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4.4 5
Director: Jerry Seinfeld, Christian Charles, Greg Geraldo, Sherrod Small

Cast: Jerry Seinfeld, Christian Charles, Greg Geraldo, Sherrod Small


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The world of stand-up comedy is explored from the perspectives of two very different talents -- one wet behind the years, another already a legend -- in this documentary from TV-commercial director Christian Charles. Comedian follows Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams as they navigate their way through the cutthroat world of New York's comedy clubs, each working


The world of stand-up comedy is explored from the perspectives of two very different talents -- one wet behind the years, another already a legend -- in this documentary from TV-commercial director Christian Charles. Comedian follows Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams as they navigate their way through the cutthroat world of New York's comedy clubs, each working toward the ultimate goal of an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. For Seinfeld, hitting the clubs is a way of proving himself after his years of sitcom success; for the up-and-coming Adams, nightly stand-up routines are an avenue to bigger and better things, preferably comedy festivals, talk show appearances, and sitcom roles. The two occasionally cross paths at such Manhattan comic haunts as The Gotham Comedy Club and Caroline's, where they debate ups and downs of the trade. Comedian also reveals many candid, behind-the-scenes discussions between Seinfeld and such comic legends as Chris Rock, Robert Klein, Dave Chappelle, and Jay Leno, as well as rare glimpses of the star's personal life.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Michael Hastings
Although Comedian may be billed as a documentary charting Jerry Seinfeld's return to standup comedy, that's only half of the story. Or rather, it's only 60 percent of the story, as the other fraction of the film is devoted to the burgeoning career of Orny Adams, a brash young comedian with whom Seinfeld occasionally crosses paths. This sort of compare/contrast approach mostly works, even if it mostly serves to prove how much classier and more accomplished Seinfeld is than the whiny, arrogant, and thoroughly irritating Adams. Even Seinfeld's most ardent followers may be surprised by his dogged work ethic: In one sequence, he goes to the Museum of Television and Radio to watch archived footage of Richard Pryor and George Carlin. In fact, the "comedy is hard work" thesis is applied so strenuously to all the performers in Comedian that it begins to grate against the film; in particular, the screen time devoted to Adams and his tired shtick suggests that the world of standup has more to do with tenacity and stick-to-it-iveness than actual talent. But when it focuses on Seinfeld -- and his fascinating conversations with Chris Rock, Robert Klein, Garry Shandling, Bill Cosby, and others -- Comedian proves that it takes a great mind as well as great effort to become a legend.
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
An indispensable peek at the art and the agony of making people laugh.
Hollywood Reporter
A remarkably insightful look at the backstage angst of the stand-up comic.

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Miramax Echo Bridge
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jerry Seinfeld Himself
Greg Geraldo Actor
Sherrod Small Actor
Jim Norton Actor
Godfrey Danchimah Actor
Allan Havey Actor
Colin Quinn Himself
Cynthia Koury Actor
Orny Adams Actor
George Wallace Actor
Eddie Ifft Actor
Robert Klein Actor
Mario Joyner Actor
T. Sean Shannon Actor
Gary Greenberg Actor
Shawn Seymour Actor
Richard Spector Actor
Michael Britt Actor
Craig Figueirido Actor
Nicole Severine Actor
Nicole Beatty Actor
Tom Papa Actor
Ray Romano Actor
William Stephenson Actor
Angel Salazar Actor
Andrew Grose Actor
Dom Irrera Actor
Gary Valentine Actor
Chris Rock Himself
Brad Perry Actor
Garry Shandling Himself
Kevin Nealon Himself
Jay Leno Actor
Jimmy Brogan Actor
Bill Cosby Actor

Technical Credits
Christian Charles Director,Cinematographer
Amy Baird Associate Producer
Michael Emory Sound/Sound Designer
Chris Franklin Editor,Musical Direction/Supervision
Mark Plumber Cinematographer
Jerry Seinfeld Executive Producer
Gary Streiner Cinematographer,Producer

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         Fresh Air Fund
         Porsche Meet
         Struggling With DNA
         Volkswagen Trip
         Orny Leaves For LA
         Movie & Trailer
         Radio & TV Commercials
            "Cereal" TV Commercial
            "Office" TV Commercial
            "Shower" TV Commercial
            "In A World" Radio Commercial
         One Sheet
         Wild Posters
         Action Figures
      Jiminy Glick Interviews
         Glick Interviews Jerry
         Glick Interviews Orny
      Letterman Appearances
         Jerry 03.12.01
      Where Is Orny Now?
      The Anatomy of a Joke
         Jerry's Notes
         Orny's Notes
         Colin's Notes

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Comedian 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From watching the Comedian starring Jerry Seinfeld, what I took home was it's not easy to be a comedian. Comparing that career to my career, which is a chemist, it seems that a comedian doesn't always have job security. Even if you establish yourself as a comedian, having a bad night telling jokes at a comedy club could seriously lower your profile. This fact is what worries comedians so much. Some comedians have emotional feelings after their performances or throughout their careers. Jay Leno has constant feelings that if he doesn't perform well, he may loose his job and become a lower paid worker. Orny Adams wants to be like Jerry Seinfeld and becomes emotionally angry at selected audiences in the film. Orny Adams is also self-centered in the film, I've noticed he starts his sentences with "I..." a whole lot and after he was listening to advice from a friend of Shapiro, he made fun of him in a bad way. Show business for a comedian is being able to do live performances well, not just talking but figuring out how to make the crowd laugh. Seinfeld felt that in some night clubs, the audience had nothing to laugh about. I like Seinfeld because he's not a weird comedian. He's a normal person making people laugh. Robin Williams is comparable. Someone like Tom Green or Stephen Colbert, these comedians don't compare. Anyway, Comedian is a good movie to watch. I was motivated because its a movie about how comedians struggle to be good. And you see how hard they work for it. One last thing, Orny Adams will be a very good comedian because he has ambition even though he seems self-centered. He should stop being self-centered when he starts to build more fame.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wanted to give this documentary 5 stars, but only one factor kept me from doing so: Orny Adams. Shown in stark contrast to the take-it-as-it-comes attitude of Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Colin Quinn, et al, Orny is presented as a crybaby, I-want-it-all-now type of comedian who admits his own obsession with fame. For the most part, I found myself standing up, finding something to eat, cleaning my room, etc.--anything to avoid watching Orny Adams thrown into such a quintessential gathering of great comedians. Perhaps the goal was to compare the rookie to the experienced, but I would much rather just watch 2-hours' worth of the experienced. Jerry is, as always, wonderful, and his various interchanges with his wife, kids, and other comedians give us a glimpse into this remarkable man's life. The only agonizing part is, as mentioned before, the showcase of Orny Adams. I'm not a huge fan of Colin Quinn, but I would much rather sit through his discussions with Jerry than watch another second of Mr. Adams. In the DVD, there is a section entitled ''Where is Orny now?'' After watching ''Comedian,'' you may answer that question the same way I did: ''Who cares?''
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jerry Seinfeld is the ultimate unparalled comediec genius, making the obscure, mundane, events hillarious and comforting. What, if anything, does he see in the neurotic, self-absorbed, fame-obsessed, Orny Adams? His ambition to seek fame is incrediously overzealous, but he does have the big (over-sized head) required or mandatory for being a successful comedien. His cell-phone bit is not only mundane, but it is about five years behind today's technology. This joke was probably hilarious 6-8 years ago when cell phones actually WERE the size of a shoe! Comedy is supposed to be off the cuff, spontaneous--this guy can't get over the way his hands move with every syllable! Jerry makes it look easy-he doesn't give everything away after the show, he may be maniacal in his own rite, but he keeps it to himself! Jerry's sense of humor portrays the ability to laugh even though he over-thinks every situation. He loves to get the laugh, and rightfully deserves it. His humor is the purest form of comedy. Jerry has the gift of highlighting normalcy, bringing just what he needs to the table to get the audience thinking without forcing a reaction, His humor conveys the forefront of real life, honestly funny and entertaining. Egomaniacs to follow this act may go away disappointed.
Baldy More than 1 year ago
Having performed Stand-Up Comedy, this movie documentary hit close to my heart. Being on stage is a bit nerve racking at times. This movie shows both emotion and triumph for the performers. It allows the viewer a glimpse of what it takes to be a performer and the nervous energy that surrounds it. We as comedians all want to succeed and bring the crowd to laughter. It's the high that keeps us going.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago