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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Epic Series

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Epic Series

4.6 5
Director: David Phinney, Dick Lowry, Guy Magar

Cast: Gil Gerard

Buck Rogers finally makes his way to DVD in this Complete Epic Series box set thanks to the fine TV folk over at Universal. Join Twiggy, Hawk, and the unbeatable Erin Gray in all of her sexy space outfits as Buck dishes out 20th century slang to unknowing future people in 31 jam-packed episodes, along with the original theatrical pilot in all its glory. The picture is


Buck Rogers finally makes his way to DVD in this Complete Epic Series box set thanks to the fine TV folk over at Universal. Join Twiggy, Hawk, and the unbeatable Erin Gray in all of her sexy space outfits as Buck dishes out 20th century slang to unknowing future people in 31 jam-packed episodes, along with the original theatrical pilot in all its glory. The picture is presented in a 1.33:1 full-frame image that boasts a solid transfer, though various age marks can be spotted in most all of the episodes. A Dolby Digital 2.0 track has been supplied to the set, which might disappoint the higher end home-theater crowd but shouldn't be a surprise to those who purchase a lot of TV shows on DVD (most rarely get the full 5.1 treatment). While the set does indeed present the entire series, Universal has failed to include any extras or even the bumpers that were added to the theatrical film when it was split into two pilot episodes for TV. Still, there aren't any real excuses for anyone not to purchase this set and delight in all its sci-fi, cheesy goodness.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Buck Rogers, the original space-opera superstar, first appeared in a magazine story by Philip Nowlan in 1928 and was subsequently featured in comic strips, radio dramas, movie serials, and even a short-lived 1951 television series. So when the phenomenal success of Star Wars spurred interest in all things science fiction, producer Glen A. Larson had the presence of mind to revive Rogers, scoring a minor big-screen hit that NBC quickly signed up as a series in 1979. Larson revamped Buck Rogers considerably, but he retained the basic premise: After spending 500 years in a state of suspended animation, Buck awakens to find Earth overrun by alien invaders and human renegades. He joins a confederation of freedom-loving rebels and brings his not-inconsiderable skills to the ongoing struggle against the forces of evil. Brawny Gil Gerard played Buck with the appropriate panache, and Erin Gray cuts a fetching, formidable presence as Col. Wilma Deering. The strip's primary villain, "Killer" Kane, was played at first by Henry Silva and later in the series by Michael Ansara, with Pamela Hensley slinking through several episodes as the seductively sinister Princess Ardala. Larson added alleged comedy relief in the form of a wisecracking, diminutive robot called Twiki -- given voice by Mel Blanc in most of the run. Some 37 episodes aired between 1979 and 1981, initially maintaining a delicate balance between straitlaced futuristic adventure and lighthearted whimsy, but later tending more toward cheeky, self-referential comedy. Production values are above average for the time; and the casting was spot-on, with many familiar faces from the episodic-television acting pool of the period. Buster Crabbe, who played Buck in a 1939 cliff-hanger serial, guest-stars in one of the early two-part episode, "Planet of the Slave Girls," along with Roddy McDowall and Jack Palance. While not as influential as the various Star Trek series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century made a significant contribution to sci-fi TV, and it remains a nostalgic favorite of the disco generation.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Closed Caption; [None specified]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Gil Gerard Capt. William 'Buck' Rogers,Actor
Elizabeth Allan Actor
Erin Gray Col. Wilma Deering,Actor
Gary Coleman Actor
Mel Blanc Actor,Twiki
Paul Carr Actor,Lt. Devlin
Michael Ansara Kane
Morgan Brittany Actor
Nancy Frangione Actor
Rosemary de Camp Actor
Tara Buckman Actor
Thom Christopher Actor,Hawk
Eddie Firestone Actor
Judy Landers Actor
Nicholas Hormann Actor
Pamela Hensley Actor
Robert Cornthwaite Actor
Tamara Dobson Actor
Tim O'Connor Actor
William Conrad Narrator
Jamie Lee Curtis Actor
Leonard Lightfoot Actor
Christopher Stone Actor
Jack Palance Actor
Michael de Lano Actor
Peter Graves Actor
Wilfrid Hyde-White Actor
Felix Silla Twiki

Technical Credits
David Phinney Director
Dick Lowry Director
Guy Magar Director
Jack Arnold Director
Larry Stewart Director
Philip Leacock Director
Sigmund Neufeld Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 1 - Side A
1. Draconian Forces [21:16]
2. The Past Is Gone [23:17]
3. We Come in Peace [22:52]
4. Launch the Attack! [21:25]
1. Food Contamination [5:55]
2. All Hail Kaleel [14:14]
3. Plans to Attack Earth [25:22]
4. The People Revolt [27:30]
Side #2 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 1 - Side B
1. Kidnapped [16:39]
2. Blackjack [15:04]
3. The House Pays [8:52]
4. Not Home Yet [8:18]
1. The Legion of Death [15:02]
2. Teach the Earth a Lesson [13:12]
3. Join the Gang [7:37]
4. Sold Out [13:05]
1. Secondary Cover [12:10]
2. Fooled Twice [11:11]
3. Infiltrating High Security [10:39]
4. Terminal Reaction [14:56]
1. 20th Century Weapons [17:07]
2. Watch for Falling Rocks [9:01]
3. Held Captive [7:21]
4. Bombs Away! [15:27]
Side #3 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 2 - Side A
1. In Jail [16:01]
2. Sprung [9:42]
3. Interrogated [10:03]
4. Under Arrest [13:05]
1. In Distress [15:39]
2. Up for Auction [9:22]
3. Planning Treason [9:01]
4. Impromptu Negotiation [14:40]
1. Kidnapped President [11:34]
2. Best Man for the Job [11:24]
3. Caught Trespassing [14:53]
4. Tangle With a Terminator [10:56]
1. The Annihilation of Earth [11:43]
2. On the Run [13:33]
3. Phase One Has Begun [14:39]
4. Let the Ceremony Begin [8:58]
Side #4 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 2 - Side B
1. Miss Cosmos [15:31]
2. Attempted Kidnapping [12:07]
3. Mutant Woman [9:52]
4. Laser Dissection [11:27]
1. Not Dead or Alive [15:30]
2. After Wilma [14:38]
3. Becoming One of Them [11:28]
4. Into the Stars [7:17]
1. Escaped Convict [18:34]
2. Touch of Death [11:36]
3. Unlocking the Mind [8:42]
4. Surprise Party [9:59]
1. An Alien Object [14:44]
2. Time Is Running Out [8:40]
3. Memory Probe [12:45]
4. Happy New Year! [12:35]
Side #5 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 3 - Side A
1. An Imperial Trap [15:55]
2. Cloned [10:18]
3. Rogers' Robots [14:35]
4. There's Only One [7:59]
1. One of a Kind [18:14]
2. An Even Exchange [13:41]
3. Wanted, Dead or Alive [9:10]
4. A Calculated Risk [7:43]
1. Forbidden Love [18:14]
2. Defect to Earth [7:48]
3. Enlisted to Entertain [9:41]
4. Sled Ride to Freedom [13:10]
1. One in a Million [16:05]
2. You'll Have Your Man [10:35]
3. Do or Die [8:28]
4. Can't Go Back [13:35]
Side #6 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 3 - Side B
1. Music and Violence [17:35]
2. Playing With the Band [11:48]
3. Regulating Human Behavior [8:49]
4. Long Live Rock! [10:41]
1. More Than a Myth [14:30]
2. Forced to Marry [14:41]
3. Challenged [8:46]
4. The Showdown [10:51]
1. Invitation to Another Universe [19:57]
2. Journey Through the Vortex [21:29]
3. Welcome to Pendar [31:37]
4. Joining Forces [23:59]
Side #7 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 4 - Side A
1. Humans, I Shall Kill Them All! [24:38]
2. The Search for Hawk [25:31]
3. Much Alike You and I [27:21]
4. Help Us Discover the Future [19:55]
1. A Forced Landing [20:27]
2. Orders to Attack [25:10]
3. Quite a Man [25:03]
4. An Angry God [26:55]
Side #8 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 4 - Side B
1. The Chosen One [18:03]
2. Having Visions [10:28]
3. Our Damnation [9:35]
4. The Cycle Is Complete [10:26]
1. Impersonating Officers [13:47]
2. Not Human [11:20]
3. Giant Green Lizard [12:04]
4. Friend or Foe? [11:35]
1. Found Adrift [17:16]
2. Born Alchemists [11:10]
3. Criminal Intent [10:34]
4. Lighten the Load [9:41]
1. Uninhabited Planet [18:50]
2. Mummy Attack [10:42]
3. Devolution [8:35]
4. Reactivated [10:37]
Side #9 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 5 - Side A
1. Signs of Life [18:47]
2. Appeasing Him [7:53]
3. Bite of the Beast [11:36]
4. Half Animal [10:30]
1. A Derelict Ship [16:08]
2. Rogue Rats [8:39]
3. Creating Havoc [9:12]
4. Swapping Brains [14:45]
1. Planet of Death [17:42]
2. Out of Character [8:14]
3. Locked Into a Snare [8:22]
4. One More Test [14:27]
1. Charged With High Treason [15:16]
2. Incriminating Testimony [9:12]
3. Stealing Security Codes [10:00]
4. Under Orders [14:14]
Side #10 -- Buck Rogers, Disc 5 - Side B
1. Picking Up Survivors [14:13]
2. Rebellious Passengers [10:11]
3. Meeting With the Dorians [9:57]
4. Mirror Images [14:20]

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Epic Series 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
mxoc1 More than 1 year ago
Definitely a fun dvd to watch for those of us who remember watching the short lived series on NBC from 1979-1981. I was 15 when the show premiered, and it brings back fond memories. Of course, Buck Rogers was updated for the time period, and was quite heavily influenced by the late 70's disco generation. Who knew that roller disco would still exist in the 25th Century? It's corny and a bit hoakey by today's production standards, but, it's still alot of fun.
Bfocused More than 1 year ago
Lovable characters, wonderful creative story, always interesting, fully engaging. Fantastic acting, great series.
R2S More than 1 year ago
How fun! The funky words and scripts are so full of cliches(?) that I just laugh out loud. The science fiction sets are "pre" Star Wars and now I now where all the later Science Fiction space ships came from! Great special effects! Love the tight fitting costumes and the "sexism" very like the James Bond films where everyone swoons over Buck Rogers. It is like a blast from the past! A real "classic."
Guest More than 1 year ago
I remember watching this tv series and my parents also remember seeing the old buck rogers serial when they were kids Can t wait to see Hawk, one of my favorites and also mark lenard too plays in my favorite esposide .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this would make a great gift