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Classic Troublemakers

Classic Troublemakers

5.0 1
Director: Charles Lamont, Edward L. Cahn, Gordon M. Douglas, Harold Young

Cast: Charles Lamont, Edward L. Cahn, Gordon M. Douglas, Harold Young


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Release Date:
St Clair Vision
Region Code:
[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

The Our Gang Story; Huntz Bill & Leo Gorcey Bios.; A classic Lum & Abner; radio broadcast!

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Joe Cobb Joe
Bela Lugosi Emil
Bobby Jordan Danny
Chester Lauck Lum,Lum Edwards
Ernest Morrison Sunshine Sammy
George "Spanky" McFarland Spanky
John Cooper Jack
Leo Gorcey Muggs Maloney,Muggs McGinnis
Leon Janney Spud
Matthew "Stymie" Beard Stymie
Mickey Daniels Mickey
Norman "Chubby" Chaney Chubby
Philip Ahn Joe Matsui
Roy Acuff Actor
Ava Gardner Betty Williams Gibson
Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer Alfalfa
Farina Hoskins Farina
Frances Langford Alice
Huntz Hall Glimpy McClasky,Glimpy Williams
John Archer Actor
Mary Kornman Mary,Mary Newman
Norris Goff Abner Peabody
Donald Smith Officer "Pops" Stevens
Alan Mowbray Mr. Marshall
Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas Buckwheat
Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins Wheezer
Dave "Tex" O'Brien Knuckles
Donald Haines Skinny
Dorothy de Borba Dorothy
Frank Craven Dr. Walter Barnes
Franklin Pangborn Mr. Pinkney
Gabriel Dell Lefty
Grady Sutton Cedric
Janet Beecher Actor
Jerry Bergen Music Teacher
Billy Benedict Skinny
Carleton Young Norton
Darwood Kaye Waldo
Eugene "Porky" Lee Porky
George Humbert Tony
Harry V. Cheshire Actor
Irving Bacon Wes Stillman,Gimpel
Johnny Downs Johnny
Kay Linaker Mrs. Carmen
Kendall McComas Breezy Brisbane
Mary Ann Jackson Mary,Mary Ann
Oscar O'Shea Squire Skimp
Roger Clark Robert Blevins
Sam Bernard Hienbach, Sr.
Bobby Young Bonedust
Darla Hood Darla
Hally Chester Buster
Jackie Condon Jackie
Ken Howell Al
Louise Currie Louise Cortland
Mickey Gubitosi Mickey
Mildred Coles Jane Nestor
Pauline Drake Actor
Tom Brown Phil Connors
Frankie Burke Skinny

Technical Credits
Charles Lamont Director
Edward L. Cahn Director
Gordon M. Douglas Director
Harold Young Director
Joseph H. Lewis Director
Malcolm St. Clair Director
Ray McCarey Director
Robert F. McGowan Director
Wallace W. Fox Director
William Beaudine Director
Steven Granger Director

Scene Index

Disc #2 -- The East Side Kids
1. Camp or Bust [16:36]
2. Grub & Cigars [14:37]
3. Pleasing Lenora [14:04]
4. Finding the Ghost [17:03]
1. Bringing the Fight Home [14:24]
2. Mysterious Stranger [13:30]
3. Matsui's Tea Co. [15:17]
4. Unmasked [10:57]
1. Monthly Dues [13:52]
2. Bandaged Hand [15:44]
3. Zig-Zag Club [15:19]
4. Fink's Pool Hall [19:10]
1. Boys' Chorus [16:07]
2. Man and Wife [15:11]
3. Cleaning House [14:23]
4. A New Champ [18:55]
1. Physical Examination [15:03]
2. Forestry Crew [17:28]
3. The Forgotten Man [10:22]
4. Robbing the Safe [16:50]
Disc #3 -- Lum & Abner
1. Big Ideas [10:46]
2. The C & O [8:34]
3. Pining for Pine Ridge [10:45]
4. Easy Money [8:41]
5. The Play's the Thing [10:40]
6. Stradivarius [8:40]
7. Professor Frisby [7:51]
8. Nine Miles to Mars [8:57]
1. Prittle-Prattlin' Pish-Posh [7:22]
2. Harpstrings of Memory [8:16]
3. Wore to a Frazzle [9:08]
4. Paranoid Paradise [6:49]
5. Park Bench Solomons [7:24]
6. Amanesia [8:13]
7. Dollar-a-Year Man [7:11]
8. Freedom Commando [8:15]
1. Wooden Nickels [4:47]
2. Party Line [5:15]
3. Little Red Riding Hood [8:20]
4. Four-Leaf Clovers [6:13]
5. Doctor Wait [8:09]
6. Greener Pastures [9:39]
7. Medical Miracle [7:34]
8. Aunt Jenny [8:22]
1. The Black Knight [11:01]
2. Widder Abernathy [11:03]
3. A Fine Howdy-Do [9:13]
4. Home Town Hero [8:15]
5. The Red Circle Gang [7:43]
6. Fiddlefaddle [12:39]
7. Desperadio [7:18]
8. Skyrocket [8:58]

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