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Cherry 2000

Cherry 2000

4.0 1
Director: Steve De Jarnatt

Cast: Melanie Griffith, David Andrews, Ben Johnson


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In this arch sci-fi sex comedy-cum-action extravaganza, a hard-nosed female mercenary helps a hapless yuppie find a new body for his robot girlfriend in the post-industrial wasteland of the American Southwest. In the year 2017, what little remains of civilization feeds off the scrap heap of 20th century waste, while even casual sex has become a matter of regulations


In this arch sci-fi sex comedy-cum-action extravaganza, a hard-nosed female mercenary helps a hapless yuppie find a new body for his robot girlfriend in the post-industrial wasteland of the American Southwest. In the year 2017, what little remains of civilization feeds off the scrap heap of 20th century waste, while even casual sex has become a matter of regulations and contracts. Like many other members of the L.A. white-collar elite, Sam Treatwell (David Andrews) takes refuge in a quasi-marriage with his beloved sex robot, Cherry (Pamela Gidley). After a soft-focus, bubbly sexcapade short circuits Cherry's body, Sam considers replacing her, but the shoddy production values of modern robots make it obvious that the vintage appliance is irreplaceable. To put it simply, the guy's in love. The wistful romantic therefore heads out to The Zone, a forbidding no man's land, where he hopes to find a new "chassis" in which to insert Cherry's unique personality chip. To do so, he needs the help of a "tracker," and E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith) is just the woman for the job. The gun-toting, red-headed road warrior leads Sam through a dystopian desert landscape full of psychopaths and opportunists toward their final destination: an abandoned warehouse full of antique androids. Along the way, Sam learns what it's like to interact with a woman who has brains and a heart instead of a microchip. Filmed in 1986, Cherry 2000 didn't receive its limited theatrical release until 1988, the same year star Griffith received an Oscar nomination for her role in Working Girl. Griffith and director Steven de Jarnatt previously worked together on the pilot for the 1980s revival of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Ben Johnson, veteran of many a Hollywood Western, appears as E. Johnson's mentor, Six Finger Jake.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Brian J. Dillard
Low production values can't dampen the quirky humor and interesting premise of this enjoyable B movie, which reimagines Blade Runner as a Roger Corman Western and casts Melanie Griffith in a kick-ass action role. Screenwriter Michael Almereyda, who would go on to pen Total Recall and both write and direct the quirky vampire flick Nadja, invests his near-future world with lots of well-imagined details that survive their translation into low-budget visuals. The film's two central premises -- that sex and the law will become ever more intertwined, and that technology will provide solace to those who can't get laid in the traditional sense -- might have seemed futuristic in the mid-'80s, but they just seem like common sense in the cold light of the 21st century. Cherry 2000's flip, cheeky approach to such ideas may lack the poetic melancholy of the best science fiction films, but that doesn't mean it isn't thoughtful in its own way. Of course, this is primarily a popcorn flick, and director Steven de Jarnatt stretches his budget admirably well; the action sequences are workaday but well-realized, while production designer John J. Moore gets a lot of mileage out of Mad Max-style grit and post-New Wave fashions. The whole thing would fall apart, though, if Griffith didn't make such an appealing heroine. With her Raggedy Ann 'do and fuss-free self-assurance, she updates her Body Double character with body armor and proto-Tank Girl sass. Co-star David Andrews, meanwhile, plays things convincingly straight, while old cowboy Ben Johnson has fun in an aw-shucks supporting role and Tim Thomerson hams it up as hapless maniac Lester. Despite the presence of pert Pamela Gidley in the title role, Cherry 2000 is remarkably lacking in T&A, strange for a movie about a sex robot, but further evidence for those who want to reclaim this as a quietly feminist fable.

