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Chef: Complete Collection

Chef: Complete Collection

4.4 7

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Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
This 1993-96 BBC1 series offered a comic look into the world of a famous gourmet chef, Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry), who was as hard to work for as he was talented in the kitchen. Quick-tempered, rude to his staff, and possessing a crazed obsession for his culinary creations, Blackstock ruled the kitchen of La Chateau Anglais with an iron fist. But despite his talent with food, Blackstock fails in just about every other facet of his life, especially in his relationship with wife Janice (Caroline Lee Johnson). Over the course of the three seasons of Chef!, Janice slowly becomes relegated to a side-note in Blackstock's life as he is more consumed with the work in the kitchen. Unable to deal with customers or his staff, Blackstock was a poster boy for the socially inept. On occasion, however, viewers were treated to small glimpses into Blackstock's psyche and got to see the decent fellow underneath.

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Disc #1 -- The Complete Series One
1. Impressive Entrance [5:04]
2. When Am I Reasonable? [4:30]
3. Putting Out Bad Vibes [5:10]
4. I Was a Yuppie! [5:46]
5. White and Hairy [4:11]
6. You're Not Going to Sack Me? [5:07]
1. Yes, Chef! [4:58]
2. Some Salt Please? [3:19]
3. Been Thinking About It [3:45]
4. Lost All the Commies and a Porter [6:39]
5. Good Sex and an E-Type [3:50]
6. Our Master Plan [7:01]
1. Night Night [6:53]
2. You'll Be Destitute [5:07]
3. Okey-Dokey, I'm Jennie [3:32]
4. I Had a Plaster on It [4:08]
5. I Sort of Lost Track of It [3:31]
6. It's Called At Home [6:36]
1. I'm Not Hungry [6:33]
2. You'll Be Okay [3:22]
3. A Nice Ripe Stilton [4:10]
4. The King of Cheeses [4:17]
5. Cow and Bug in Perfect Harmony [3:25]
6. Lunch [7:53]
1. Tired? [4:19]
2. Kitchens Live [5:04]
3. Bloody Journalist [4:51]
4. What Are You?! [3:17]
5. Without the Bleeps [3:51]
6. What's Going On?! [7:27]
1. I Was Thinking [5:19]
2. I Don't Hare Him [3:11]
3. Caribbean Food [5:27]
4. I Will Not Ask Everton [5:22]
5. It's Lovely [4:20]
6. It's Hell [5:48]
1. Partridge in a Wine Stew [5:23]
2. The Spirit Is Willing [5:55]
3. That One [4:43]
4. I Remember Now [2:57]
5. A Spot of Bad News [4:35]
6. A Lot of Turkey [6:15]
Disc #2 -- The Complete Series Two
1. Murky Sludge [5:36]
2. Monsieur LaRoche [4:40]
3. A River Runs Thru It [5:04]
4. Did I? [2:59]
5. You Don't Mean He's... [4:47]
6. It's Chef, Chef [5:41]
1. A Bit Late [5:31]
2. One Day at a Time [3:56]
3. Fees [3:40]
4. Some Questions [4:25]
5. Breakfast Three Times a Day [5:51]
6. They're Yuppies! [6:01]
1. I Don't Make the Rules [5:10]
2. Do You Think He's a Poacher? [4:53]
3. Is That Car Following Us? [5:54]
4. A Bit of a Rogue [3:13]
5. Gareth Henry Blackstock [3:08]
6. An Action Film [3:04]
1. Who's Anita Lawrence? [4:49]
2. Witty and Amusing [4:08]
3. A Great Chef [4:05]
4. Everton, May I Come Up? [4:57]
5. You Made Me Do It [2:39]
6. Doing Nice [5:40]
1. Burglars [5:31]
2. Signature Dish [5:41]
3. Bloody Everton [2:47]
4. Incandescent With Fury [6:11]
5. Janice, You're a Genius [2:30]
6. Tee Hee [3:43]
1. Bank Holiday [3:33]
2. Private Lives [6:59]
3. A Private Room [5:06]
4. I Escaped [3:14]
5. Aiding and Abetting [6:04]
6. Guests for Dinner [2:58]
1. Ruin a Partridge, Please [5:02]
2. Mmm, Mmm, Crap! [4:06]
3. No, But Very Nearly [4:20]
4. Roast Beef [2:25]
5. English Wine [7:06]
6. Competition Day [6:40]
Disc #3 -- The Complete Series Three
1. Plenty of Sleep [4:31]
2. Sensational! [4:20]
3. An Understanding Man [5:04]
4. No Need to Panic [3:25]
5. No Traitors Allowed [5:43]
6. Gareth's True Love [5:43]
1. Hello, Janice? [3:51]
2. Janice Is Not a Bird [5:30]
3. Hello, Janice [4:25]
4. I Can't Help It, Chef [3:59]
5. She's Got to Go [6:11]
6. Tighter! Tighter! [4:07]
1. Rebecca! It Was Rebecca! [5:43]
2. Lessons in Talking [2:42]
3. Small Talk [4:52]
4. Hating Each Other [3:39]
5. We Should Be Friends [6:43]
6. Show Time! [5:04]
1. He Loves Me? [5:14]
2. Flowers From Another Man [3:37]
3. S'cuse Me, Mate! [5:50]
4. Tomorrow Night Off [2:23]
5. A Good First Impression [5:13]
6. Indigestion [6:26]
1. First Degree Snogging [4:03]
2. Still Here [5:09]
3. Normal People [5:55]
4. Carpe Diem [4:10]
5. Smooth Operator [5:08]
6. Rochelle [5:33]
1. This Is Janice [6:34]
2. A Compromising Position [3:59]
3. Paris? [5:35]
4. Jamaica? [3:56]
5. Le Chateau! [3:23]
6. Janice [6:11]

