Noah Beery Maj. Lynch
Pamela Curran Princess Salome
Patricia Medina Dr. Karen Miller
Richard Arlen Hatton
Robert Carricart Navajo
Robert Q. Lewis Satterfield,Ray Hatch
Rochelle Hudson Alice Whitcomb
Russ Conway Sheriff Pollard
Sherry Jackson Nell Beckwith
Suzanne Cupito Kellie
Tom Reese Jess Muhler
Zeme North White Fawn
Alex Sharpe Matt Hawley
Billy Beck Mouse
Bruno Ve Sota Laird Sawyer
Charla Doherty Karin
Charles Maxwell Sobell,Andy Starrett
Claude Hall Buckrum,Sample
Edward Little Sky Blue Hawk
Felix Locher Sitting Bull
Gregg Palmer Doc
Harry Bartell Mayor
Harry Carey Lt. John Pritchett
Jack Lambert Marty Slater
James Chandler Charlie Stark
Jay Silverheels Wild Horse
Jess Kirkpatrick Pete
Joan Huntington Lisa
Jon Lormer Jud Markham,Col. Snow
Julie Reding Liz
Lane Bradford Jack Kilgore
Luke Saucier Midge
Morgan Woodward Clyde
Nicholas Surovy Actor
Patrick Wayne Cpl. Dewey
Paulle Clark Hannah Reymer
Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez Jose
Rafael Campos Luis
Robert Gross Randy Stoddard
Stuart Lancaster Abner Beckett
Stuart Margolin Taeger
Valerie Szabo Jessie Colbee
Willard Sage Joe Darcy,Wes Trent,The Major
William Baskin Tiny
William Cort Alan Winters
William Phipps Capt. Brooks
Ahna Capri Robin Shields
Allen Jaffe Topaz
Baynes Barron Sheriff
Ben Welden Vega
Carlos Rivas Dr. Felix Cueverra
Charles Fredericks The Boss
Dick Cangey Grant
Dirk Evans Sheriff
Ed McCready Anders
Frank Gerstle Major Meade
Fred Carson Scotty
George Sawava Gen. Sherman
Hagan Smith Actor
Henry Brandon Cleve
Howard Curtis Huber Mills
Howard Johnson Poker Player
I. Stanford Jolley Enos Scroggins
Iron Eyes Cody Grey Eagle
James Beck Bill Tomlin
Jay Jostyn Judge
John War Eagle Medicine Man
Johnny E. Jensen Johnny
Joseph Perry Cavalry Officer
L.Q. Jones Miles
Michael Pate Crazy Horse
Mike Masters Sheriff
Nick Dimitri Young Hawk
Pamelyn Ferdin Abigail
Peter Dunn Taylor
Robert Hoy Grimes
Russ McCubbin Fred Turner
Rusty Lane Sheriff
Ted Jordan Actor,Sgt. Mayhew
William Benedict Hogan

Technical Credits
Alex March Director
Allen Reisner Director
Bernard McEveety Director
Edward Ludwig Director
Harry Harris Director
Joseph H. Lewis Director
Larry Peerce Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Lee H. Katzin Director
Leonard Horn Director
Marc Daniels Director
Richard Whorf Director
Ron Winston Director
Vincent McEveety Director
William Witney Director

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