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Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection

Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection

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Director: Norman Jewison, Phillip Noyce, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington

Cast: Norman Jewison, Phillip Noyce, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington

Spike Lee's 1990 directing effort is a jazz film, the story of a fictional trumpeter named Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington). He leads a quintet at the Beneath the Underground club with a flashy saxophonist named Shadow Henderson (Wesley Snipes). Though Shadow takes a few


Spike Lee's 1990 directing effort is a jazz film, the story of a fictional trumpeter named Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington). He leads a quintet at the Beneath the Underground club with a flashy saxophonist named Shadow Henderson (Wesley Snipes). Though Shadow takes a few too many solos, everything seems fine in Bleek's life. Trouble soon arises, however, and he is forced to make decisions regarding both his best friend Giant (Spike Lee), and his relationships with two women. Giant, his manager and old pal, is addicted to gambling and often gets roughed up by thugs looking for pay back. Bleek is the only member of the quintet who wants to keep him as manager. The trumpeter's woman problems concern trying to decide between two girlfriends who both love him: a schoolteacher (Joie Lee) and a singer (Cynda Williams). Spike's father Bill Lee scored the film, with contributions from Branford Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Abbey Lincoln and Ruben Blades (who plays Giant's bookie).

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Many know Rubin "Hurricane" Carter best as the subject of Bob Dylan's thundering '70s ballad (which plays over the credits of The Hurricane). But the harrowing, true-life story of the black prizefighter falsely convicted of murder then vindicated after two decades in jail becomes gripping screen entertainment in the hands of director Norman Jewison (A Solider's Story). Denzel Washington, at his most riveting, drives the film with his impassioned, Oscar-nominated portrayal of the hot-tempered pugilist whose prison-penned autobiography becomes the instrument of his salvation. After reading the book, black teenager Lesra Martin (played by Vicellous Reon Shannon) convinces three Canadian friends (Liev Schreiber, Deborah Unger, and John Hannah) to help him prove Hurricane's innocence -- but they're blocked at every turn by corrupt police and a disinterested judiciary. The Hurricane (cowritten by Carter) telescopes time and eliminates numerous characters and events from the incredible story, culminating with a suspenseful courtroom scene that will have you on the edge of your chair. The result is a heartfelt expression of social conscience that also manages to be dynamic cinema.

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Release Date:
Universal Studios
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Denzel Washington Bleek Gilliam,Detective Keith Frazier,Lincoln Rhyme,Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Angelina Jolie Amelia Donaghy
Clive Owen Dalton Russell
Spike Lee Giant
Vicellous Shannon Lesra Martin
Deborah Kara Unger Lisa
Jodie Foster Madeline White
Queen Latifah Thelma
Wesley Snipes Shadow Henderson
Christopher Plummer Arthur Case
Joie Lee Indigo Downes
Liev Schreiber Sam
Michael Rooker Capt. Howard Cheney
Cynda Williams Clarke Bentancourt
John Hannah Terry
Mike McGlone Detective Kenny Soloman
Willem Dafoe Capt. John Darius
Chiwetel Ejiofor Det. Bill Mitchell

Technical Credits
Norman Jewison Director
Phillip Noyce Director
Spike Lee Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Inside Man
1. Who, What, Where, When, Why [4:13]
2. Hostage Situation [8:52]
3. Smarter Than You [7:31]
4. Tactical Situation [4:52]
5. A Small Problem [4:52]
6. Satisfaction Guaranteed [5:18]
7. Asking a Favor [4:35]
8. List of Demands [5:12]
9. Negotiating [11:44]
10. Outside Influence [9:32]
11. Protecting Interests [5:42]
12. Cornered [4:52]
13. Buying Time [1:35]
14. No Options [6:16]
15. Nugged [5:26]
16. Going In [5:34]
17. Got Nothing [5:39]
18. Follow the Ring [5:03]
19. Searching for Truth [8:58]
20. End Titles [6:50]
Disc #2 -- The Hurricane
1. Champion [7:54]
2. Murder at the Lafayette [5:50]
3. The Book Picks You [3:37]
4. The Kid From Paterson [7:36]
5. A Liberated Man [4:04]
6. The Warrior Scholar [6:07]
7. Like a Hurricane [8:55]
8. The Setup [4:37]
9. Guilty [4:25]
10. The Hole [14:12]
11. Lesra's Letter [5:08]
12. Lazarus and the Hurricane [11:24]
13. New Friends [4:30]
14. Carter's Foot Soldiers [12:58]
15. The Dangerous Truth [9:08]
16. The Private Eye's Secret [5:56]
17. The Last Stand [11:30]
18. Risen From the Dead [2:22]
19. The Judge's Decision [4:23]
20. Epilogue/End Titles [6:19]
Disc #3 -- The Bone Collector
1. Main Titles [3:43]
2. A Living Nightmare [1:17]
3. Taxi to Hell [2:30]
4. Two Shoulders & A Brain [4:18]
5. Amelia [2:40]
6. The Crime Scene [10:54]
7. Rhyme's New Protégé [4:37]
8. To Stop a Killer [13:42]
9. Amelia Goes In [9:59]
10. The Dead Cop's Daughter [4:46]
11. The Next Victim [4:22]
12. Signs of a Slaughter [2:17]
13. A Feast for the Rats [4:00]
14. Shut Down [6:45]
15. The Third Victims [9:40]
16. The Bone Collector [3:48]
17. Death Under the Pier [3:59]
18. The Last Victim [8:27]
19. Reasons to Live [7:16]
20. End Titles [2:32]
Disc #4 -- Mo' Better Blues
1. Main Titles [3:58]
2. Childhood [4:14]
3. The End Result [7:35]
4. At Home [4:05]
5. Practice [6:14]
6. The Numbers [2:15]
7. At the Club [10:58]
8. Giant Owes [3:27]
9. She Wants to Sing [3:10]
10. The Band [9:45]
11. The Dress [15:00]
12. Giant's Trouble [14:32]
13. The Ultimatum [6:41]
14. Comeuppance [12:21]
15. Bleak Times [13:06]
16. New Hope [4:17]
17. Full Circle [2:12]
18. End Titles [5:12]

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