Cry of the City

Cry of the City

Director: Robert Siodmak, Victor Mature, Richard Conte, Fred Clark

Cast: Robert Siodmak, Victor Mature, Richard Conte, Fred Clark


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The opening scene of Robert Siodmak's grim film noir depicts police lieutenants Candella (Victor Mature) and Collins (Fred Clark) observing wounded cop killer Martin Rome (Richard Conte) receive last rites. Though Rome recovers, he still must elude


The opening scene of Robert Siodmak's grim film noir depicts police lieutenants Candella (Victor Mature) and Collins (Fred Clark) observing wounded cop killer Martin Rome (Richard Conte) receive last rites. Though Rome recovers, he still must elude Candella and Collins in his desperate attempt to escape his fate. Rome has two visitors in the hospital: his girlfriend, Teena (Debra Paget), who goes into hiding, and Niles (Berry Kroeger), a crooked lawyer. Niles tries to bribe Rome to take a jewel theft and homicide rap for a client of his since Rome is facing the electric chair anyway. When Rome refuses, Niles threatens to frame Teena as the client's female accomplice. Worried that Candella might find Teena, Rome breaks out of jail and goes to Niles' office to accept the offer, but he actually plans to leave the country with Teena. When Niles reneges, Rome kills him, but not before learning the accomplice's identity and discovering the stolen jewels in the lawyer's safe. Rome finds the accomplice, Rose Given (Hope Emerson), and offers to trade the jewelry for the means to leave the country. She agrees, and they arrange a meeting in the subway, but Rome informs Candella of the plan. When the police arrive, Candella is shot, Rose is arrested, and Rome escapes to meet up with Teena in a church. As he is trying to convince Teena to run away with him, a wounded Candella shows up and tells Teena how Rome uses people and that everyone who helped in his escape will be paying a price. Teena rejects Rome, and he runs again, only to be shot down by Candella. The moral order is ultimately restored, but no one has been left unscarred.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Craig Butler
A film noir in the "docudrama" mode, Cry of the City is a gripping and complex crime film that noir enthusiasts will enjoy. Cry is not without its flaws. The plotting, even for a crime drama, gets a little complicated and occasionally feels slightly disjointed; a plot segment involving stolen jewels doesn't feel natural, for example. However, director Richard Siodmak's expert direction is so taut and incisive that most will forgive it these flaws. Aided by Lloyd Ahern and Fred Sersen's stunning lensing, Siodmak keeps the audience riveted from start to finish. He's aided immensely by his cast, lead by Richard Conte's incredible performance as Rome. Conte perfectly captures the character's charming snake quality; indeed, the audience is rooting for him through most of the picture, despite the fact that he is a dangerous criminal. Conte cons the viewer into being on his side, and it is only at the end that the viewer realizes he has been had as easily as everyone else in the film. Victor Mature, surprisingly, also turns in an excellent performance, arguably the best of his career, and delivers the crucial climactic speech with passion yet without going over the top. Hope Emerson, playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Conte, is unforgettable, and Berry Kroeger is a memorably nasty lawyer. Cry of the City is an engrossing and thrilling film.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Victor Mature Lt. Candella
Richard Conte Martin Rome
Fred Clark Lt. Collins
Shelley Winters Brenda Martingale
Betty Garde Miss Pruett
Debra Paget Teena Riconti
Hope Emerson Rose Given
Berry Kroeger Niles
Tommy Cook Tony Rome
Roland Winters Ledbetter
Walter S. Baldwin Orvy
June Storey Miss Boone
Tito Vuolo Papa Roma
Mimi Aguglia Mama Roma
Dolores Castle Rosa
Thomas Ingersoll Priest
Vito Scotti Julio
Konstantin Shayne Dr. Veroff
Howard Freeman Sullivan
Charles Tannen Intern
Oliver Blake Caputo
Antonio Filauri Martelli
Joan Miller Vera
Ken Christy Loomis
Emil Rameau Dr. Niklas
Eddie Parks Mike
Charles Wagenheim Counterman
Kathleen Howard Miss Pruett's mother
Robert Karnes Intern
John Cortay Policeman
George H. Melford Barber
Harry Carter Elevator operator
Robert Adler Man
Harry Seymour Man
Ruth Clifford Nurse
Tom Moore Doctor
George Andre Beranger Barber
Davison Clark Mounted policeman
Michael Sheridan Detective
Ed Hinton Cop
George Magrill Cop
Jane Nigh Nurse

Technical Credits
Robert Siodmak Director
Lloyd Ahern Cinematographer
Bonnie Cashin Costumes/Costume Designer
Eugene Grossman Sound/Sound Designer
Roger Heman Sound/Sound Designer
Albert Hogsett Art Director
Harmon Jones Editor
Ernest Lansing Set Decoration/Design
Thomas K. Little Set Decoration/Design
Harry Maret Makeup
Pat McNalley Makeup
Richard Murphy Screenwriter
Lionel Newman Musical Direction/Supervision
Alfred Newman Score Composer
Ben Nye Makeup
Fred Sersen Cinematographer,Special Effects
Sol C. Siegel Producer
Lyle Wheeler Art Director


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