Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Seventh Season

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Seventh Season

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Cast: Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan


This set contains all 22 episodes from the seventh and final season of Joss Whedon's popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The season included a storyline concerning the demise of the Watcher's Council, which forces Buffy and her friends to struggle against the Bringers -- a group that is going around killing anyone who may grow to become aSee more details below


This set contains all 22 episodes from the seventh and final season of Joss Whedon's popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The season included a storyline concerning the demise of the Watcher's Council, which forces Buffy and her friends to struggle against the Bringers -- a group that is going around killing anyone who may grow to become a slayer.

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Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
Season 7
In a commentary recorded for this Season 7 set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, creator Joss Whedon says that he wanted to create a circular arc that took the show "back to the beginning." It's accomplished by having almost every episode reference something that has occurred in previous years, such as Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) return to high school in the season opener, "Lessons." As Willow (Alyson Hannigan) remains in England with Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), trying to recover from her evil magic rampage; Buffy goes to work as a guidance counselor at the newly reopened Sunnydale High School -- complete with Hellmouth of course, located under new principal Robin Wood's (D. B. Woodside) office. Spike (James Marsters), now possessed of a soul and the guilt-ridden conscience that goes with it, has been driven mad by the First Evil -- one of the original demons to walk the Earth (see the Season 3 episode "Amends"). He has taken refuge in the school basement; but it’s actually in a church that Buffy finally learns Spike's secret in "Beneath You" -- an episode with a final scene that’s among the series’ best ever. Buffy’s struggle with the First dominates Season 7, such as in "Bring On the Night" when Giles returns with news that the First has been killing the young girls that will become Slayers, known as Potentials, and Buffy makes the decision to find the girls and train them for an inevitable battle. After being tormented by the First, Spike returns to killing in "Sleeper" and "Never Leave Me." Knowing Buffy won't do it, Giles tries to settle the Spike problem -- with the help of Wood -- in the excellent "Lies My Parents Told Me." The rogue Slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku) returns in the pivotal episode "Dirty Girls," which also features the introduction of Caleb (Nathan Fillion), the First's powerful servant. Faith is to aid in the training of the Potentials, and she eventually becomes their leader after the group loses confidence in Buffy in "Empty Places." The two-part series finale, "End of Days" and "Chosen," features a guest appearance by Buffy's first love, Angel (David Boreanaz); the spectacular destruction of the Hellmouth; and the death of two major characters. For fans it's a harsh blow to see this amazing series come to a close, but to echo Spike in the final moments of the finale, we're glad just "to see how it ends."

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Season Seven overview - "Buffy: Full Circle"; Selected episode commentary; Four featurettes; DVD-ROM content - "Willow Demon Guide"; Outtakes, wrap footage, and more

