Day the World Ended/She Creature by Roger Corman, Sebastian Gutierrez |Richard Denning, Rufus Sewell | 31398192527 | DVD | Barnes & Noble
Day the World Ended/She Creature

Day the World Ended/She Creature

5.0 2
Director: Roger Corman, Sebastian Gutierrez

Cast: Richard Denning, Rufus Sewell


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Lions Gate
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Disc #1 -- Day the World Ended/The She-Creature
1. Main Title/The End [5:33]
2. Another One [8:04]
3. Seven of Us [4:17]
4. He's a Mutation [8:16]
5. The Rain [6:14]
6. You and Me [6:50]
7. The Future [6:10]
8. You Think I'm Crazy [5:46]
9. I'll Take Over [7:19]
10. What Happened? [5:26]
11. He's Got Her [6:23]
12. Voice on the Radio [6:59]
1. Main Title/A Walk [6:42]
2. Call the Police [4:56]
3. I Hate You [5:31]
4. Million Dollar Idea [6:08]
5. You Killed Johnny [6:45]
6. Reincarnation [6:20]
7. I See Her [5:26]
8. I Love You [5:47]
9. Open Your Eyes [6:57]
10. Beach Killer [10:11]
11. I Command You [7:07]
12. She-Creature [6:38]

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Day the World Ended/She Creature 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
AuldMunro More than 1 year ago
this is a very entaining small budget movie; the whole thing was shot on a shoe string in only 9 days. As a kid I loved this movie. I saw it recently and enjoyed it very much. It was someone campy but literate.
Dimensionsofheresy More than 1 year ago
The Day The World Ended is a Fine B/W post nuclear war movie were a handful of survivors find a safe zone in a small house in a valley surrounded by lead lined stone. This was a descent working of mood and texture in the thriller category with a deeper second storyline involving the monster. Even though this is not an outright "scary" movie it does a really nice job at creating a strong suggestion of horror: the mutations happening off screen and outside the safe zone, the fact that these might be the only humans left alive, and the threat of fallout are a constant underlying creepiness that make the movie enjoyable in the sci-fi thriller category. Good quality simple themes but a really good show. *She Creature- A mesmerists calls forth a spiritual beast from ages long past to do his killing through his helpless slave assistant. Good story with only a few holes but several areas that show a superior writer. Several times we are introduced to subjects yet to be developed and are taken along on the ride as these elements are developed. We are shown and not just told. This was a unique story with an iconic Science Fiction beast costume you might recognize. A good movie with true entertainment value.See more of my reviews at the wordpress blog dimensions of heresy.