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Kl Studio Classics
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Special Features

Audio Commentary with Director Steve De Jarnatt and film critic Walter Chaw; Interview with actor Tim Thomerson; The Making of Cherry 2000; Trailers for Cherry 2000 and Miracle Mile

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Melanie Griffith E. Johnson
David Andrews Sam Treadwell
Ben Johnson Six Finger Jake
Tim Thomerson Lester
Harry Carey Snappy Tom
Brion James Stacy
Pam Gidley Cherry 2000
Cameron Milzer Ginger
Michael Gwynne Slim
Jennifer Mayo Randa
Marshall Bell Bill
Jeff Levine Marty
Howard Swain Skeet
Jennifer Balgobin Glory Hole Clerk
Laurence Fishburne Glu Glu Lawyer
Jack Thibeau Stubby Man
Robert Z'Dar Chet
John Tarnoff Lawyer
Annabel Brooks Glu Glu Club Patron
Ray Favaro Glu Glu Club Patron
Frances McCaffrey Glu Glu Club Patron
Sly Ali Smith Bartender
Catherine Stewart Actor
Claude Earl Jones Earl
Jenny Lester-McKeon Robot at Slim's
Katie Greene Amy Meemur
Joan Riddell Frazzied Woman
Donny Evins Donny

Technical Credits
Steve De Jarnatt Director
Edward M. Abroms Editor
Michael Almereyda Screenwriter
Arthur Brewer Special Effects Supervisor
Caldecot "Cotty" Chubb Co-producer
Charlie Croughwell Stunts
Duwayne Dunham Editor
Lloyd Fonvielle Executive Producer,Original Story,Screenwriter
Fred Smith Stunts
Jerry Grandey Asst. Director
Jacques Haitkin Cinematographer
Gene Hartline Stunts
Terry Jackson Stunts
Anthony M. Jefferson Stunts
Jane Jenkins Casting
Sasha Jenson Stunts
Roy Jenson Stunts
John Michael Johnson Stunts
Tracy Keehn Stunts
Walt LaRue Stunts
Mike McGaughy Stunts
John J. Moore Production Designer
Kathleen O'Haco Stunts
Basil Poledouris Score Composer
Edward R. Pressman Co-producer
Carol Rees Stunts
Thomas Rosales Stunts
Don Sanders Sound Mixer
Elliot Schick Co-producer,Production Manager
John-Clay Scott Stunts
Ben R. Scott Stunts
Al Simon Stunts
Brett Smrz Stunts
Scott Sproule Stunts
Kevin Swigert Stunts
Tom Villano Musical Direction/Supervision
Jack Wallner Cinematographer
Julie Weiss Costumes/Costume Designer
David A. Whittaker Sound Editor
Danny Wong Stunts


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Cherry 2000 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SantaBob More than 1 year ago
In the future ROBOTs are able to have sex untill you mix in doing in on the floor with soapie water. Bingo, Smoke, Burned out mother board. The storie line is a man loves a ROBOT whose modle number is CHERRY 2000. Now shes fried and he wants to get another, but there is problem. All ROBOTs are stored in Las Vagas, which is in NO MAN ZONE. Must find a Tracker (Melanie Griffith)to get to Las Vagas across NO MAN ZONE. Shoots out with bad guys and traveling in a modified Mustang. The tracker gets him to the warehouse. He find another CHERRY 2000 model and in final shoot out he finds out that a real live woman (Melanie Griffith) is the one he is in love with. DUMPS the robot for the real thing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not only does this movie contain the BEST kiss on the hood of car in film history, it is also a brilliant feminist film disguised as a comedy. Even better, it presents itself as if its target audience is men, all the while playing with and exploding female archetypes. This is an action film in which, if somebody breaks a heel and screams for help, it's the guy, not the gal. Fun for everybody and secretly subversive. Enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am pleased that they have finally decided to release Cherry 2000. I watched this movie in the '80s and have was never able to find it on tape, the DVD. This movie is a love story set in the future. Where even holding hands takes a contract, so imagine a relationship. Our leading man has it all, the perfect job, homelife and wife...But one day she short circuits and current technology has fallen on hard times, and no one can fix her. But he saves her memory. So the search begins in the wastelands of what was once the western USA, with a female tracker he hires. They find the precise robotic girlfriend... the love interest are their, but this is not just a chic flick. It is a chic flick for guys as well. The action scenes and futuristic backgrounds, along with the relationship between the two main characters make this an excellent movie. I highly recommend it. You wil lalways remember Cherry 2000