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Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

4.5 2
Director: Michel Gondry

Cast: Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, Mos Def


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In September 2004, comedian Dave Chappelle took a break from his immensely successful Comedy Central show to stage a free, unpublicized, all-star hip-hop concert in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Inviting fans over the Internet, on the street, and even in his family's hometown of Yellow Springs, OH, Chappelle asked filmmaker Michel Gondry to document


In September 2004, comedian Dave Chappelle took a break from his immensely successful Comedy Central show to stage a free, unpublicized, all-star hip-hop concert in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Inviting fans over the Internet, on the street, and even in his family's hometown of Yellow Springs, OH, Chappelle asked filmmaker Michel Gondry to document the event from its inception on through to the performances themselves. The result is Dave Chappelle's Block Party, a concert film that provides not only a sampling of the music on display that September, but also an intimate look at the comedian himself. Gondry's cameras tag along with Chappelle as he visits Ohio, recruits a university marching band to play at the show, and surveys the opinions of Clinton Hill on the show that's about to take place. Along the way, we're introduced to some the comedian's favorite acts, in rehearsals and on-stage: Dead Prez, Jill Scott, Mos Def, the Roots, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, and the surprise reuniting of the Fugees.

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This modest but intensely likeable celebration of hip-hop is smartly built around the warm, relaxed accessibility of Dave Chappelle's onscreen persona. Rather than simply build to and then show the concert performances in full, it cuts back and forth between Chappelle's preparations, backstage patter, and comic stream-of-conscious camera monologues. Some of the most amusing sequences take place in Ohio when Dave hands out tickets and interacts with local shopkeepers and pre-concert footage in which Chappelle acts is a go-between as both enthused fan and celebrity. Director Michel Gondry seemingly shares a whimsical propensity with Chappelle, but, besides the balloon letters springing onscreen during the opening credits sequence, his visual eccentricities are discarded for a straightforward cinéma vérité approach. The shooting of many of the musical performances feels like an afterthought and they aren't always shown in full, but highlights include a diva face-off between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu over the vocal hook in the Roots' "You Got Me," Dead Prez storming the stage to "Turn off the Radio" and "Hip Hop," and Kanye West's marching band-led entrance to "Jesus Walks." The only disappointment is the Fugees' slightly flat reunion, an anticlimax to a film that captures the sunny spontaneity (despite the rain) of a block party at its life-affirming best.

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September in Brooklyn: The Making of Block Party

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dave Chappelle Actor
Kanye West Actor
Mos Def Actor
Talib Kweli Actor
Common Actor
Dead Prez Actor
Fugees Actor
Erykah Badu Actor
Jill Scott Actor
Roots Actor
Cody Chesnutt Actor
Keyshia Cole Actor
Chairman Fred Actor
Fred Hampton Actor
Big Daddy Kane Actor
John Legend Actor
Martin Luther Actor
Pharoahe Monch Actor
Bilal Actor
Kool G Rap Actor
Andre 4000 Actor
Eugenia "China" Black Back-up Vocals
Keisha Williams Back-up Vocals
R.C. Williams Keys
Braylon Lacy Bass
Raphael Iglehart Drums
Eric Greene Drums
Burton Smith Percussion
DJ Dummy DJ
Stick Man Dead Prez
M1 Dead Prez
Miamouna Youssef Back-up Vocals
Lauryn Hill The Fugees
Wyclef Jean The Fugees
Prakazrel "Pras" Michel The Fugees
Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis The Fugees
Donald Guillame Drums
Leon Higgins DJ
Greg "DJ Chaps" Dendy DJ
Tiffany Phinazee Back-up Vocals
Carla Duren Back-up Vocals
Tariq 'Black Thought' Trotter The Roots
Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson The Roots
Leonard Nelson Hubbard The Roots
James Gray The Roots
Kirk "Make Your Body Work" Douglas The Roots
Frank "Knuckels" Walker The Roots
Peter Kuzma Keys
Dave Manly Guitar
Valvin Roane Back-up Vocals
Caroline Lee Johnson Back-up Vocals
Leonard Harris Back-up Vocals
Dexter Mills Back-up Vocals
DJ A Trak DJ
Adam Blackstone Bass
Omar Edwards Keys
Kevin Hanson Guitar
Norman Jeff Bradshaw Trombone
Matt Cappy Trumpet
Chris Farr Saxophone
James Poyser Keys
Don Moore Bass
Rudolph Walker Drums
Isaac Ben Ayala Piano
Craig Bailey Saxophone
Tyren De'Armond Actor
Jonathan Evans Actor
Nicole Marie Evans Actor
Alice Goguen Actor
Robin Grundy Actor
Mary Hall Actor
Lisa Harbison Actor
Anthony Jackson Actor
Leann Javins Actor
Jeffrey A. Johnson Actor
Jamon Lewis Actor
Jonathan L. Lofton Actor
Montez Morton Actor
Craig Peterson Actor
Bobby Robbins Actor
David C. Roberts Actor
Elinor Rossi Actor
Jeffrey Tollette Actor
Doris Totty Actor
Jamila C. Totty Actor
Aaron Wallingford Actor
D.J. Wallingford Actor
Alphonso Washington Actor
Brian Milsapp Actor
Central State University Marching Band Actor
Brooklyn Steppers Bed-Stuy
Luz Grice Bed-Stuy
Darren "Mr T." Hymes Bed-Stuy
Lil' Cease Bed-Stuy
Andrea Smith Bed-Stuy
Arthur Wood Actor
Cynthia Wood Actor
Freeway Actor

Technical Credits
Michel Gondry Director
Mustafa Abuelhija Producer
Peter Agliata Camera Operator
Paul Bang Sound Mixer
Lance Bangs Camera Operator
Skot Bright Executive Producer
JC Brotherhood Special Effects Supervisor
Francesca Buccellato Makeup
Jeff Buchanan Editor
Patrick Capone Camera Operator
Dave Chappelle Producer
Lauri Faggioni Production Designer
Sarah Flack Editor
Julie Fong Producer
Callum Greene Co-producer
Carlos Omar Guerra Camera Operator
Nick Hammond Sound Mixer
Ernie Jew Camera Operator
Robert Katz Co-producer
Chris Kellett Sound Mixer
Ellen Kuras Cinematographer
Doug Levine Executive Producer
Jeffrey Livesey Sound Mixer
Bruce MacCallum Camera Operator
Greg Manocherian Executive Producer
Brian Miksis Sound Mixer
Chris Norr Camera Operator
Mark Roy Sound Mixer
Robert del Russo Camera Operator
Gary Silver Sound Mixer
David Smith Camera Operator
Corey Smyth Musical Direction/Supervision
Doug Torres Asst. Director
Wim Tzouris Sound/Sound Designer
Karl Wasserman Sound Mixer
Bob Yari Producer
Peter Zumba Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Dave Chappelle's Block Party
1. Comin' at You (Main Titles) [3:41]
2. A Dream Come True [1:59]
3. The Golden Tickets [3:46]
4. "Get Em High" [4:50]
5. Central State University [5:47]
6. Life Is a Funny, Unpredictable Thing [5:37]
7. The Element of Surprise [5:27]
8. "Jesus Walks" [3:35]
9. Dead Prez [4:25]
10. Who Shot Biggie? [4:58]
11. Everyone's an MC [7:46]
12. Erykah Badu [5:32]
13. Jill Scott & the Roots [6:44]
14. Hit Me [7:20]
15. Mos Def [4:14]
16. "Get By" [5:38]
17. The Fugees [4:26]
18. "Killing Me Softly With His Song" [5:04]
19. "President" [5:00]
20. End Titles [6:56]


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Dave Chappelle's Block Party 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I waited for the DVD to watch the movie. I thought there would surely be alot of features like extended concert footage. An event that lasted that long deserved it. Well, if you're like me in that respect you'll be disappointed. There isn't much extra here. There are extended scenes of the people involved with the movie who are not Dave or the Musical talent. It's fun, but not the party I wanted. The movie in itself does have two extended concert scenes, but THAT'S IT! I thought the soundtrack was just a tease to the movie, it turns out that the meat and potatoes of the concert is on the soundtrack, and that's not saying alot. My suggestion would to have been to edit out more of the crazy hippies and add in more music. This is a Hip Hop movie, that couple belonged on a Hippie documentary which I would have watched if I felt like watching it. On a positive note Dave doesn't let you down. Even the random citizens involved are delivering entertainment, but the musical entertainers were simply an afterthought during the editing process. I would like to see a DVD exclusive showcaseing their side of the story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dave Chappelle's Block Party is the best concert movie ever not only did it make me laugh it made me cry because I was laughing so hard it is hilarious and yet a good concert Dave Chappelle is the funniest man ever and this movie so good. Not only does it have Dave Chappelle and jokes it also has awesome rappers like Talib Kweli and Mos Def and Kanye West and Dead Prez this movie is awesome anyone who hasnt seen it go out and rent it. It is worth it