Critics Choice Collection

Critics Choice Collection

Director: Alexander Payne, Jason Reitman, Kirk Jones, Zach Braff

Cast: Alexander Payne, Jason Reitman, Kirk Jones, Zach Braff

Just as the charming British film The Full Monty told the story of simple men willing to shed their clothes for money, Waking Ned Devine is the story of older Irish men who pursue money and take off their clothes. Commercial director Kirk Jones makes his feature directing debut with a story about a small town in Ireland called


Just as the charming British film The Full Monty told the story of simple men willing to shed their clothes for money, Waking Ned Devine is the story of older Irish men who pursue money and take off their clothes. Commercial director Kirk Jones makes his feature directing debut with a story about a small town in Ireland called Tulaigh More, where one of their 52 inhabitants wins the lotto jackpot of nearly seven million pounds. When nobody claims it, the town goes on a search to find out why. They find the winner, old Ned Devine, dead -- a smile on his face, clutching the winning ticket. Well, in Ireland, the lottery winnings must be claimed by the purchaser, which puts the town in a spot -- if the lottery officials discover Devine dead, he forfeits his money. What ensues is a community coming together in hopes of getting his money to split 51 ways. What they learn is the importance of friendship and the true value of money. To reveal any more would spoil some major surprises, but suffice it to say, it involves aging actors David Kelly, 69, and Ian Bannen, 70, naked.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Scrubs star Zach Braff displays astonishing versatility as the writer, director, and leading man of this charming, visually striking independent drama, which came from nowhere to captivate critics and audiences in 2004. Braff impressed viewers with his understated, perceptive portrayal of a struggling, chronically depressed actor who returns to his home state of New Jersey for his mother’s funeral. Emotionally numb and ill equipped to cope with his estranged father (a miscast but nonetheless effective Ian Holm), the actor lunges into an unexpectedly satisfying relationship with a delightfully eccentric young woman (Natalie Portman) who turns out to be a pathological liar. Garden State is a difficult movie to classify: In spots it’s very funny, yet it’s not really a comedy. It’s also sad, yet not a tragedy. It’s frequently sober and contemplative but hardly a pure drama. The film is multilayered, like life itself. Branff’s script has depth and the characters are well drawn if somewhat ambiguous; we’re never really sure, for example, how to feel about the actor’s former best friend (Peter Sarsgaard), a gravedigger who doesn’t think twice about stealing jewelry interred with corpses but goes to extraordinary lengths to do a favor for his grieving friend. We root for a reconciliation between the bereaved father and the son he drove away years ago, but Ian Holm plays the dad as too distant and detached to reach any lasting understanding with his boy. In the end it’s Portman’s character that makes the strongest impression, rousing Braff’s actor from his self-imposed torpor and giving him a reason to reengage. Garden State won’t bowl you over with flashy histrionics or garrulous profundity, but it will creep up on you and leaving you wanting more when the end credits begin to roll.
Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
Would-be author Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti) is in a rut. He’s divorced, just north of 40, eking out life as a junior high school English teacher -- and every publisher in the business has turned down his novel. Wine is his real passion -- the Pinot Noir varietals in particular -- although his oenophilic aspirations have lately devolved into excess. His best friend, Jack (Thomas Hayden Church), a small-time actor who is now lucky to get cast in the odd commercial, is considering going to work for his fiancée's father. Before the impending nuptials, Miles takes Jack on a weeklong tour of California's Santa Ynez valley wineries. Miles is in search of the perfect Pinot; Jack is just looking for a last fling. When they meet two women (Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh), things get considerably more complicated. This is the setup for the warm and funny Sideways, a combination buddy comedy and road film that never travels the obvious path. The most critically acclaimed film of 2004, Sideways lives up to the hype, just as Lost in Translation, winner of the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, did the year before. Director Alexander Payne and writing partner Jim Taylor have crafted a near-perfect little movie that doesn't aim to be big or important. These characters could easily have been portrayed as pathetic losers, but thanks to a sparkling screenplay (based on Rex Picket's novel) and nimble performances by Giamatti and Church, Miles and Jack are likable despite their deep flaws. It helps, too, that Madsen and Oh make such perfect foils for the wayward duo. As in their earlier gems, Election and About Schmidt, Payne and Taylor juggle the hilarious and the tragic deftly -- arguably to the greatest effect in their young careers. For anyone who has ever found themselves somewhat adrift in life, Sideways will resonate even more deeply.

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Release Date:
20th Century Fox
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Aaron Eckhart Nick Naylor
Ian Bannen Jackie O'Shea
Paul Giamatti Miles Raymond
Zach Braff Andrew Largeman
David Kelly Michael O'Sullivan
Maria Bello Polly Bailey
Natalie Portman Samantha
Thomas Haden Church Jack Lapate
Cameron Bright Joey Naylor
Fionnula Flanagan Annie O'Shea
Peter Sarsgaard Mark
Virginia Madsen Maya
Adam Brody Jack
Ian Holm Gideon Largeman
Sandra Oh Stephanie
Susan Lynch Maggie
James Nesbitt Pig Finn
Jean Smart Carol
Marylouise Burke Miles' Mother
Sam Elliott Lorne Lutch

Technical Credits
Alexander Payne Director
Jason Reitman Director
Kirk Jones Director
Zach Braff Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Thank You For Smoking
1. Main Titles [:30]
2. Meet Nick Naylor [2:07]
3. Merchants of Death [4:26]
4. The Beauty of Argument [4:07]
5. Poison Challenge [3:19]
6. The Captain [3:31]
7. All in the Family [3:29]
8. Where the Devil Sleeps [2:04]
9. Hollywood Dream [3:26]
10. Moral Flexibility [3:09]
11. The Orginal Marlboro Man [1:02]
12. Death Threat [6:31]
13. Smoking Save My Life [3:20]
14. The Article [1:03]
15. Fired [8:15]
16. In Joey's Eyes [:39]
17. Sweet Revenge [5:57]
18. The Sultan of Spin [6:41]
19. Turned Down the Job [3:57]
20. End Titles [1:41]
Disc #2 -- Sideways
1. Saturday (Main Titles) [5:41]
2. Something For the Ride [:12]
3. Mom [2:51]
4. Officially Depressed [3:13]
5. The Wine Lesson [2:54]
6. Buellton [2:28]
7. Maya [:23]
8. Something We Should Share [2:28]
9. Stephanie [2:56]
10. Victoria's New Husband [:38]
11. The Double Date [4:09]
12. Drinking and Dialing [1:36]
13. Stephanie's Collection [1:41]
14. Getting Acquainted [2:19]
15. The Life of Wine [2:00]
16. Goodnight, Miles [3:26]
17. A Man Alone [1:44]
18. Deep [3:08]
19. Alone Again [2:58]
20. Waiting For the Abattoir [1:33]
21. A Day Together [4:01]
22. The Door Opens [:52]
23. Guilty by Association [2:11]
24. Thumbprint on a Skyscraper [4:29]
25. Keep it Elevated [2:33]
26. My Plight [3:24]
27. The Wallet [2:16]
28. The Accident [3:43]
29. Armenian Wedding [:45]
30. My Own Funeral [3:09]
31. Message From Maya [2:07]
32. End Titles [1:50]
Disc #3 -- Waking Ned Devine
1. Lottery Night [4:00]
2. Main Titles [1:11]
3. A Winner in the Village [2:42]
4. Looking For the Lucky One [4:31]
5. Pig and Maggie [1:59]
6. The Chicken Supper Party [4:04]
7. The Winner [4:34]
8. A Prayer For Ned [2:08]
9. Jackie's Vision [:26]
10. The Winning Smile [2:04]
11. Finn's Rival [1:39]
12. Meeting Ned Devine [8:50]
13. A Shock to the System [1:44]
14. Things Get Serious [1:10]
15. A Nest Egg For Us All [7:03]
16. A Drink and a Deal [:41]
17. The Last Holdout [4:06]
18. The Funeral [5:10]
19. Eulogy For a Friend [1:26]
20. The Check [3:11]
21. Lizzy's Long Distance Call [5:12]
22. Ned's Only Heir [:36]
23. Spirits to the Sky [2:26]
24. End Titles [4:43]
Disc #4 -- Garden State
1. Andrew (Main Titles) [5:06]
2. Welcome Home [:58]
3. Kenny the Cop [4:33]
4. Mark's Party [1:27]
5. Breakfast With Mom [1:37]
6. Being Unimpressive [4:24]
7. Sam [1:26]
8. Off the Meds [3:57]
9. A Ride Home [:39]
10. Sam's House [1:27]
11. Burying the Hamster [4:35]
12. The Skating Alligator [:53]
13. Laughing and Crying [3:34]
14. The Idea of Home [1:37]
15. Dangerous [2:43]
16. Handi-World [3:21]
17. Diego [2:57]
18. Albert's Ark [6:52]
19. The Infinite Abyss [2:52]
20. The Goodbye Gift [2:07]
21. Safe [2:26]
22. To Feel Again [:04]
23. Something Really Big [6:24]
24. End Titles [2:32]

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