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Chef: Complete Collection 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Our local PBS station at one time offered a marvelous selection of Britcoms on Saturday night. Many of these gloriously funny comedies lit up the small screen like brilliant fireflies that lived only 3 or 4 of the short British seasons and (alas) vanished – Thin Blue Line, Murder Most Horrid, and others – and of course Chef!. * * * * * Alas, now the station seems dedicated to the more heavy hitters: Waiting For God, Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Go By, what have you. These are worthy entries all, that lasted several seasons. They’re long enough to bear repetition, although I’m not sure endless repetition works all that well. One really wishes for some variation . . . like Chef!. * * * * * Britcoms, unlike a majority of Americoms, have interesting settings. The American standard seems to be somebody’s house. Interesting comedies can be done in somebody’s house George and Gracie did it – but a house is a house is a house and it gets boring. Some Americoms have been done in interesting settings, such as a radio station, and that helps. But Britcoms are often more creative in the area of setting. Chef! is set in the kitchen of a gourmet restaurant. OK, there are some scenes in somebody’s house, but it’s still a great Britcom. * * * * * Lenny Henry stars in Chef! as a very talented chef. Like many stars of sitcoms, he began his career as a standup comedian. His success is predicated on not stooping to the low-class sort of audience that believes swearing is funny and more swearing is more funny. Indeed, he has developed a style of invective that would send the swearing-is-funny types scuttling to the dictionary – if they knew what one was. * * * * * The basic plot of Chef! is simple enough. Henry is Gareth Blackstock, a chef whose inflated opinion of himself is probably justified. The 2-star restaurant where he works, despite its success, goes into receivership. You know the sort of restaurant I mean – the kind that serves you a couple of tablespoons of really great ours d’oeuvres, and charges you a small fortune for the privilege of having to rush home and make a couple of sandwiches to fill up on. * * * * * With great difficulty he and his wife Janice buy the restaurant. Most of the action takes place in the kitchen and other locations in the restaurant. Each episode is complete in itself, but there is an ongoing plot involving the fate of the restaurant and the relationship of Gareth and Janice (played with wit and charm by Caroline Lee Johnson). Also in the cast is Roger Griffiths, who plays Everton, a fine contrast to the urbane Blackstocks. These are the only members of the cast you will see for any longer than 1 season – although another character (Gustave LaRoche) appears in seasons 2 and 3, he is played by the estimable Ian Niece in Season 2 and by Jeff Nuttall in Season 3. * * * * * On the whole, Chef! is a very funny series. In the last season, 3, things take a more serious turn. Seasons 1 and 2 appeared in 1993 and 1994, while season 3 appeared in 1996. The 1995 hiatus might seem to indicate a problem, and in fact no more episodes appeared after 1996. It’s fair to state, however, that the ongoing plot of Season 3 is at least resolved at the end. * * * * * I believe it’s fair to observe that there is a very serious problem with this program. Save for the 3 main characters, the entire cast changes each season. One barely gets used to characters, and develops empathy for them, than they vanish and are replaced by strange faces. It doesn’t seem reasonable to expect audience loyalty to a show when this sort of thing is going on. * * * * * The DVD set is a set of the 3 seasons as they were originally put out, in normal-sized cases. The thinner cases now so often used in sets would have been much better. * * * * * Alas, there are no subtitles. The English s
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The situations are realistic. The characters are so well drawn and so realistically delivered by the actors that everyone in my house found Chef! a show not to be missed. My teenage sons would put aside their Gameboys to watch. When they learned of the DVD, I had to purchase a set for each. Chef! is not a comedy where we expect a charater to repeat a "signature" line for laughs as in the sitcoms "Are you being served" or "Keeping Up Appearances". This makes Chef! unique among BritComs. Each episode adds quietly to the development of the story and the characters. Yet each episode is complete unto itself. There is comedy, pathos, anxiety and yearning along with some very subtle morality info contained in this program. It really relies on the writing and the acting rather than craziness and sexual overtones to engage the audience. Lenny Henry exposes himself fully and in unflattering stances thereby allowing the other actors to be known and understood by the audience. Unselfish is the operative word for Mr. Henry. I especially liked the first Gustav. The camera work maintained a baseline of beauty while covering the frenetic kitchen. The pace was rapid-fire tirades then a quiet white-tablecloth restaurant then a crowded cottage then the country side. You meet people in the stories who you know actually exist somewhere. Life and love are presented here as we know them to be in real life and watching the episodes just makes you want to live life some more and smile while doing it. Oh yes, the song "Serious Profession" is the perfect finishing touch.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well then, this show will cure you of that. I have never laughed so hard. I'm so glad this finally came out in DVD. I was really hoping that Anthony Bourdain's book, "Kitchen Confidential" would have turned out better as a show on TV instead of the watered down drivel it is. Oh well, this DVD collection will have to do for now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago