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Dark Angel: Complete Second Season

Dark Angel: Complete Second Season

4.8 10
Jessica Alba gained notoriety playing the lead on the James Cameron-produced television series Dark Angel, which has all 21 episodes from its second season collected on this box set. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English, French, and Spanish soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Surround. English and Spanish subtitles


Jessica Alba gained notoriety playing the lead on the James Cameron-produced television series Dark Angel, which has all 21 episodes from its second season collected on this box set. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English, French, and Spanish soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Surround. English and Spanish subtitles are accessible. Supplemental materials include commentary on some of the episodes by a variety of people involved in the show's production, a blooper reel, and three making-of featurettes. This set will easily please fans of the show.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Filmmaker James Cameron's involvement with Dark Angel ensured it lots of attention in its debut, but what kept viewers hooked was the series' imaginative sci-fi world, featuring young mutants and a new star named Jessica Alba. The highly anticipated second season built on themes introduced in the first, and added new ones to keep things interesting. "Designate This" reintroduced viewers to Max (Alba), the transgenic superwoman developed by the mad scientists of Manticore. The second group of episodes (21 in all, spread over six discs in this box set) explored Max's superficial attraction to the charming, flirtatious mutant Alex (Jenson Ackles) and her growing love for the wheelchair-bound newshound Logan (Michael Weatherly), whom she could not touch for fear of infecting him with a deadly virus. The soulless villain played in Season One by John Savage faded into the background with the introduction of Season Two's primary nemesis, Agent White (Martin Cummins). Once again the backdrop for Dark Angel's intrigues was the futuristic American dystopia spawned by the Pulse, a nationwide terrorist attack that devastated the country's infrastructure and support systems. Over the course of the season's arc we see the destruction of Manticore, the rise of a top-secret government agency designed to cover up the project's existence, and the emergence of a cult of superhuman snake worshippers. In an unfortunate turn of events, Season Two's final episode, "Freak Nation," also serves as the series finale. Directed by Cameron, it effectively ties up many plot threads but leaves others dangling, making the show's termination particularly nettlesome to devoted fans. Crammed with stylish action and rich atmosphere -- yet dotted with sophisticated touches of humor -- Dark Angel deserved a longer run.

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Release Date:
20th Century Fox
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[Dolby Digital Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Audio commentary on selected episodes; Three behind-the-scenes featurettes; Blooper reel

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Missing Max
2. Main Titles
3. Rational Thinking
4. A Breed Apart
5. Night Terrors
6. Joshua
7. Sins of the Father
8. Basement Debasement
9. First Name Basis
10. Made to Aid
11. Painful Reunion
12. Bred to Betray
13. Down in Flames
14. Her Strange Little Life
15. End Credits
1. Not All Good
2. Main Titles
3. On the Loose
4. Back From the Dead
5. More Fun on His Own
6. Look but Don't Touch
7. Back at the Ranch
8. The Name Game
9. Shadow Operative
10. Imagine That
11. Smoking Them Out
12. Child's Work
13. Mixing Signals
14. For Those Who Didn't Make It
15. End Credits
1. Mangling the Mangler
2. Main Titles
3. Untouchable
4. Hot Shots
5. Stranger Than Fiction
6. An Explosive Opportunity
7. A Haunted Hunter
8. Sewer Rat
9. Search for a Cure
10. Innocent Prey
11. The Joshua Trail
12. Lacking the Killer Instinct
13. Max's Sacrifice
14. "Have Hopes Up"
15. End Credits
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Dog Days
2. Main Titles
3. Triple Trouble
4. Chances for Romance
5. Outbreak
6. Risking Exposure
7. A Friend in Need
8. Unexpected Help
9. Not Safe out There
10. Calls Waiting
11. Step Three
12. Spreading Trouble
13. Underwater Safety
14. Unanswered Questions
15. End Credits
1. The Shape of Things to Come
2. Main Titles
3. Cool Costume
4. Future Tension
5. Bent Out of Shape
6. Talking Heads
7. Cat Woman
8. The Home Office
9. Normal Activities
10. Heading for Trouble
11. Out for a Swirl
12. Feline Friction
13. A Head of the Pack
14. The Weirdest Dream
15. End Credits
1. Dirty Work
2. Main Titles
3. A Gripping Situation
4. A New Colleague
5. Sketchy Rumor
6. A Concerned Friend
7. Dirty Money
8. Doctor Logan
9. Police Brutality
10. Stealing Steel Heads
11. Breaking Out Is Hard to Do
12. His Brother's Keeper
13. Attack Dog
14. Coded Reference
15. End Credits
1. Oh, Brother
2. Main Titles
3. Excuses, Excuses
4. In the Flesh... Sort Of
5. Advanced Theory
6. Steely Thinking
7. Her Brother's Keeper
8. Transgenic, Heal Thyself
9. One Mission Down
10. A Place of Love
11. A Fresh Supply of Organs
12. Time for Termination
13. Holding On and Letting Go
14. A Normal Life
15. End Credits
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Fairy Tales
2. Main Titles
3. Illing Time
4. Answered Prayers
5. Three for Twofers
6. A Pox on Logan
7. Undress for Success
8. Fishy Business
9. Watered Down
10. White's Wet Plans
11. In Search of Happy Endings
12. Underwater Rescue
13. Steamed Up
14. The Disney Version
15. End Credits
1. Artistic Impulses
2. Main Titles
3. Bones of Contention
4. Art Appreciation
5. White's Wife
6. Bad Things Happening to Bad People
7. Hard Sell
8. A Domestic Animal
9. Painted Into a Corner
10. Double Trouble
11. A Bad Call
12. The Painful Truth
13. Hiding Behind His Art
14. The Future
15. End Credits
1. The Eyes Have It
2. Main Titles
3. Underlying Hostility
4. A Little Help
5. Grooming for Trouble
6. Break an Egg
7. One Stealth Package
8. Too Well Known
9. Cagey
10. Heavy Lifting
11. The Magnificent One
12. Don't Follow the Leader
13. Last Chance
14. The Courageous Among Us
15. End Credits
1. Haunting Memory
2. Main Titles
3. Mr. Manners
4. Virtuoso Hitman
5. Undercover Romance
6. Shattered
7. Minding His Business
8. Shock From the Past
9. Musical Assignment
10. A Mark and a Father
11. Explosive Memory
12. Father Face-Off
13. The Damage Done
14. Final Words
15. End Credits
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Sticks and Balls
2. Main Titles
3. Dollars and Sense
4. Stealing Time
5. Hypothetically Speaking
6. The Right Time
7. Respect for Love
8. The Gossamer Trail
9. Pardon the Interruption
10. Fridge Raider
11. Slime Ball
12. So Close and Yet So Far
13. A Real Junkyard Dog
14. Time's Up
15. End Credits
1. Reaching Out but Not Touching
2. Main Titles
3. Medical Resistance
4. Making Hospital Calls
5. Office on the Range
6. Girl in the Plastic Bubble
7. Interesting Discovery
8. An Inside Job
9. Doctor's Orders
10. A Call for Help
11. White at Night
12. My Enemy's Enemy
13. Air Rescue
14. An Original Idea
15. End Credits
1. Boom With a View
2. Main Titles
3. A Regular Girl
4. Errand Dog Boy
5. Less Than Meets the Eye
6. Bad to the Marrow
7. Strung Out
8. A New Drug
9. A Taste of Superiority
10. Digging the "J-Man"
11. Beain Cleanse
12. A Bad Trip
13. Right Like Rain
14. Joshua Matters
15. End Credits
1. Blondes Have More Fun
2. Main Titles
3. Forgetfulness
4. Nothing but the Truth
5. Normal Fantasy
6. Badfellas
7. Memory Gain
8. Under Her Thumb
9. The Boss of Bosses
10. Remembering Mia
11. Back in the Ring
12. The Fix Is In
13. The Next Event
14. Look Who's Flipped Now
15. End Credits
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. He's Got the Beat
2. Main Titles
3. White Hunters
4. Sketch's Scoop
5. Getting the Picture
6. Trouble From Above
7. Clear and Present Danger
8. Old School
9. Caged Heat
10. A Sketchy Existence
11. Little Freak
12. Gone in a Flash
13. Familial Concerns
14. Something's Coming
15. End Credits
1. Bugging Out
2. Main Titles
3. Hard Cell
4. Logan's Donor
5. Last Call
6. Making a Blind Date
7. Best Defense
8. A Deadly Memory
9. Touching Experiences
10. A New Roommate
11. Fooling Mule
12. A Hands-On Breakup
13. A Symbolic Connection
14. Love Sucks
15. End Credits
1. A Blue Period
2. Main Titles
3. Freak Out
4. Erasing the Past
5. Dogged Determination
6. Bugged by Thugs
7. Fish Stories
8. Dog Hunt
9. Coming Clean in the Sewer
10. Hacking Help
11. A Real Feel
12. Tunnel Talk
13. Getting Her Back
14. Creature and His Friends
15. End Credits
1. Normal Gunplay
2. Main Titles
3. Sick of Home
4. Hacking the Hacker
5. Send in the Clone
6. Departure Time
7. Tracing Lines
8. Making Changes
9. Cloning Around
10. Friendly Freaks
11. Meeting Her Match
12. Gunning for Trouble
13. Sticking Around
14. Whitewash
15. End Credits
Side #1 -- Disc 6
1. Let the Ceremonies Begin
2. Welcome to Terminal City/Main Titles
3. Vigilance
4. Escape From Reality
5. The Middle Man
6. "X" Marks the Series
7. Space Invader
8. Pressing the Issue
9. Applying Pressure
10. Trying to Relate
11. Special Delivery
12. Facing the Truth
13. Sacrifice
14. An Unclear Picture
15. End Credits
1. Killer Elite
2. Main Titles
3. Back to Logan
4. Serious Trouble
5. Down With Max
6. Negotiation
7. Moving Out
8. A Shot in the Day
9. Taking Over
10. Helping the Helpless
11. Kicking Ass and Birthing Babies
12. Too Much Red Tape
13. Terminal Cases
14. Flying the Freak Flag
15. End Credits

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Dark Angel: Complete Second Season 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is a real shame, considering the volume of garbage on TV that the mysterious overpaid jerks who pick programming didn't give the show a third year to test the audience. It had a lot in common with series like Buffy, and was broadening out toward the end with a range of new characters and room for new plot twists.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Why Fox cancelled this show is beyond my understanding. It was, and still is amazing. I was a loyal fan and still am. I tend to lose interest in most shows after the first seasons, only three shows have held my attention throughout their lifespan, Dark Angel, Charmed and Buffy. I would definitely recommend this title, noth first and second season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you liked the first seasons you will probably like the second season. Though the second season is very sad some times. It really gets you emotional. With all the twist in the relationship between Max and Logan. I really wish that fox wouldve countineud the show it was a great show, and it wouldve only got better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked this season, it was awesome!!!new characters and old characters!!!!!Both seasons were great!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I simply loved the first season of DARK ANGEL. It was incredible. The second season was also ok. It is better to see the second season rather then not see it at all.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved the first season of Dark Angel! The second season is the worst, that's why D.A. didn't come back for a third season. Get the second season anyway cause you have to know what happends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love both seasons and can't believe there is not going to be any more shows. I wish they would put it back on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Maybe to some Season 2 of Dark ANgel was bad? Except I think of it as a series I only have to pay twice for. Angel Season One and two I have not finished seeing Season two although I saw all the episodes so far.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dark Angel Season Two is worth buying just to see Max kick Alec's butt in the ring. Although, the romantic relationship between Max and Logan leaves people disappointed due to the fact that a cure for Max hadn't been found. Meaning, if she touches Logan, he dies. You also meet a variety of mutants that had never been previously seen before.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago