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Director: Peter Stebbings

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Elias Koteas, Kat Dennings

Woody Harrelson is construction worker by day, self-made superhero by night in Defendor, a comedy that takes aim at society's infatuation with comic-book mythologies. While the city is awake, Arthur Poppington (Harrelson) holds traffic signs, and is nearly invisible to all who pass; after hours, he assumes his secret identity (complete with homemade costume)


Woody Harrelson is construction worker by day, self-made superhero by night in Defendor, a comedy that takes aim at society's infatuation with comic-book mythologies. While the city is awake, Arthur Poppington (Harrelson) holds traffic signs, and is nearly invisible to all who pass; after hours, he assumes his secret identity (complete with homemade costume) and prowls the streets in search of his arch nemesis, "Captain Industry." Along the way, he saves a young prostitute (Kat Dennings) from an abusive undercover cop (Elias Koteas), a move that proves his commitment to fighting for the weak, but also turns him into a real live fugitive from the law. ~ Kimber Myers

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
In a world of large-budgeted super-heroic cinema run amuck, it's refreshing to see a low-key approach such as the one presented in Defendor. One glance at Woody Harrelson as the dime-store crime fighter would probably make you think that the film's tongue is firmly planted in its cheek. In actuality, this comedy drama has weight, serious performances, and a fair share of comedic flair that isn't so self-aware that it induces eye rolls. No doubt, Harrelson is the key to putting people in the seats, but it's the ensemble that really sells the material, brought so economically to the screen by writer/director Peter Stebbings. The film tells the tale of Arthur Poppington, a slightly mentally challenged man who heads out onto the streets to take crime fighting into his own hands as the vigilante "Defendor." Armed with marbles, lime juice, wasps, and a bat, Arthur scours his city for evil-doing, equally dishing out and taking beatings on a regular basis. While mostly concerning himself with low-rent street crime, the not-too-all-there hero stumbles onto a real criminal organization after he saves a young crack addict, Katerina (Kat Dennings), from a crooked cop (Elias Koteas). Shortly thereafter, Katerina uses Arthur to exact revenge against those who wronged her, even if it means unknowingly interfering with an undercover police investigation and endangering both of their lives in the process. Though Stebbings' well-written script is equally on par with his slick directorial stamp, it's John Rowley's score that really nails home this unique film's tone. Part playful and part bombastic, the music consistently keeps the proceedings light -- making the severely dramatic moments stand out even more when they inch themselves into the picture. Harrelson tackles the character head-on and imbues him with a stoic, yet naïve quality that really fits the role. As far as the supporting cast goes, Kat Dennings and Elias Koteas both deliver the goods and inject both humor and the tragedy of the streets into their extremely different characters. Maybe what's most fresh about Defendor is the plausibility of it all. This isn't a wealthy vigilante or a superhuman one -- just a mixed-up guy using household items to fight the crime that made him what he is. Though others have mined this same territory before (2010's Kick-Ass being the most obvious) and will in the future, it's a sure bet that none will match Defendor's realistic uniqueness anytime soon.

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Sony Pictures
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Deleted Scenes; Outtakes; 5 Featurettes; Wood Harrelson, Kat Dennings ; Filmmakers Commentary

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Woody Harrelson Arthur Poppington/Defendor
Elias Koteas Chuck Dooney
Kat Dennings Katerina Debrofkowitz
Michael Kelly Paul Carter
Sandra Oh Dr. Park
Clark Johnson Captain Fairbanks
A.C. Peterson Kristic
Tatiana Maslany Olga
Kristin Booth Wendy Carter
Dakota Goyo Jack Carter
Lisa Ray Dominique Ball

Technical Credits
Peter Stebbings Director,Screenwriter
Geoff Ashenhurst Editor
Tim J. Brown Executive Producer
Sean Buckley Executive Producer
Greg Chapman Sound/Sound Designer
David Greene Cinematographer
Sara Kay Casting
Nancy Klopper Casting
John Kozman Executive Producer
Jenny Lewis Casting
Tim Merkel Executive Producer
Gersha Phillips Costumes/Costume Designer
John Rowley Score Composer
Oleg M. Savytski Production Designer
Mark Slone Executive Producer
Nicholas Tabarrok Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Defendor
1. Scene 1 [4:55]
2. Scene 2 [6:01]
3. Scene 3 [3:03]
4. Scene 4 [2:05]
5. Scene 5 [2:39]
6. Scene 6 [3:22]
7. Scene 7 [1:55]
8. Scene 8 [1:40]
9. Scene 9 [4:00]
10. Scene 10 [3:58]
11. Scene 11 [1:19]
12. Scene 12 [2:43]
13. Scene 13 [2:14]
14. Scene 14 [3:25]
15. Scene 15 [2:06]
16. Scene 16 [2:24]
17. Scene 17 [2:01]
18. Scene 18 [3:35]
19. Scene 19 [2:31]
20. Scene 20 [2:53]
21. Scene 21 [4:37]
22. Scene 22 [4:14]
23. Scene 23 [4:00]
24. Scene 24 [3:30]
25. Scene 25 [4:01]
26. Scene 26 [1:43]
27. Scene 27 [4:55]
28. Scene 28 [4:45]


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Defendor 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
APFuchs_CanisterX More than 1 year ago
4.5 out of 5 Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson) has a secret: when night rises upon the city, he takes to the streets as Defendor, a lone avenger on the hunt for the ever-elusive Captain Industry. Unfortunately for Arthur, he's mildly retarded and the line between right and wrong sometimes blurs. Though he means well, sometimes he gets in over his head, especially when his search for Captain Industry takes him into the city's underworld of drugs, guns and prostitution. After saving the life of prostitute and drug-addict Kat Debrofkowitz (Kat Dennings), Arthur takes her in and, though at first exploited by her for money, the two eventually bond and he accomplishes one of his objectives he had ever since donning the Defendor uniform: helping those who need it most. Being a lifelong superhero fan, there are a few things, to me, that define a good superhero movie and Defendor had more than one of those things. It touched me on that very human level of seeing a sincere human being trying to make a difference regardless of what other people think of him. Fear of man is one of the things I think holds people back from doing the right thing in real life. To at least see that attribute on the screen means a lot to me because it proves that people are still thinking about it even if it's just in a movie. The trailer for this flick makes it come across as more like a superhero spoof than a serious movie, and this was most definitely a serious movie. Sure, there were some funny moments, but this movie wasn't about that, but instead was about a man who saw something wrong and did the best he could with what he knew how to do. And he did. He showed us who Captain Industry really was: the villain that all of us have in each of out cities, the one comprised of drugs, guns and illegal sex that has ruined countless lives yet for some reason authorities refuse to do something about it. This movie makes me think of the real life superheroes that are out there (Google "Real Life Superheroes"), those real men and women who don guises of other personas and do what they can to help us. Lots of people mock them. Lots of people mocked Defendor, but when all is said and done, they, like Defendor, do the right thing and try to right a world full of wrongs, bring hope to those who need it, and set an example that we should all follow. Defendor is a fantastic movie and I'm really glad Peter Stebbings went ahead and made this flick. Fight back. Recommended. A.P. Fuchs Canister X