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Brother Bear (2003)

Brother Bear (2003)

Director: Aaron Blaise, Bob Walker, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Suarez

Cast: Aaron Blaise, Bob Walker, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Suarez


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Nominated for an Academy Award, this mystical coming-of-age fable offers a compelling story, some awe-inspiring animation, a menagerie of cute and comical critters, and power anthems by Phil Collins. Brother Bear also marks, if not the end of an era, at least an interruption, as Disney famously closed its Florida animation studio after completing the production. The film's lead character is Kenai, an Ice Age youth eagerly awaiting his manhood ceremony, where he will be given the totem that is said to guide its owner through life. Kenai is disappointed that his totem is "love," even though it's regarded as the most precious of all. But what's love got to do with it when a bear kills his brother? The vengeful Kenai hunts the beast down and kills it, only to be transformed into a bear himself. Here, in the theatrical version of the film included in this two-disc set, the movie goes through its own transformation; a Wizard of Oz-like demarcation at the 24-minute mark when the aspect ratio widens to reflect Kenai's new, ursine perspective. En route to a mountaintop where his late brother's spirit may return him to human form, Kenai is joined by Koda, a frolicsome young bear who shows Kenai the ropes. Though Kenai insists that Koda "keep all the cuddly bear stuff to a minimum," it is not long before the feisty and adorable cub inspires a change of heart in Kenai. SCTV fans will delight in two tag-along moose characters, Rutt and Tuke, voiced by the McKenzie brothers themselves, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Beauty, eh? The funniest moose since Bullwinkle, they also provide the commentary, which alone is worth the price of purchase. If it is true that Disney has decided to forsake for the foreseeable future traditional cel-animated features, then Brother Bear is a triumphant swan song -- or bear song, if you prefer.

Product Details

Release Date:

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Joaquin Phoenix Kenai
Jeremy Suarez Koda
Rick Moranis Rutt
Jason Raize Denahi
Dave Thomas Tuke
D.B. Sweeney Sitka
Joan Copeland Tanana
Michael Clarke Duncan Tug
Harold Gould Old Denahi
Paul Christie Ram #1
Daniel Mastrogiorgio Ram #2
Estelle Harris Old Lady Bear

Technical Credits
Aaron Blaise Director
Bob Walker Director
Matthew Jon Beck Casting
Steven Bencich Screenwriter
Lorne Cameron Screenwriter
Phil Collins Score Composer,Songwriter
Ron J. Friedman Screenwriter
Mary Hidalgo Casting
David Hoselton Screenwriter
Mark Mancina Score Composer
Tim Mertens Editor
Tab Murphy Screenwriter
Robh Ruppel Art Director
Chuck Williams Producer

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