Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

3.4 18
Director: Eli Roth

Cast: Eli Roth, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Rider Strong


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Lion's Gate Home Entertainment delivers one big wallop of a package for Eli Roth's love-it-or-hate-it splatter epic, Cabin Fever. Forgoing the usual over-hyped two-disc "special" editions out there, this lean one disc delivers the all the bloody goods (and then some) for all of you aficionados in DVD-land. As far as extras go, the first thing you have toSee more details below


Lion's Gate Home Entertainment delivers one big wallop of a package for Eli Roth's love-it-or-hate-it splatter epic, Cabin Fever. Forgoing the usual over-hyped two-disc "special" editions out there, this lean one disc delivers the all the bloody goods (and then some) for all of you aficionados in DVD-land. As far as extras go, the first thing you have to mention is the five feature-length audio commentaries. Considering how many companies skimped out and just edited together multiple commentary tracks during this time, you have to respect this disc for throwing it all on the line and including all five -- each of which is immensely entertaining. The madness begins with Roth's solo track, which is a doozy! His commentary is never boring and abounds with Tarantino-like references -- the director comes across as exactly the type of hilarious horror geek that the film's hype made him out to be. It's perfect, then, that he's the moderator for the rest of the tracks, including one with the guys in the cast, another with the girls, one that consists of him and members of the crew, and, finally, one just with Boy Meets World star Rider Strong (who, as the DVD put it, talked so much they had to move him to his own track). Amazingly, none of it feels like filler, and with so many moments of brilliance (Roth's call to his old N.Y.U. film professor is genius), the five tracks add to up hours of entertainment for those brave enough for the task. If you hop on over to the special features, there's more fun waiting for you, starting with a brand-new cut of the film called the Family Version (great for a laugh or two), while the Chick-Vision feature blocks the image whenever something frightening is about to happen -- a neat (albeit throwaway) idea that more or less just adds another silly bonus to the list of features. For those behind-the-scenes lovers out there, head straight to the "Beneath the Skin" documentary. Clocking in at 30 minutes, the featurette contains on-set footage and numerous interviews that show off the relaxed set and detail some of the smaller production elements that weren't covered quite as much in the commentaries (though don't be surprised if there's some overlapping information). The Pancakes special feature shows more of Matthew Helms' outrageous kung fu abilities (further proof that Roth needs to shoot an action flick starring the young blonde one very soon), while the Rotten Fruit section has three segments from the hilarious gore-filled stop-motion series created by Roth and Noah Belson. Technically, picture quality is superb and the disc's 5.1 Dolby Surround track (along with the standard stereo track) is equally fantastic, creating depth in the darkest reaches of the score and atmospheric sound mix. All in all, it's a disc worth shouting about, and one that will keep you busy for a long time to come. Also released in a regular edition that does not feature the holographic slipcover.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Michael Hastings
The recipient of an inordinate amount of hype after a bidding war made it one of the hot buys at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, Eli Roth's quickie horror comedy may be a notch sicker than the average studio shocker -- and righteously so -- but don't mistake its lame stabs at humor for anything resembling actual wit. Cabin Fever seems less like an homage to Night of the Living Dead and The Evil Dead -- as some critics have suggested -- and more like a facsimile of those films' many rip-offs. Although the laughs don't come from the Scream school of self-aware in-jokes, Roth still indulges in facile ironies. He can't zero in on what his script's horrific flesh-eating virus is supposed to represent: Fever's coed campers are sex-obsessed, but the film isn't about hormonal horror; and though the main characters are full of anti-outsider, anti-rural-bumpkin vitriol, the movie shares their classist, myopic point-of view. Of course, subtext wouldn't matter if the film were genuinely scary, but Roth consistently undercuts the suspense with disingenuous splatter and throwaway ethnic gags that would have seemed dated in 1981. As far as 2003 virus pictures go, there's no question Roth's is better than the big-budget debacle Dreamcatcher, but one need only look to Danny Boyle's shot-on-the-cheap offering 28 Days Later for proof of Cabin Fever's inadequacies.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Lions Gate
Region Code:
[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Director's Shorts: The Rotten Fruit; Five feature-length commentaries; "Beneath the Skin: The Making of Cabin Fever"; Family-Friendly Version; Pancakes!; Chick-Vision; Trailers

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jordan Ladd Karen
James DeBello Bert
Rider Strong Paul
Joey Kern Jeff
Cerina Vincent Marcy
Arie Verveen The Hermit
Giuseppe Andrews Deputy Winston
Eli Roth Justin
Richard Boone Fenster
Robert Harris Old Man Cadwell
Matthew Helms Dennis
Brandon Johnson Ray Shawn
Tim Parati Andy
Jay Aaseng Sir Chug-a-lot
Joe Adams Killer
Evan Astrowsky helpless bystander
Noah Belson Guitar Man
Luke Blackwood Dennis Double
Matt Cappiello Troubadour
Julie Childress Beautiful Wife
Hal Courtney Tommy
Jeff Evans Happy Wednesday Band
Jana Farmer Lemonade Girl
Philip Fox Evil Deputy
Sam Froelich Doctor 1
Richard Fullerton The Sheriff
J.K. Godbold Happy Wednesday Band
Donald Lee Hall Shooter
Michael Harding Shotgun Casey
Mike Hill Happy Wednesday Band
Jeff Hoffman Victim
Paige Hunter Underage Girl
Darcy Jo Martin Shiloh's Girlfriend
Dean Masserman Victim,Mr. Mom
Jessica Masserman Winston's Date
Doug McDermott Harmonica Man
Dalton McGuire Lemonade Boy
Jeremy A. Metcalf Shooter
Mark Morse Shocked Guy
John Neff Victim
Nancy Neff Victim
Michael Reardon Victim
Jeff Rendell Fake Shemp
Rock Doctor Mambo, The Dog
Cherie Rodgers Cadwell's Crush
Adam Roth The Happy Bald Guy
Gabriel Roth and the Mirrors Shooter
Mark Schwarz Hospital Attendant
Matthew Schwarz The Bad Influence
Shana Schwarz Hospital Hottie
Jessica Shortkoff Cat Hat Girl
Heather Simmons Shocked Girl
Shiloh Strong Shiloh
Bill Terrell Happy Wednesday Band
Richard Terrell Happy Wednesday Band
Tommy Terrell Doctor P. Frink, Doctor 2
Gino Vincent Cerina's Brother
Dante Walker Shemp
Christy Ward The Hog Lady
Glenn Weisberger Victim
Roy Wood Victim

Technical Credits
Eli Roth Director,Original Story,Producer,Screenwriter
Joe Adams Casting
Evan Astrowsky Producer
Chad Atkinson Makeup Special Effects
Angelo Badalamenti Score Composer
Nathan Barr Score Composer
Berger EFX Group Makeup Special Effects
Jordan Beswick Casting
Jeffree Bloomer Sound Mixer
Connie Cadwell Makeup Special Effects
Paloma Candelaria Costumes/Costume Designer
Angelo Carbone Production Designer
Franco-Giacomo Carbone Production Designer
Mitzi Corrigan Casting
Corrigan & Johnston Casting Casting
Bruce Cowen Co-producer
Ayo Davis Casting
Susan Deweese Asst. Director
Ryan Folsey Editor
Robert Freitas Makeup Special Effects
Sam Froelich Producer
Beth Hathaway Makeup Special Effects
Jeffrey D. Hoffman Executive Producer
Susan Jackson Executive Producer
Scott Kevan Cinematographer
Lou Kiss Makeup Special Effects
Kurtzman Makeup Special Effects
Michael Lauer Co-producer
Harrison Lorenzana Makeup Special Effects
Michael McCarty Makeup Special Effects
Katrina Migliore Costumes/Costume Designer
Lauren Moews Producer
Nicotero Makeup Special Effects
Scott Patton Makeup Special Effects
Randy Pearlstein Screenwriter
Ben Rittenhouse Makeup Special Effects
Shannon Shea Makeup Special Effects
Al Tuskes Makeup Special Effects
Steven M. Weiss Sound Mixer

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Infected Dog [3:55]
2. Paul Meets Dennis [3:25]
3. Old Man Cadwell [2:26]
4. The Cabin [3:09]
5. Squirrel Hunting [2:41]
6. Lenny Mead's Bowling Alley Massacre [5:40]
7. Smoking With Grim [6:04]
8. Burn the Hermit [4:19]
9. The Hog Lady [3:20]
10. Deputy Winston [6:35]
11. What to Do... [3:54]
12. Red Love [3:27]
13. The Shed [1:48]
14. Bert Loses the Bet [4:54]
15. Karen Falls Apart [2:58]
16. Pancakes [1:12]
17. "It's Like Being on a Plane..." [5:44]
18. The Reservoir [2:12]
19. Leg Shaving [3:24]
20. "This Ain't Christian" [2:03]
21. Grim's Cave [1:39]
22. Venison Truck [1:16]
23. Winston's Underage Booze Party [3:33]
24. The Hospital [2:28]
25. "I Made It" [3:31]
26. Lemonade [2:14]
27. Credits [4:04]


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