Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

5.0 2
Director: Lloyd Kaufman, David Mattey, Heidi S. Jursen, Clyde Lewis

Cast: Lloyd Kaufman, David Mattey, Heidi S. Jursen, Clyde Lewis


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Your favorite mutant crime fighter (and mine) faces off against the bizarro-world version of himself in this horror comedy from Troma Team Pictures, which gets a deluxe presentation for this DVD edition. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV has been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital


Your favorite mutant crime fighter (and mine) faces off against the bizarro-world version of himself in this horror comedy from Troma Team Pictures, which gets a deluxe presentation for this DVD edition. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV has been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Stereo. The dialogue is in English, with optional English subtitles but no multiple language options. Lots of bonus materials have been included on this release, including no fewer than three commentary tracks -- one from director Lloyd Kaufman, one featuring members of the cast, and one from the film's editor. Also on board is an introduction from Kaufman, a selection of deleted scenes and outtakes (which also feature optional commentary from Kaufman), profiles of the film's cast, the full-length documentary "Apocalypse Soon: The Making of 'Citizen Toxie'" (with bonus outtakes also featured), a look at the film's pre-production meetings, a visit with the picture's makeup and effects crew, footage from the movie's international theatrical premiers, trailers, and more.

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Special Features

Special introduction to the film by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and creator of the Toxic Avenger; Three separate audio commentary tracks; Optional English subtitle option; Outtakes; Delete scenes that can be played with or without audio commentary; Have a behind-the-scenes look at some of the stars from Citizen Toxie; Original theatrical trailer for Citizen Toxie and other Troma films; Hidden Easter eggs and more Tromatic goodies; Full-length documentary "Apocalypse Soon: The Making of Citizen Toxie"; Deleted scenes from "Apocalypse Soon"; Special footage of Citizen Toxie's theatrical premieres from around the world; Makeup and special effect secrets of the Toxic Avenger; Pre-production and script meetings with Lloyd Kaufman and the crew; Hidden easter eggs and lots more extras in this feature-packed DVD

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
David Mattey The Toxic Avenger
Heidi S. Jursen Actor
Clyde Lewis Toxie
Debbie Rochon Actor
Ron Jeremy Actor
Paul Kyrmse Actor
Dan Snow Actor
Trent Haaga Actor
Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf God
Joe Fleishaker Lardass
Mark Torgl Evil Melvin
James Gunn Professor Hocking
Caleb Emerson Dex Diaper

Technical Credits
Lloyd Kaufman Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Patrick Cassidy Screenwriter
James Coleman Executive Producer
Brendan Flynt Cinematographer
Jonathan Foster Co-producer
Trent Haaga Screenwriter
Michael Herz Producer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Chapter 1 [3:36]
2. Chapter 2 [1:01]
3. Chapter 3 [4:40]
4. Chapter 4 [6:34]
5. Chapter 5 [1:43]
6. Chapter 6 [2:30]
7. Chapter 7 [4:09]
8. Chapter 8 [5:15]
9. Chapter 9 [6:12]
10. Chapter 10 [3:50]
11. Chapter 11 [5:16]
12. Chapter 12 [5:12]
13. Chapter 13 [9:16]
14. Chapter 14 [5:54]
15. Chapter 15 [6:10]
16. Chapter 16 [7:12]
17. Chapter 17 [4:45]
18. Chapter 18 [4:17]
19. Chapter 19 [2:15]
20. Chapter 20 [2:47]
21. Chapter 21 [3:50]
22. Chapter 22 [2:19]
23. Chapter 23 [3:21]
Side #2
2. Day One
3. Toxie Arrives
4. Day Two
5. Assulted by Breasts
6. No Shirt? No Squibs.
7. The Gun Jam Jam
8. First Thing in the Morning
9. Joe Fleishaker's Wait Problem
10. The "Easier" Day
16. The Amazing High Fall
18. A Celebrity Visits Tromaville
19. What a Drag
20. Shooting the Fight
21. Joe Fleishaker - Portrait of a Love Machine
22. Rehearsing the Hospital Flight
23. Troma's Three Rules of Production
24. All Good Things Must Come to an End


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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lloyd Kaufman is a genius making masterpieces on a budget that would barely be enough to pay for one day's catering on an average Hollywood producton and he does it for thirty years now. In a world where low budget independent filmmaking means manymultimillion dollar productions by subdivisions of Warner and Disney, Lloyd Kaufman survived for three decades (and counting) with his truly independent filmcompany Troma and in doing so directed, produced and/or wrote dozens of brilliant films. (For which he received a lifetime achievement award at this year's edition of the prestigious Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival.) CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV is his latest and even better than even those brilliant masterpieces as TROMEO AND JULIET and TERROR FIRMER. I am not going to give away anything of the story, too much is happening in any case to even begin to tell you about in a few lines, but it is SO wonderful you just have to see it for yourself. Dave Mattey is ondoubtly the best Toxie of all four films, Heidi Sjursen his best (in this case) Sarah, and even though the budget of the film is not much more than that of the first one, made almost twenty years ago the production value of this one is unbelievable! This exact same film made by one of the Official Indepentents (Miramax, how independent can one be?) would have cost at least ten times this amount. And then - they would never have the guts and the intelligence to come up with this totally awesome film in which more aspects of our messed-up world are tackled that they could cram in their entire catalogue. Apart from a film you can't afford to miss, this 2-disc-DVD-set (and look at the rediculously low price!) provides you with SO much more. There are no less than three full-length audio-commentaries. One by director Lloyd Kaufman, and his commentaries are always at least as entertaining and insightful as the feature itself. This particular one even includes a soundsample of Troma co-founder Michael Herz!! The second one is a wonderfully compiled track with contributions by the most important stars of the film, including Troma Action Hero Joe Fleishaker, star of many of Kaufman's past movies. Another track is by the editors of the film and provides even more info on how such a brilliant film could be made under conditions that are difficult to say the least. At any rate - much more is there, such as loads of deleted scenes (with or without commentary), talks with the cast and crew, footage of CITIZEN TOXIE-premieres around the world, tons of hidden easter-eggs and much, much more. Apart from all this there even is a complete second feature: the 135 minute behind-the-scenes documentary APOCALYSPE SOON, which also comes complete with it's own deleted scenes! This is NOT the usual ''he is wonderful, he is great, he is the best'' docu - as the audiocommentaries do it provides a no holds barred look inside the hard-working-low-paying world of independent cinema. These people are HONEST, and where do you get that on your DVD-extra's?? There is no doubt this is the very best DVD-presentation of a movie ever - over six hours of Tromatic entertainment, and I'm not even counting the multiple viewings of the film itself with the various audio-tracks! Count those and you need a week to take in all information this instant interactive encyclopeadia provides. If you haven't seen the other installements of THE TOXIC AVENGER, not to worry as everything you need to know is worked into the movie, without it being boring for those who are familiar. Don't rent this one, don't watch your friend's copy but support independent cinema and buy our own copy. You never received so much value for your bucks!! (Except maybe when you bought Lloyd Kaufman's latest book MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago