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Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

4.0 5
Director: Andrew Davis

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas, Francesca Neri


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This action-adventure, that features a terrorist plot from The Fugitive (1993), saw its October 2001 release date moved back four months as a result of real-life terrorist attacks on the United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Gordon Brewer, a Los Angeles firefighter who witnesses the deaths of his wife and child, innocent victims of a terrorist attack on


This action-adventure, that features a terrorist plot from The Fugitive (1993), saw its October 2001 release date moved back four months as a result of real-life terrorist attacks on the United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Gordon Brewer, a Los Angeles firefighter who witnesses the deaths of his wife and child, innocent victims of a terrorist attack on a motorcade carrying Colombian dignitaries. Responsibility for the deadly explosion belongs to Claudio "The Wolf" Perrini (Cliff Curtis), a terrorist and rebel in Colombia's decade-long civil war. When times passes with no suspect being brought to justice, Brewer rejects the advice of FBI agent Peter Brandt (Elias Koteas) and travels to the jungles of Colombia to find and take revenge upon his family's murderer himself. Encountering a complex web of death squads, right-wing military officials, guerrillas, terrorists and drug-lords, Brewer is aided in his dangerous quest by an unlikely ally, the beautiful Selena Perrini (Francesca Neri), his quarry's wife. Collateral Damage (2002) co-stars John Leguizamo and John Turturro.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Completed before September 11th but given added resonance by the events of that tragic day, Collateral Damage pits a Los Angeles firefighter (action megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger) against a multinational terrorist, with predictably explosive results. In this thriller directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) with his characteristic panache, a Colombian terrorist known as "El Lobo" (the Wolf) takes out an enemy with a bomb at an L.A. office building -- just as Gordon Brewer (Schwarzenegger) is arriving to meet his wife and young son at a nearby café. When his family perishes before his eyes and his government gives him the runaround, Brewer decides to go on a little Wolf hunt -- shrugging off the warnings of a duplicitous federal agent (Elias Koteas) whose own Wolf quest is a somewhat more complex matter. Davis then treats us to a mini-remake of Apocalypse Now, painstakingly depicting Brewer’s arduous trip upriver through Panama to the terrorists’ hidden camp. At age 55, Arnold isn’t quite as vigorous or indestructible as he once seemed, and the director works his star’s real-life limitations into the film’s numerous hand-to-hand confrontations. Action sequences are still teeth-rattling, in the best Schwarzenegger tradition, and the pulse-pounding finale provides a suitably incendiary demise for the bad guys. Wildly improbable yet viscerally satisfying, Collateral Damage won’t disappoint Arnold’s loyal fans. Davis supplies a commentary on the DVD, which also includes an HBO "First Look" program, a newly shot documentary entitled "The Hero in a New Era," and deleted scenes.
All Movie Guide - Karl Williams
Andrew Davis certainly knows how to craft an action sequence and there's one right up front during the opening credits of this Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle that indicates the director's talent for visual storytelling. It's a building fire from which an elderly victim must be rescued, and in post-terrorist attack America, the sight of firefighters risking their lives to save others is a moment that will either leave one choked up or cheering. Sadly, the film oddly deflates after that, reminding us all that Davis has followed up his nifty The Fugitive (1993) with well-mounted dross such as Steal Big, Steal Little (1995) and Chain Reaction (1996). This film was release-delayed in the wake of the Twin Towers attack, its firefighter hero and terrorist plot considered too painfully close to home, but it won't remind anybody of September 11th, it will make them think they've been transported back to the 1980s, when audiences liked the fact that Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis flexed their arms a lot more than their acting muscles. What is amazing about this revenge fantasy is how relevant it isn't; it's the retro, white man's retribution of Death Wish (1974), gussied up with a veneer of modern geopolitics, but it can't hide the fact that it's the same old Arnold, mealy-mouthed Teutonic accent fully intact, that unspooled in such so-bad-it's-good, high-octane entertainments as Commando (1985) and Raw Deal (1986). Except that it truly isn't the same world as it was in the escapist, saber-rattling '80s, and the whole spectacle just feels phonier, emptier, and dumber than ever before. For one thing, the lead's wife and child don't share the screen long enough to actually become characters, muting his sense of loss and serving only as cynical catalysts for carnage. Real life certainly did intrude on the potential success of Collateral Damage (2002), but in the opposite manner of what the filmmakers feared. Their movie leaves an audience feeling not more than it should, but a whole lot less.
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert

A skillfully made example of your typical Schwarzenegger action film.
Boston Globe
Schwarzenegger at 55 -- in a shirt and khakis, and serving homemade knuckle sandwiches -- is decidedly dress-casual for the proceedings. He's still a rock, but it seems you can squeeze blood and tears from this stone. Wesley Morris

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Featur-length and Audio Commentary by Director Andrew Davis ; ; Documentaries: Behind the scenes and The Hero In A New Era; Additional Scenes; Cast/Director Film Highlights; Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Arnold Schwarzenegger Gordy Brewer
Elias Koteas Peter Brandt
Francesca Neri Selena
Cliff Curtis Claudio (The Wolf)
John Leguizamo Felix
Miguel Sandoval Phipps
Harry J. Lennix Dray
John Turturro Armstrong
Michael Milhoan Jack
Lindsay Frost Anne Brewer
Ray Cruz Junior
Tyler Garcia Posey Mauro
Jay Acovone Bennie
Todd Allen FBI agent
Pedro Altamirano Fisherman
J. Kenneth Campbell Coonts
Victor Carpinteiro Carlos
Greg Collins Agent #3
Norm Compton Brandt's Bodyguard
Pedro Damien Guerrilla Motorista aka River Rat
Daniel Friedman Helicopter pilot #2
Rick Garcia CNN Anchor
Jane Lynch Agent Russo
Madison Mason Undersecretary Shrub
Rodrigo Obregon Rodrigo
Nicholas Pryor Senator Delich
Bruce Ramsay Brandt's Aide
Salvador Sanchez Peddler
Millie Slavin Secretary of state
Jorge Zepeda Rocha
Michael Cavanaugh Chairman Paul Devereaux
Jack Conley Forensic specialist
Don Fischer Paramedic
Penny Griego Jenni Luz
Rick Worthy Ronnie
Flor Edwarda Gurrola Teenage girl
Jsu Garcia Roman
Gerardo Albarran Jorge
Omar Ayala Boatman
Louis Bernstein Hot Dog Vendor
Ehecatl Chavez Augustine
Esteban Cueto Estaban
Ethan Dampf Matt Brewer
Ronald Donahue Bomb Squad
Doralicia Hysterical woman
Jossara Jinaro Rosetta
Marianne Lewis Agent Davis
Clint E. Lilley Buzz Cut
Shelley Malil Doctor
Enrique Munoz Captain Miguel
Raul Pozos Ernesto
Joe Rentaria Safe House Guerrilla
Fernando Sarfati Federale
Natalia Traven Lita
John Varea Ortiz
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc Helicopter Pilot #1