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. Who's Got the Power/Main Titles
2. Connections
3. Old School, New School
4. Who'd Want That Job?
5. Miss Soft Serve
6. An Allergic Reaction
7. Stall Pal
8. It's Not All Good
9. Great Reception
10. Basement Barricade
11. Suffering Spike
12. The Ones No One Will Miss
13. An Offer She Can't Refuse
14. Back to the Beginning
15. End Credits
1. A Devouring Nightmare/Main Titles
2. A Rumbling Psyche
3. First Day on the Job
4. Homeward Bound
5. Doggie Downer
6. In Their Heads
7. Flashback
8. Underground Vengeance
9. Demon at Work
10. Spike Unleashed
11. A Little Death
12. Hearing Voices
13. No Service
14. Spike's Spark
15. End Credits
1. Waiting for Willow/Main Titles
2. An Empty Welcome
3. Who's to Blame
4. Demon and Witch Reunion
5. Flayed Connection
6. The Button Man
7. Sliding Doors of Perception
8. Demonic Assistance
9. Good Solid Detective Work
10. Caving In
11. A Tasty Gift
12. Poseable Paralysis
13. A Fiendish Feast
14. She's Not Alone
15. Forgiven/End Credits
1. School Night/Main Titles
2. First Day on the Job
3. Hammering His Analogy
4. Boy Ploy
5. A Vision of No Future
6. Instant Friends
7. Death on the Brain
8. Drunk and Orderly
9. Poem #5
10. A Sad Bad Man
11. Making Boys Crazy
12. Sacrificial Plan
13. Kicking Lame Demon Ass
14. Making a Difference
15. Back to Work/End Credits
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Coming Around/Main Titles
2. The Old Country
3. Imaginary Friends
4. An Awful Wish
5. Transforming Powers
6. Demon's Advocate
7. A Sticky Situation
8. Revolutionary Vengeance
9. Hard Decisions
10. Willow's Way
11. Hurting the Ones We Love
12. Remembering Mrs. Harris
13. Dues for Undos
14. Anya Alone
15. End Credits
1. Xander's New Roommate/Main Titles
2. Isolation Situation
3. Trying to Fit In
4. No Consolation
5. Dog Eat Dog
6. A Little Appreciation
7. Lusty and Thrusty
8. Lovestruck Slayer
9. The Pushy Queen of Slut Town
10. Xander Interruptus
11. Sister Spell
12. Like Brother, Like Brother
13. Victims of Love
14. Dawn in Distress
15. Up in Smoke/End Credits
1. Where Were You?/Main Titles
2. Outlaws With Hearts of Gold
3. A Message From Beyond
4. Electricity Problems
5. Just Like Old Times
6. Bumps in the Night
7. The Master Plan
8. Talking to Tara
9. Interview by a Vampire
10. Dawn Unplugged
11. Vampirical Analysis
12. A Deadly Prophecy
13. A Superiority Complex
14. Evil Suggestions
15. The Big Finish/End Credits
1. Up to His Old Tricks/Main Titles
2. Cold Comfort
3. Kinder and Gentler?
4. Death and Lies
5. A Curious Matter
6. On the Prowl
7. To the End of the Underworld and Back
8. Proof Needing
9. It's All About Shame
10. Out for Blood
11. Bouncing Some Ideas Around
12. Spike on Spike
13. Soulful Crisis
14. To Slay or Not to Slay
15. It's Started/End Credits
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Deathtraps/Main Titles
2. Out of Both Ends
3. Bloodlust
4. Slaughter-Challenged
5. Wrath of a She-Witch
6. Priming the Weasel
7. Fear and Self Loathing
8. Good Cop, Bad Vamp
9. Trigger Theory
10. Principal Attraction
11. Facing the Monster
12. The First Wave
13. By Wise Council
14. Let It Bleed
15. End Credits
1. Evil Visions/Main Titles
2. Andrew's Awakening
3. Full Service Principaling
4. Black Magic Woman
5. Potential Trouble
6. Underwater Torture
7. Sleeping Arrangements
8. Raising the Stake
9. The Next Generation
10. Serious Afterburn
11. A Wiggle and a Giggle
12. It's Already Here
13. A Struggle for Redemption
14. Round Two With Super Vamp
15. General Buffy/End Credits
1. Bringing Down Bringers/Main Titles
2. A Woman of Wealth and Taste
3. Episode One: Boredom
4. Running Out of Time
5. Demon Bribery
6. An Overripe Hostage
7. Potential Confusion
8. License to Annoy
9. Eyes on Buffy
10. Apocalyptic Apprehension
11. Facing Their Fears
12. Deflector Shields Up
13. A Safe Location
14. A Monster's Worst Nightmare
15. He Shall Be Released/End Credits
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Slaying Instincts/Main Titles
2. All About Death
3. Weird Behavior
4. Potential News
5. A Smelly Spell
6. Swallowed by Something Larger
7. Blending In
8. A Crazy Night
9. Dawn's Lesson
10. Nesting Instincts
11. The Family Business
12. Missing in Action
13. Real Potential
14. One of the Girls
15. The Ones Not Chosen/End Credits
1. A Bit Twitchy/Main Titles
2. Chips on the Brain
3. Kennedy's Mission
4. Past His Expiration Date
5. What I Like About You
6. First Impressions
7. Reversal of Fortune
8. Corporeal Concerns
9. Healing Spirits
10. Becoming Warren
11. Playing Ghost
12. Mental Anguish
13. Touched by Their Concern
14. Power Game
15. A Fairy Tale Ending/End Credits
1. A Warm Watcher/Main Titles
2. An Instinctive Choice
3. Rope a Dope
4. Signs of Evil
5. Dating Discussion
6. First Assignment
7. Shrill Edges
8. Flashing on Evil
9. A Freelance Fighter
10. Andrew's Time
11. Crossed Wires
12. Great Date
13. The Odd Triple
14. Changing Orientation
15. A Mother of a Revelation/End Credits
1. A Slaying Dream/Main Titles
2. Dropping Hints and Bones
3. Slayer Emergency Kit
4. The Big Bad Board
5. Progressive Souls
6. Coming and Going
7. A Useful Speech
8. Shadow Casting
9. Exchange Demon
10. Getting Buffy Back
11. That Old Black Magic
12. Back to the Beginning
13. Fight the Power
14. Good for the Soul
15. Killer View/End Credits
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. Masterpiece Television/Main Titles
2. The Story So Far
3. Introductions
4. Our Humble Host
5. Brewing Badness
6. The Camera Knows All
7. Touched by Evil
8. Great Performances
9. Haunted Fugitives
10. Living as Gods
11. School Dazed
12. A Man Possessed
13. Once More, With Feeling
14. Tears of Redemption
15. Getting Real/End Credits
1. Mission in the Rain/Main Titles
2. Ye Boring Olde English
3. Brain Scan
4. William's Trigger
5. Chained Heat
6. Ripe and Ready
7. Vengeance for the Greater Good
8. Principal Sanctuary
9. Cutting the Apron Strings
10. Difficult Decisions
11. William's Overture
12. Mama's Boys
13. Stalled Slayer
14. Mission Matters
15. A Broken Watcher/End Credits
1. Problematical Preacher/Main Titles
2. Potential Fantasy
3. Faith Renewed
4. A Chilly Reception
5. Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
6. The Dark Slayer
7. Former Boss
8. Smoking Chemistry
9. A Message for Buffy
10. Drawn to Power
11. Into the Hornet's Nest
12. Best Defense
13. Cellar Dweller
14. Eye for an Eye
15. Darkness and Despair/End Credits
1. A Fond Farewell/Main Titles
2. Looking for Justice
3. Sense Deprivation
4. Motivational Speaking
5. Brewing Fears
6. Religious Confrontation
7. Mission Position
8. Watching Her Back
9. A Found Fugitive
10. Brutality to Police
11. Covert Road Trip
12. Mission in the Mission
13. Mutiny
14. Can You Follow?
15. Passing the Mantle/End Credits
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Potential Power/Main Titles
2. Meet the New Boss
3. Unholy Alliance
4. Bringer Bait
5. Breaking News About Buffy's "Breather"
6. Speaking of Evil
7. Not Feeling Right
8. Same as the Old Boss
9. Casualties of War... and Love
10. Faith Matters
11. Nice and Necessary
12. Shelter From the Storm
13. Missing Feelings
14. Two Battles
15. Two Surprises/End Credits
1. A Girl and Her Axe/Main Titles
2. Undivine Intervention
3. There's Always More
4. Scythe Matters
5. Anya, Andrew, and Antiseptics
6. Out to Pasture
7. Asking Taxing Axe Questions
8. A Sacred Experience
9. Hot Chicks With Superpowers
10. About Last Night
11. She Likes Humans
12. The Last Surprise
13. Driven to Extremes
14. Lending a Timely Hand
15. Demon Down/End Credits
1. Basking for Trouble/Main Titles
2. Suspicious Mind
3. Not Done Baking
4. A Jealous Vampire Champion
5. Alone With Herself
6. A New Plan/About Choices
7. I Feel Pretty
8. Kennedy's Way
9. Smackdown on Red Riding Hood
10. Farewell Speeches
11. Opening the Seal
12. Goddess Power
13. Down but Not Out
14. School's Out for Summer
15. The Chosen Ones/End Credits

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