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Degrassi Junior High: Season 3

Degrassi Junior High: Season 3


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
It’s "bye-bye Junior High," but not before Degrassi's graduating class wrestles with peer pressure, sexual awakening, homosexuality, teenage parenthood, underage drinking, and the kind of sensitively depicted teenage angst and coming-of age-drama that put Degrassi in a class by itself. Imported from Canada in the late '80s, Degrassi eschewed movie-of-the-week sensationalism for a more gritty, documentary-like realism that resonated with loyal viewers. In the stunning two-part season-opener, a drunk driver kills Wheels' (Neil Hope) parents -- a tragedy that reverberates throughout the season. In another recurring story line, Spike (Amanda Stepto) struggles with being a teenage mom. But her example doesn't stop Lucy (Anais Granofsky) from considering sex with her insistent high school boyfriend (she says no, but her reputation is sullied by her friends, who believe she did). Degrassi encouraged viewers to look at all sides of an issue. In "The Whole Truth," reporter Caitlin (Stacie Mistysyn) sides with students protesting animal testing until she learns about some of the positive medical benefits for humans. The always-on-the-make Joey (Pat Mastroianni), an eighth-grade holdback, also figures prominently in this season as he desperately tries to promote his band, the Zit Remedy. Degrassi sometimes stumbled over its own good intentions. In the episode "He Ain't Heavy," Snake (Stefan Brogren) no sooner makes fun of homosexuals than he finds out that his brother (Montgomery Randal), a former Degrassi sports hero and valedictorian, is gay. But by the time of the final bell, faithful viewers will share in the students’ triumphs and lessons (hopefully) learned. "We think some of you may miss this place," Mr. Raditch (Dan Woods) offers while spinning records at the prom. Thanks to DVD, generation Degrassi can return to visit anytime they want.

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Closed Caption; Degrassi between takes ; Pop Quiz! - Degrassi Junior High trivia; Degrassi Junior High wallpaper; Printable materials for educators; Scene selection; Closed captions

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