Technical Credits
Andrew Davis Director
Adam Greenberg Cinematographer
J. Tom Archuleta Asst. Director
Myron Baker Costumes/Costume Designer
Claudia Becker Casting
Lowell D. Blank Associate Producer
Terry Bowen Camera Operator
Susana Campos Costumes/Costume Designer
Rocio Ceja Costumes/Costume Designer
Mitchell Dauterive Associate Producer
David Foster Producer
David Dietch Costumes/Costume Designer
William M. Elvin Asst. Director
Ron Epstein Special Effects
Enrique Estevez Set Decoration/Design
Marc Fisichella Art Director
Anna Fleiner Makeup
Gerardo Moreno Flores Stunts
David Foley Costumes/Costume Designer
Santiago Navarrete Garcia Camera Operator
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond Casting
Sergio Jara Gonzalez Special Effects
Jerry Grandey Asst. Director
Peter Griffiths Original Story,Screenwriter
David Griffiths Original Story,Screenwriter
Adrian Grunberg Asst. Director
Jose Luis Montero Gutierrez Costumes/Costume Designer
Greg Hall Costumes/Costume Designer
Zeferino Gutierrez Hernandez Costumes/Costume Designer
Carlos Hildalgo Asst. Director
Dov Hoenig Editor
Hugo Santiago Set Decoration/Design
William B. Kaplan Sound Mixer
To Knott Special Effects
Hawk Koch Executive Producer
Kenneth A. Larson Set Decoration/Design
Louis Lazzara Makeup
Amanda Mackey-Johnson Casting
Luis Eduardo Ambriz Martinez Special Effects
Joe McCloskey Costumes/Costume Designer
Nicholas Meyer Executive Producer
Erick Monroy Set Decoration/Design
Richard Reseigne Art Director
Steven E. Reuther Producer
Graeme Revell Score Composer
Raul Sarmiento Rina Makeup
Art Rochester Sound Mixer,Sound/Sound Designer
Ronald Roose Original Story
Philip Rosenberg Production Designer
Thomas Roysden Set Decoration/Design
John Schimmel Co-producer
Robert L. Slater Special Effects
Teresa Tucker-Davies Associate Producer
Larry Velasco Costumes/Costume Designer
Dennis Virkler Editor
Theresa Wachter Art Director
Tim Walston Sound/Sound Designer
Glenn Williams Set Decoration/Design

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Collateral Damage
2. Gordy at home [1:30]
3. Plaza Explosion [3:19]
1. Gordy at Work (Credits) [3:20]
4. "I Saw Him" [4:41]
5. El Lobo [4:08]
6. Collateral Damage [3:35]
7. Terminated [4:13]
8. Into Colombia [2:58]
9. Bus stop [3:38]
10. In Search of a pass [3:23]
11. Arrested [2:42]
12. Armstrong [3:17]
13. Guerrilla Siege [4:17]
14. Upriver - at Gunpoint [3:39]
15. Taste of Felix [4:06]
16. No Room for Mistakes [2:10]
17. Gordy's Ride [1:51]
18. El Robo's Compound [3:00]
19. Surprise on the Street [3:01]
20. Remembered faces [1:41]
21. No better than he is [4:02]
22. Attack on the Ship [4:36]
23. Brandt's Excuse to Kill [3:44]
24. Arrivals in Washington [2:34]
25. The Target [3:53]
26. Restroom Revelations [3:49]
27. Through the roof [4:26]
28. Getting the Shaft [2:12]
29. Tunnel of flame [2:25]
30. Final battle [4:17]
31. Survivors [2:22]
32. End Credits [1:24]


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Collateral Damage 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan or Arnie since his days as Conan and have been able to overlook some of his weaker efforts. This film however is simply boring. Arnie appears tired and old and the film has nothing of sufficient interest to keep interest up. We turned it off before it was over.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is such a great Arnold movie! I like this one because it shows a great deal of reality. This is not your typical Arnold action movie. Arnold has played all kinds of heroes,agents, or just big tough guys with guns.But this is a very different character. He plays a fireman in this one, which is a real everyday hero. This is a character where Arnold realizes that he's a human being, and he can't just take a gun and blow every bad guy away.This is a movie where he uses bombs, explosives, and his fireman expertees.Arnold doesn't pick up one gun, and he still beats the bad guys!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Collateral Damage is an awesome movie. Its got everything you want,action, explosions, guns shooting bullets everywhere, and most of all its got the best action star ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Even though Arnold doesn't pick up one gun, hez very good with bombs, explosives, and axes. This is the best Schwarzenegger movie since Eraser.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best Arnold movies ever! Great action, good story, and great reality! This is definitly an Arnold movie i'll be watching more than once!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago