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Criterion Collection: Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales

Criterion Collection: Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales

4.0 4
Director: Christine Carriere

Cast: Eric Rohmer, Barbet Schroeder, Bernard Verley

Eric Rohmer ends his cycle of "Six Moral Tales" with this delightful film starring Bernard Verley as Frederic, a happily married man who discovers that he can't stop looking at beautiful women. As he says in a voiceover, "I feel marriage closes me in, cloisters me, and I want to escape." His escape comes to


Eric Rohmer ends his cycle of "Six Moral Tales" with this delightful film starring Bernard Verley as Frederic, a happily married man who discovers that he can't stop looking at beautiful women. As he says in a voiceover, "I feel marriage closes me in, cloisters me, and I want to escape." His escape comes to him in the form of Chloe (Zouzou), a woman from his past. Chloe had left for America as a successful model but has now returned to Paris, bored with her life and saddled with a man she doesn't love. Although Frederic is reluctant to see her at first, they agree to meet in the afternoons -- just to talk. He feels a freedom with her that he doesn't experience with anyone else because they have, he thinks, no commitments to each other. So, they talk of their problems and their relationships and, before long, Frederic finds that he is becoming increasingly attracted to her.

Editorial Reviews

New York Times - Dave Kehr
The major works -- Maud, La Collectionneuse (1967), Claire’s Knee (1970) and Love in the Afternoon (1972) -- have never looked better than they do in these new transfers, which Mr. Rohmer supervised.... At $99.95, the set may not be a casual investment, but it is one that will pay off in years of pleasurable viewing. This is certainly one of the most significant DVD releases of the year.

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[Full Frame]

Special Features

New, restored high-definition digital transfers, supervised and approved by director Eric Rohmer; Exclusive new video convesation between Rohmer and Barbet Schroeder; Archival interviews with Rohmer; actors Jean-Claude Brialy, Béatrice Romand, Laurence de Monaghan, and Jean-Louis Trintignant; film critic Jean Douchet; and producer Pierre Cottrell; Rohmer short films: Presentation, or Charlotte and Her Steak (1951); Nadja in Paris (1964); A Modern Coed (1966); The Curve (1999); and Véronique and Her Dunce (1958); "On Pascal" (1965), an episode of the educational TV series En Profil Dans le Texte directed by Rohmer, on the French philosopher Blaise Pascal, the subject of debate in My Night at Maud's; Video afterword with filmmaker and writer Neil LaBute; Original theatrical trailers; New and improved English subtitle translations; Plus: Six Moral Tales, the original stories by Eric Rohmer, and a booklet featuring Rohmer's landmark essay "For a Talking Cinema," excerpts from cinematographer Nestor Almendros's autobiography, and new essays by Geoff Andrew, Ginette Vincendeau, Kent Jones, Phillip Lopate, Molly Haskell, and Armond White

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Eric Rohmer Primary Artist
Barbet Schroeder Actor
Bernard Verley Frederic
Christian Charriere Guillaume
Francoise Bette Actor
Haydee Politoff Haydee
Jean-Claude Brialy Jerome
Jean-Louis Trintignant Jean-Louis
Jean-Luc Godard Walter
Nadja Tesich Actor
Aurora Cornu Aurora
Bernard Waver Actor
Françoise Fabian Maud
Michéle Girardon Sylvie
Patrick Bauchau Adrien,Frank
Zouzou Chloe
Antoine Vitez Vidal
Béatrice Romand Laura
Bertrand Tavernier Actor
Daniel Pommereulle Daniel
Francoise Verley Helene
Jean-Louis Comolli Actor
Daniel Ceccaldi Gerard
Laurence de Monaghan Claire
Marie-Christine Barrault Francoise
Mijanou Bardot Carole
Anne Dubot Blonde Friend
Eugene Archer Sam Hertzberg
Fabrice Luchini Vincent
Malvina Penne Fabienne

Technical Credits
Christine Carriere Director
Eric Rohmer Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Bakery Girl of Monceau
1. Logos/Opening Credits [:33]
2. Crossed Paths [4:09]
3. Searching for Sylvie [3:13]
4. A Little Bakery [4:07]
5. A Game [4:29]
6. Intrigue [4:18]
7. His Choice [2:12]
1. Les Films du Losange [2:43]
2. A Paradox of Cinema [2:52]
3. The Adventure Begins [4:12]
4. Offscreen Commentary [6:00]
5. Moral Actions, Moral Ideas [3:34]
6. "Filmed Theater" [4:33]
7. Black and White [4:03]
8. Original Sound [3:10]
9. Working With the Actors [6:37]
10. Editing as Mise-en-Scène [5:10]
11. Nestor Almendros [3:31]
12. Absence of Music [6:12]
13. Kammerspiel [6:10]
14. The Rose and the Cherries [2:10]
15. 1.33:1 [4:41]
16. Change of Location [5:41]
17. Paintings and Colors [6:26]
18. Digital Cinema and DVD [5:48]
Disc #2 -- Suzanne's Career
1. Logos/Opening Credits [:32]
2. Suzanne Hoquetot, With an H [2:48]
3. Séance [11:39]
4. A Night Out [7:09]
5. Sponging Off Suzanne [10:02]
6. Back From Vacation [3:53]
7. Chat With Sophie [3:22]
8. Hanging Out at Bertrand's [6:35]
9. Stolen Money [6:29]
10. A Little Revenge [2:23]
Disc #3 -- My Night at Maud's
1. Logos/Opening Credits [1:19]
2. Françoise [7:48]
3. Superficial Chat [4:38]
4. An Old Friend [10:31]
5. Chez Maud [4:38]
6. After Dinner [12:24]
7. Vidal Leaves [5:13]
8. Personal Ad [19:50]
9. The Next Morning [2:34]
10. Principles [4:02]
11. A Kiss [3:27]
12. Twenty-Four Hours [5:37]
13. Ten Percent Chance [13:36]
14. "We Don't Know Each Other" [5:31]
15. "I Have a Lover" [3:58]
16. By the Sea [5:11]
Disc #4 -- La Collectionneuse
1. Logos/Opening Credits [:55]
2. Prologues [10:33]
3. Vacation [9:15]
4. A Girl in the Window [6:44]
5. "Virtue and the Simple Life" [6:14]
6. "La Collectionneuse" [9:11]
7. A Little Swim [6:41]
8. A Dangerous Girl [12:40]
9. Sam [7:16]
10. Boredom [2:21]
11. Guilty Conscience [6:03]
12. Yes or No? [3:38]
13. A Real Decision [4:47]
1. From a Book to 35mm [5:21]
2. The Language of Actors [6:46]
3. Making Misunderstood Films [3:36]
4. A New-Wave Collaboration [5:16]
5. Moral Tales and 16mm [5:25]
6. Unoriginal Screenplays [4:06]
7. Financing My Films [4:48]
8. The Advent of the Tape Recorder [4:33]
9. Evolution of Language [4:24]
10. Two Cinemas for Two Types of Viewers [6:19]
Disc #5 -- Claire's Knee
1. Logos/Opening Credits [1:19]
2. Monday, June 29 [5:42]
3. Blindfolded Eyes [8:45]
4. Our Story [6:03]
5. By the Lakeside [11:59]
6. A Walk up the Mountain [8:50]
7. "I Hate People My Age" [4:19]
8. "Are You Claire?" [5:48]
9. Her Knee [10:29]
10. Magnet of Desire [8:39]
11. Volleyball Game [4:47]
12. The Campers [3:48]
13. Departures [4:38]
14. Stormy Afternoon [10:54]
15. Fulfilled [9:47]
Disc #6 -- Love in the Afternoon
1. Logos/Opening Credits [1:29]
2. Prologue [3:50]
3. At the Office [3:55]
4. Shopping [4:31]
5. Wives [4:04]
6. Dream [5:53]
7. Chloé [6:22]
8. Catching Up [3:33]
9. A Gift [4:49]
10. Suicidal [10:44]
11. Afternoon Break [14:43]
12. New Baby [7:57]
13. In a Dress [9:27]
14. New Apartment [6:45]
15. One Thirty [9:31]

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Criterion Collection: Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
PhillyPC More than 1 year ago
Rohmer's films are definitely an acquired taste, as they lack the propulsive plotting and narrative that many people prefer. But the plots and narratives are there, and the dynamics and conflicts that shape Rohmer's films are timeless. I so very much hope that Criterion will soon introduce a similar set focused on Rohmer's Comedies and Proverbs 6-film series, as well as the Tales of the Four Seasons, as well as Rendezvous in Paris and the 4 Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle - please!!!!
mannylage More than 1 year ago
As always, Criterion gives us a beautiful presentation of a set of magnificent films. The box-set includes all six of Rohmer's moral tales, the book he had written, which he based the films on, beautiful transfers of all the films, a book with essays on all six films, and a number of extravagant extras all on the films, including five of Rohmer's short films. A must buy for anyone who loves cinema!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago