Classic Holiday Collection

Classic Holiday Collection

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Director: Edwin L. Marin, Norman Taurog, Peter Godfrey, Barbara Stanwyck

Cast: Edwin L. Marin, Norman Taurog, Peter Godfrey, Barbara Stanwyck


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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This box set from the Warner Bros. vaults collects a trio of Christmastime favorites that, while TV perennials, have long been unavailable on DVD. Boys Town (1938) is the story of the famous boarding school for wayward boys run by the selfless Father Flanagan (portrayed by Spencer Tracy, who won an Oscar for his performance). Mickey Rooney costars as the resident tough kid, a troublemaker who finally falls in line when tragedy rears its ugly head. Melodramatic in some spots, saccharine in others, Boys Town is extremely well done…even if it is a little manipulative. A Christmas Carol (also 1938) isn’t the consensus favorite for cinematic adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic -- the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim remains the gold standard -- yet it remains the version of choice for a significant band of loyalists. Handsomely mounted, impeccably cast, and (at 69 minutes) low in production fat, it features Reginald Owen as Scrooge, and his restraint in the role brings this version uniquely down to earth. Leo G. Carroll, Ann Rutherford, Gene Lockhart, and his daughter June (in her film debut) are among the supporting players. Christmas in Connecticut (1945) is a different type of Christmas movie, one that doesn’t attempt to stimulate the tear ducts. In a device later employed by Howard Hawks to great effect in Man’s Favorite Sport, the film casts Barbara Stanwyck in the role of a magazine journalist whose columns portray her as an expert country hostess and homemaker, when in fact she’s an urban sophisticate who couldn’t fry an egg. When circumstances compel the writer to entertain her unwitting boss (Sydney Greenstreet) and a World War II veteran (Dennis Morgan) over the holidays, she goes into Martha Stewart mode to save her job and reputation. Breezy and inconsequential, this movie has no agenda other than to elicit a few smiles -- a task at which it succeeds admirably.

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Warner Home Video
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[Dolby Digital Mono]

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Stanwyck Elisabeth Lane
Reginald Owen Ebenezer Scrooge
Spencer Tracy Father Flanagan
Dennis Morgan Jefferson Jones
Gene Lockhart Bob Cratchit
Mickey Rooney Whitey Marsh
Henry Hull Dave Morris
Lee J. Cobb Dave Morris
Leo G. Carroll Marley's Ghost
Sydney Greenstreet Alexander Yardley
Kathleen Lockhart Mrs. Cratchit
Larry Nunn Ted Manley
Leslie Fenton Dan Farrow
Reginald Gardiner John Sloan
Bobs Watson Pee Wee
Gene Reynolds Tony Ponessa
Terry Kilburn Tiny Tim
Addison Richards The Judge
Barry Mackay Fred
Darryl Hickman Flip
Lynne Carver Bess
Lionel Braham Spirit of Christmas Present
Ann Rutherford Spirit of Christmas Past
D'Arcy Corrigan Spirit of Christmas Future
Ronald Sinclair Young Scrooge
Billy Bevan Watch Officer
Charles Coleman Charity Canvasser
Harry Cording Waiter
Lumsden Hare Actor
Forrester Harvey Mr. Fezziwig
Halliwell Hobbes Vicar
Boyd Irwin Men in Street
June Lockhart Cratchit's Daughter
William Stack Actor

Technical Credits
Edwin L. Marin Director
Norman Taurog Director
Peter Godfrey Director
George Boemler Editor
Hugo Butler Screenwriter
Jack Dawn Makeup
John S. Detlie Art Director
Cedric Gibbons Art Director
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Producer
David Snell Score Composer
Irene Valles Costumes/Costume Designer
Sidney Wagner Cinematographer
Franz Waxman Score Composer
Edwin B. Willis Set Decoration/Design

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- A Christmas Carol
1. Credits [1:10]
2. Knowing Mr Scrooge [3:09]
3. Keeping Christmas [4:22]
4. Picking a Man's Pocket [4:03]
5. Sacked [2:34]
6. Cratchit Christmas Cheer [2:27]
7. Hearing Things [3:29]
8. Marley's Ghost [6:10]
9. Christmas Past [3:39]
10. Showing Kindness [5:45]
11. Christmas Present [5:44]
12. Qualities of a Good Slide [2:05]
13. The Cratchits [7:36]
14. I Love Christmas [1:56]
15. Future Shadows [7:13]
16. Christmas Morning [4:25]
17. God Bless Us Everyone [2:41]
18. Cast List [:30]
Disc #2 -- Christmas in Connecticut
1. Credits [1:08]
2. In the Mood for food [4:53]
3. Working the old magoo [3:43]
4. In a little trouble [3:29]
5. Mink and breakfast [2:58]
6. In a little trouble [4:06]
7. Her holiday guests [3:03]
8. Instant spouse and farm [5:32]
9. Attending to details [4:12]
10. Here comes the...sailor [5:14]
11. Bath time [4:10]
12. Yardley arrives [3:52]
13. Short cut [1:34]
14. Circulation boosts [3:51]
15. Wedding in waiting [4:25]
16. Moonlight snow and a cow [6:03]
17. Goodnight, John [2:40]
18. Changing the baby [2:08]
19. No time to take inventory [2:40]
20. Flip me just one [3:34]
21. Invitation to dance [4:33]
22. Sleigh ride [4:25]
23. Bye bye baby [2:29]
24. Blatant immortality [3:56]
25. That settles it [4:19]
26. Great fixer [4:56]
27. What a wife.... and a Christmas [3:13]
Disc #3, Side A -- Boys Town
1. Credits and Dedication [1:46]
2. Where Was the State? [4:40]
3. Assuming Responsibility [5:01]
4. Bishop's Blessing [2:19]
5. Dealmaking With Dave [3:50]
6. Holiday Cheer on Time [4:30]
7. A Town for Boys [6:12]
8. From the Ground Up [2:38]
9. Joe and Whitey Marsh [4:23]
10. Tough Guy's Town Tour [5:06]
11. Lunch Before Leaving [3:43]
12. Tony's Argument [4:47]
13. Bedding Down [1:02]
14. Barbershop Brouhaha [4:51]
15. Electioneering [2:09]
16. Missing Funds [4:13]
17. New Mayor [3:43]
18. Defeat and Departure [3:58]
19. Pee Wee's Accident [2:56]
20. Brotherly Encounter [2:40]
21. Where the Trail Leads [2:34]
22. Licked [3:23]
23. Making a Break [2:42]
24. Boys Deployed [4:22]
25. Truth About Tonight [1:52]
26. No Bad Boy [2:41]
27. Cast List [:28]
Disc #3, Side B -- Men of Boys Town
1. Credits [1:30]
2. A Few Little Improvements [5:44]
3. Never a Dull Moment [3:36]
4. Case of Ted Martley [6:12]
5. Assignment Smile [3:10]
6. The Man Not Buildings [2:42]
7. Jam Session [4:29]
8. Wrestling a Laugh [4:23]
9. Canine Breakthrough [5:18]
10. Adoption Idea [3:59]
11. None of That Crying Stuff [5:44]
12. Whitey's Sendoff [1:59]
13. Swell Dancer; Lousy Golfer [3:21]
14. Chance for Two Miracles [5:37]
15. Radio Report [2:47]
16. Flip Brier, Stowaway [3:50]
17. Tough Guy on the Loose [4:05]
18. Nabbed By the Police [4:13]
19. Wrong Ideas [2:51]
20. Sentenced to Marysport [5:01]
21. Priestly Intervention [3:41]
22. Reform School Reformer [2:38]
23. Less Than His Best [4:04]
24. Takeover [3:10]
25. More Sadness to Endure [3:49]
26. Ted on His Feet [3:04]
27. Among the Giants [4:13]
28. Cast List [:37]

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Classic Holiday Collection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Movie is a WHOLESOME classic Love Story that the whole Family will enjoy. Ideal for Gift Giving.