Dark Angel: Complete Second Season

Dark Angel: Complete Second Season

Cast: David Boreanaz


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Where the first season of Angel stayed close to its roots as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Season 2 found the series standing on its own, as Angel (David Boreanaz) learned to survive without Buffy (and Buffy crossover episodes). The tortured vampire with a soul is relentlessly plagued by Darla and Drusilla, the undead Thelma & Louise. Fortunately, he's got help. The Fang Gang at Angel Investigations in L.A. has added two new psychic gumshoes: streetwise vampire-buster Charles Gunn (J. August Richards) and the alien lounge lizard Lorne (Andy Hallet), who packs 'em in on karaoke nights at his Caritas bar. They've also got new digs, thanks to Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), who let Angel set up shop in her apartment after his office was destroyed by nemeses Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia's oracular visions­­ -- a power bequeathed by the late, lamented Doyle -- ­­help the team track a horde of monstrous creatures, including a demonic burial shroud. The gang also rip through dimensional portals to rescue Cordy from nefarious priests in Lorne's birthplace of Pylea. But the best episode of the season -- ­­and perhaps the entire series -- ­­involves a more banal form of evil. Shot in film-noir style, "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" sends Angel back to 1952 to evict a wicked spirit from the hotel he once called home. Feeding off tenants' fears of exposure, the resident demon recalls the demagogue that haunted America's political stage: Senator Joe McCarthy of the House Un-American Activities Committee. DVD features include pithy commentary on this classic.

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