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Combat: Season 2 - Mission 1

Combat: Season 2 - Mission 1

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One of the most realistic television series on the subject of war, Combat! offered a frequently stark and unglamorous view of American fighting men dealing with the physical and moral challenges of life on the battlefield during World War II. Featuring early work from acclaimed directors Robert Altman and Richard Donner, Combat!: Season 2 - Mission 1 features


One of the most realistic television series on the subject of war, Combat! offered a frequently stark and unglamorous view of American fighting men dealing with the physical and moral challenges of life on the battlefield during World War II. Featuring early work from acclaimed directors Robert Altman and Richard Donner, Combat!: Season 2 - Mission 1 features 16 episodes from the show's second season, including guest appearances from Lee Marvin, James Caan, James Coburn, Leonard Nimoy, and Eddie Albert. Episodes include "Ambush, "The Bridge at Chalons, "Doughboy, "The Long Way Home, Part 1, "The Long Way Home, Part 2, "A Distant Drum, "Bridgehead, "Masquerade, "The Infant of Prague, "The Wounded Don't Cry, "The Little Jewel, "Glow Against the Sky, "The Party, "Anatomy of a Patrol, "What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?, Part 1, and "What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?, Part 2."

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
"We can't take that house without a tank."
"We have to."
"We were told to."
Sign up for another tour of duty with King Two platoon, TV's original band of brothers, in the second season of this brilliantly executed World War II series. This gritty series captured, with an unflinching, documentary-like authenticity and intensity, the sweat, fatigue, tension, and terror of war. Rick Jason and Vic Morrow command the screen as Lt. Gil Hanley and Sgt. Chip Saunders, who "mother-hens" his ragtag squadron as they battle their way across Europe. Some highly decorated guest stars added spit-and-polish to their episodes: Lee Marvin as a characteristically tough and contemptuous demolition expert on Saunders' case in "Bridge at Calons"; a pre-Green Acres Eddie Albert as a shell-shocked soldier in "Doughboy"; Richard Basehart as a sadistic German officer in the harrowing two-parter, "The Long Way Home"; and James Caan as the leader of a German squad trying to beat Saunders and company to a downed aircraft in "Anatomy of a Patrol." Up for special commendation is James Coburn as a German infiltrator who underestimates the "sucker" Americans in "Masquerade." "The Party," the series' 1963 Christmas offering, is an atypical comedic episode, in which squadron members Caje (Pierre Jalbert), Kirby (Jack Hogan), and Billy (Tom Lowell) engage in a battle of the sexes with three French women, who con the hapless trio into procuring food for an orphanage. Lowell earns his dramatic stripes with the episode "Glow Against the Sky," in which Billy is seriously wounded as the squadron is pinned down by the Germans (referred to throughout as "Krauts"). But remain at attention; the conclusion of Season Two is available separately on the four-disc Mission Two set.

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Image Entertainment
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Special Features

Notes, oddities, and bloopers by Jo Davidsmeyer; Audio commentary by Ted Post (The Bridge at Chalons) and archival interview with Vic Morrow; Audio commentary by Tom Lowell (Bridgehead) and archival interview Pierre Jalbert; Photo gallery; Audio commentary by Esther Mitchell (Anatomy of a Patrol)

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Vic Morrow Sgt. Chip Saunders,Actor
Danielle de Metz Angelique
Denise Darcel Annette
Eddie Albert Phil
James Caan Sgt. Beckman
James Coburn Cpl. Arnold Kanger
Jeanette Nolan Sister Therese
Karl Heinz Böhm Sgt. Hugo Bauer
Kurt Kreuger Capt. Neubauer
Marisa Pavan Marie Marchand
Michael Petit Bijou
Nick Adams Pvt. Mick Heller
Richard Basehart Capt. Steiner
Rick Jason Actor,Lt. Gil Hanley
Ronald Howard Capt. Johns
Biff Elliot Rafferty
Brian Avery German Soldier
Charles Macaulay Capt. Baumer
Edward Tierney Scarred German
Holly McIntire Louise
Jeanne Rainer Mlle. Solere
John Alderson Sgt. Rawlings
Lee Marvin Sgt. Marvin Turk
Leonard Nimoy Pvt. Neumann
Noam Pitlik Pvt. Gene Scott
Pierre Jalbert PFC Paul 'Caje' LeMay
Simon Oakland Sgt. Akers,Sgt. Tom Akers
William Sargent Blocker
Addison Myers German Medic
Andrea Darvi Jeannine
Jack Hogan Pvt. William G. Kirby
Kort Falkenberg Hans,Meitner
Oscar Beregi Maj. Schiller
Pamela Branch Mlle. Mornay
Paul Busch German Sergeant
Pauline Bush German Sergeant
Philippe Chapelle Robaire
Rocky Marciano GI at Red Cross Truck
Sasha Harden Keppler,Lt. Brummel
William Smith Richter
Woodrow Parfrey Pvt. Gates
Alida Valli Marie
Arthur Batanides Nader
Charles de Vries Buehler
Dick Peabody Cpl. Littlejohn
Guy de Vestel Uncle Henri
Joseph Walsh Pvt. Jack Johnson
Kurt Landen German Sentry
Lee Krieger Cpl. McQuillan
Leigh Chapman Mlle. Bochard
Mindas Masuilis German Machine Gunner #1
Peter Hellman Lance Corporal
Terry Becker Claybourne
William Beckley Cpl. Joyce
William Wellman Woody
Carl Carlsson German Sergeant
Dan Stafford Lt. David Comstock
Dieter Jacoby German Machine Gunner #2
Eddie Knight German Sergeant
Glenn Cannon Rankin
Harold Dyrenforth Panzer Captain
James Forest Giles
Maurice St. Clair Andre
Michael McDonald Wilson
Michael St. Clair Marcher
Nicholas Georgiade Londos
Rance Howard Wilkerson
Richard Jury Pvt. Wayne Shrope
Robert Champion SS Lance Corporal

Technical Credits
Alan Crosland Director
Bernard McEveety Director
James Komack Director
John Peyser Director
Sutton Roley Director
Ted Post Director
Tom Gries Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Celebration [5:18]
2. Unpopular Villager [7:04]
3. Crucial Information [8:44]
4. A Bargain [10:38]
5. Her Father's Work [14:03]
6. End Credits [:58]
1. Engineer Personnel [2:21]
2. Sergeant in Charge [10:21]
3. Dwindling Squad [10:01]
4. Understanding Turk [11:02]
5. A Crash Course [12:07]
6. End Credits [:57]
1. Wrong War [4:25]
2. Captured [7:17]
3. Shell-Shock [12:29]
4. Back in Action [12:27]
5. Where's Big Bertha? [9:10]
6. End Credits [:58]
1. Surrounded [2:46]
2. The Surrender [12:00]
3. A Warning [14:50]
4. The Interrogation [8:23]
5. The Escape [8:14]
6. End Credits [:48]
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Bury Him Deep [4:15]
2. The Interrogation Continues [13:41]
3. On the Line [12:40]
4. Shocking Escape [6:03]
5. Grocery Clerk [9:32]
6. End Credits [:56]
1. Wounded Lieutenant [3:03]
2. Looking for Hanley [13:50]
3. Seeking Shelter [12:41]
4. Wait Until Dark [5:52]
5. Score Is Even [10:24]
6. End Credits [:56]
1. Tank-Less [3:28]
2. Following Orders [9:20]
3. Getting the Job Done [10:16]
4. A Fatal Blunder [12:28]
5. Soldier at Heart [10:39]
6. End Credits [:57]
1. Prisoner Escort [3:28]
2. Unsuspecting Squad [9:20]
3. Inhuman [10:16]
4. Saunders' Hunch [12:28]
5. Suckers! [10:39]
6. End Credits [:57]
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Travelling Nuns [4:19]
2. Sister Therese [10:19]
3. The Little Child Jesus of Prague [14:49]
4. 103rd Panzers [9:12]
5. Pigeons and Chorus Girls [7:12]
6. End Credits [:55]
1. Wounded and Dangerous [3:35]
2. Faithful Unto Death [7:14]
3. Time for Compassion [9:12]
4. Saunders' Soft Side [14:41]
5. The Honorable Thing [11:28]
6. End Credits [:57]
1. Another Wet Day [7:33]
2. Hi, G.I. Joe! [10:57]
3. Just a Kid [14:04]
4. No Sucker [5:26]
5. Bijou's Plan [8:11]
6. End Credits [:48]
1. Where's Nelson? [3:15]
2. A Dry Cellar [13:01]
3. Close Call [13:50]
4. My Buddy Littlejohn [8:33]
5. An Explosive Diversion [7:31]
6. End Credits [:56]
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Three French Beauties [3:15]
2. Acting Corporal Kirby [12:31]
3. The Scheme [12:01]
4. Trio on a Mission [9:31]
5. Vins Et Champagne [8:54]
6. End Credits [:57]
1. Common Destination [2:47]
2. The Pilot and the Film [13:35]
3. Head for the River [16:19]
4. The Set-Up [6:42]
5. Outsmarting Sgt. Beckman [6:49]
6. End Credits [:48]
1. Any Volunteers? [3:40]
2. Sarge's Loyal Squad [12:24]
3. Pulling Rank [13:46]
4. Stubbornly Courageous [8:46]
5. Locked In [7:27]
6. End Credits [:56]
1. Last Week on Combat! [5:23]
2. The Right Thing [7:39]
3. Another Chance [19:18]
4. Saunders' Decision [4:19]
5. Getting the Job Done [9:15]
6. End Credits [:58]

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Combat: Season 2 - Mission 1 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I couldn't wait for this tv series to come on dvd. Now that have season 1 and 2 on dvd, I can't wait until season 3,4, and 5 to come out as well. These dvd's are well worth money.