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Deadwood - Season 3

Deadwood - Season 3

5.0 2
Director: Adam Davidson, Daniel Attias, Daniel Minahan, Edward Bianchi

Cast: Adam Davidson, Daniel Attias, Daniel Minahan, Edward Bianchi

The profanity flies fast as bullets in this release featuring all 12 episodes of HBO's celebrated western series Deadwood.


The profanity flies fast as bullets in this release featuring all 12 episodes of HBO's celebrated western series Deadwood.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
Civilization comes to the wild settlement of Deadwood in the third season of HBO's acclaimed western series, but it's far from civilized: It comes in the form of the town's first bank, Deadwood's first-ever elections, and industrialized mining. The man with his hand in all of these is mining magnate George Hearst (Gerald McRaney), undoubtedly the most malevolent figure to ever to hit Deadwood. He aims to control the entirety of the settlement's gold, but three things stand in his way: Sheriff Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), whose anger-management issues rival Hearst's; saloon owner Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), who up until this point unofficially ran Deadwood; and Alma Garrett (Molly Parker), holder of the richest gold claim, as well as owner of the bank. Hearst's strong-arm approach to handling his three obstacles may include fixing the elections and threats of an all-out war. But he may have bitten off more than he can bully in Deadwood, inspiring some unlikely alliances. It also leads to the kind of bloodshed fans of the show have come to expect, though audiences were probably unprepared for the no-holds-barred brawl between Swearengen and Hearst's right-hand men in "A Two-Headed Beast." (Don't say we didn't warn you.) Other players in the terrific Season 3 include store owner Sol (John Hawkes), who opposes slimy E. B. Farnum (William Sanderson) in the upcoming mayoral election; rival saloon owner and Hearst lackey Cy Toliver (Powers Boothe); and Jack Langrishe (the fantastic Brian Cox), an old friend of Al's who brings culture to Deadwood in the form of the town's first theater troupe. Creator David Milch slowly ratchets up the tension throughout Season 3 to a finale that is both surprising and typical of a series that never takes the easy way out. Most surprising was Milch's decision that Season 3 would be the series' last (as he turns his attention to the surreal surfing drama John from Cincinnati). Two promised HBO movies may wrap things up more nicely...though nothing's ever nice for long in Deadwood.

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Special Features

"Deadwood Matures," a featurette containing the third installment of a historical perspective on the era focusing on elections, mining, politics, and education; "The Education of Swearengen and Bullock," a featurette on the dynamic relationship between Al Swearengen and Seth Bullock; four audio commentaries with series creator David Milch, executive producers Gregg Fienberg and Mark Tinker, and cast members Jim Beaver, Sean Bridgers, W. Earl Brown, and Robin Weigert; and "Deadwood Daguerreotypes," a photo gallery of historic Deadwood.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Deadwood: The Complete Third Season
2. A Bloody Outcome [9:19]
3. Florence Nightingale [9:06]
4. Man of the Hour [11:29]
5. Outright Dimwitted! [4:45]
6. Enough to Bleed? [6:48]
7. Meek as a Babe [8:26]
2. Certain Arrangements [6:03]
3. The Devil Talkin' [7:08]
4. Make a Move [9:17]
5. Are We at War? [8:55]
6. Matthew 12:31 [8:54]
7. The Sorriest of Days [9:17]
Disc #2 -- Deadwood: The Complete Third Season
2. Minimal Civilities [9:19]
3. Welcome Home, Wu [9:06]
4. I Forbid You! [11:29]
5. I Put You On Notice [4:45]
6. Reckless [6:48]
7. The Jackal Smile [8:26]
2. An August Occasion [6:03]
3. A Drunkard's Decision [7:08]
4. The Means at Loan [9:17]
5. Numbers & Acts [8:55]
6. An Agreement [8:54]
7. Sum & Substance [9:17]
Disc #3 -- Deadwood: The Complete Third Season
2. Uneasey Colleagues [9:19]
3. Gold Please [9:06]
4. Not Lacking for Brass [11:29]
5. Devotees of Theatre [4:45]
6. Healthy Minded [6:48]
7. The Nature of Things [8:26]
2. His Wrath's Object [9:19]
3. My Baby! [9:06]
4. I Know [11:29]
5. Liberia... [4:45]
6. Better in His One [6:48]
7. Baffled Among Friends [8:26]
2. The Color [9:19]
3. Time at the Diggings [9:06]
4. I'd Never Hurt You [11:29]
5. Publish as Witness [4:45]
6. Reinforcements [6:48]
7. A Strategy in Counterpoise [8:26]
Disc #4 -- Deadwood: The Complete Third Season
2. The Latest News [9:19]
3. A Hero's Entrance [9:06]
4. Majestically Neutral [11:29]
5. Is He Dead? [4:45]
6. Breathe [6:48]
7. Same Damn Thing [8:26]
2. 1/3 of Six is Two [9:19]
3. Too Loose [9:06]
4. Pistol Whipped [11:29]
5. Let's See Them Blisters [4:45]
6. Langrishe Presents [6:48]
7. Confirmation [8:26]
2. Nefarious Carryings On [9:19]
3. Exigencies of Commerce [9:06]
4. To the Bank Alone [11:29]
5. For Mr. Swearengen [4:45]
6. Don't Give Up Hope [6:48]
7. A Dream [8:26]
Disc #5 -- Deadwood: The Complete Third Season
2. Up & About [9:19]
3. Who's Next? [9:06]
4. Shoot Me! [11:29]
5. Some Sort of Bogey [4:45]
6. Saying Goodbye [6:48]
7. Big Man Wu [8:26]
2. Pretense to Civility [9:19]
3. Rigged Games of Chance [9:06]
4. Give Me the Knife [11:29]
5. The 15th Amendment [4:45]
6. Private Life [6:48]
7. Drive On [8:26]

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Deadwood - Season 3 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not finished just one more DVD left. Just wish there were more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago