Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
"I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny." So begins each story in this winsome British animated series based on Lauren Child's books. As indicated by the story titles -- among them, "I Will Not Ever NEVER Eat a Tomato," "We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog," and "I'm Far Too Extremely Busy" -- helping out with Lola can be "tricky." But Charlie is very clever and finds imaginative and reassuring ways to get his sister to try new foods, act responsibly, and express her feelings. In "I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's, It's Just That..." Charlie patiently counters all of Lola's excuses to not visit her grandparents before hitting on the root of her reluctance: She's afraid she'll miss her mother and father. Charlie suggests she write them a postcard. Taking a page from the Peanuts playbook, child actors give unaffected, pitch-perfect voice to Charlie and Lola, and adult figures are not seen. The British accents are quite adorable. Depicting a loving and close-knit sibling relationship, Charlie and Lola is, quite simply, pure pleasure and an absolute joy.

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A jigsaw game; Funny outtakes; Hidden surprises

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Disc #1 -- Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1
1. I Will Never Eat a Tomato [12:00]
1. We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog [12:00]
1. I'm Far Too Extremely Busy [11:59]
1. It's a Secret [11:59]
1. I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's It's Just That [11:59]
1. I'm Just Not Keen on Spiders [11:59]
1. I'm Really Ever So Not Well [12:00]

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