Creature Comforts: the Complete Second Season

Creature Comforts: the Complete Second Season


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
There would doubtless be little interest in a documentary series of talking-head interviews in which the general public weighed in on such mundane matters as county fairs, going to the zoo, or pet peeves. The genius of Creature Comforts is that it puts these words into the mouths of plasticine animals. The result is an absolutely charming, funny, and sweet series that's a breed apart. Created by Aardman Studios (Wallace & Gromit), which enjoys Pixar-like status in its native England, Creature Comforts is a spin-off from the Academy Award-winning short subject. The fun is in the juxtaposition of the animal characters and what the human voices are saying. Two favorite characters, a couch-bound cat and dog, chatter on as an affectionately needling married couple. In the episode "Beast in Show," set at the fair, an owner's proclamation that "The more I win, the more girlfriends I have," is spoken by a very self-confidant horse. In "Bed Time," the sentiment "I could sleep 12 hours a day" comes from a pig, and in "Sports," a friendly argument over who would win in a race is carried on between, of course, a tortoise and a hare. There is further delight in the comic bits of business the animators create, as in "Beast in Show," when, during a discussion of cheating in the competition, a horse in the background can be glimpsed becoming airborne like a hot air balloon. The highlight of this set is the 24-minute holiday episode, Merry Christmas, Everybody,, which is also available separately. The Creature Comforts menagerie tackle "The 12 Days of Christmas," reflect on each verse, and express their wishes for the season. Each Creature Comforts episode is a kid-friendly nine minutes. More of the subjects this season, such as "Safari Park," are universally appealing, though young children may still find them a bit too talky and over their heads. They can instead appreciate the virtuoso claymation, which imbues even the most dullish of voices with personality.

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3 featurettes including:; Animated conversations; Countryside Code short; The people behind the puppets; Eyeballs & Fishlips:; The making of Creature Comforts 2

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