Doctor Who - The Complete Second Series

Doctor Who - The Complete Second Series

4.8 46
Director: Dan Zeff, David Tennant, Euros Lyn, Graeme Harper

Cast: Dan Zeff, David Tennant, Euros Lyn, Graeme Harper


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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is a tough act to follow, but British heartthrob David Tennant does quite nicely, thank you very much, in the 16 episodes of the 2005-6 season. He's not quite as serious as his predecessor, and his youthful exuberance calls to mind some of the earlier, more energetic and flamboyant Doctors of years past. The individual plotlines retain some of the darkness that pervaded Eccleston's season, but there's a bit more playfulness and quirkiness in this group. Billie Piper is back as Rose Tyler, the young department store clerk accompanying the Time Lord on his wide-ranging and frequently dangerous travels. During this season, the Doctor encounters werewolves, catwomen, and other various and sundry alien life forms. In a nod to the show's faithful followers, the scriptwriters bring back fan favorites Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) and her metallic dog, K-9 (voiced by Tom Baker). Another nostalgia-minded touch sees the reinvention of the Cybermen, implacable foes of the Doctor's from way back. In short, this group of episodes offers something for everyone who's ever wished he or she could be aboard the TARDIS with the Doctor and his companions.

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Special Features

Over 4 hours of special features!; David Tennant's video diaries; Billi Piper's video diaries; In-vision commentary; Audio commentary; Deleted scenes; Outtakes; "Children in Need" special

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; The Christmas Invasion - New Earth
2. The Christmas Invasion: The Christmas Invasion [2:43]
3. The Christmas Invasion: Christmas Shopping [6:21]
4. The Christmas Invasion: In a Spin [6:59]
5. The Christmas Invasion: U.N.I.T. [5:05]
6. The Christmas Invasion: Response [3:32]
7. The Christmas Invasion: Harriet's Speech [4:37]
8. The Christmas Invasion: Teleport [8:21]
9. The Christmas Invasion: Captured [4:37]
10. The Christmas Invasion: The Challenge [4:55]
11. The Christmas Invasion: Torchwood [4:12]
12. The Christmas Invasion: What to Wear? [:41]
13. The Christmas Invasion: Credits [:45]
1. New Earth: New Earth [6:00]
2. New Earth: The Hospital [2:43]
3. New Earth: The Face of Boe [6:21]
4. New Earth: Hope, Harmony & Health [6:59]
5. New Earth: The Echo of Life [5:05]
6. New Earth: Intensive Care [3:32]
7. New Earth: Plan B [4:37]
8. New Earth: Revelations [8:21]
9. New Earth: Live a Little [4:37]
10. New Earth: Disinfectant [4:55]
11. New Earth: Time to Die [4:14]
13. New Earth: Credits [:42]
Disc #2 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; Tooth and Claw - School Reunion - The Girl in the Fireplace
1. Tooth and Claw: Tooth and Claw [3:50]
2. Tooth and Claw: Queen Victoria [4:00]
3. Tooth and Claw: The Torchwood Estate [4:35]
4. Tooth and Claw: Flora [2:05]
5. Tooth and Claw: A Tale of Nightmares [5:17]
6. Tooth and Claw: The Transformation [4:52]
7. Tooth and Claw: Something in the Room [5:11]
8. Tooth and Claw: Mistletoe [2:31]
9. Tooth and Claw: A Trap Inside a Trap [3:24]
10. Tooth and Claw: The Observatory [3:17]
11. Tooth and Claw: Steeped in Terror [4:00]
13. Tooth and Claw: Credits [:53]
1. School Reunion: School Reunion [4:50]
2. School Reunion: The Things You Will See [4:34]
3. School Reunion: Sarah Jane Smith [2:49]
4. School Reunion: Asleep at School [3:54]
5. School Reunion: K9 [3:17]
6. School Reunion: The Krillitanes [6:17]
7. School Reunion: So Old [3:48]
8. School Reunion: Early Lunch [3:25]
9. School Reunion: The Skasas Paradigm [3:34]
10. School Reunion: The Oil [4:08]
11. School Reunion: Bad Dog [2:34]
13. School Reunion: Credits [:52]
1. The Girl in the Fireplace: The Girl in the Fireplace [4:50]
2. The Girl in the Fireplace: Reinette [4:34]
3. The Girl in the Fireplace: How You've Grown [2:49]
4. The Girl in the Fireplace: Exploring [3:54]
5. The Girl in the Fireplace: Show Yourself [3:17]
6. The Girl in the Fireplace: Captured [6:17]
7. The Girl in the Fireplace: Explanations [3:48]
8. The Girl in the Fireplace: Time for a Hero [3:25]
9. The Girl in the Fireplace: No Way Back [3:34]
10. The Girl in the Fireplace: The Fireplace [4:08]
11. The Girl in the Fireplace: Why Her? [2:36]
13. The Girl in the Fireplace: Credits [:55]
14. Chapter 14 [:00]
Disc #3 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; Rise of the Cybermen - The Age of Steel - The Idiot's Lantern
1. Rise of the Cybermen: Rise of the Cybermen [4:38]
2. Rise of the Cybermen: London? [4:31]
3. Rise of the Cybermen: Override [3:55]
4. Rise of the Cybermen: Come and Get It [4:02]
5. Rise of the Cybermen: The President [4:34]
6. Rise of the Cybermen: It's Ricky! [3:04]
7. Rise of the Cybermen: Ultimate Upgrade [4:16]
8. Rise of the Cybermen: Visitors [3:44]
9. Rise of the Cybermen: Interrogation [2:53]
10. Rise of the Cybermen: Family Servant [4:04]
11. Rise of the Cybermen: Party Crashers [5:22]
12. Rise of the Cybermen: Credits [:56]
1. The Age of Steel: The Age of Steel [4:59]
2. The Age of Steel: Let's Begin [5:16]
3. The Age of Steel: Betrayal [2:48]
4. The Age of Steel: The Plan [2:26]
5. The Age of Steel: The Tunnels [3:41]
6. The Age of Steel: Mrs Moore [5:41]
7. The Age of Steel: Know Your Enemy [3:45]
8. The Age of Steel: Cyber Controller [2:03]
9. The Age of Steel: They're Alive! [4:54]
10. The Age of Steel: Rescue [2:18]
11. The Age of Steel: Farewells [6:30]
13. The Age of Steel: Credits [:52]
1. The Idiot's Lantern: The Idiot's Lantern [4:26]
2. The Idiot's Lantern: She's Hungry [3:07]
3. The Idiot's Lantern: Cometh the Hour [6:11]
4. The Idiot's Lantern: Gran [2:11]
5. The Idiot's Lantern: Pursuit [2:36]
6. The Idiot's Lantern: Patriotic Duty [6:29]
7. The Idiot's Lantern: Behave Yourself! [3:53]
8. The Idiot's Lantern: Shop! [4:16]
9. The Idiot's Lantern: Feed Me! [2:36]
10. The Idiot's Lantern: Your Majesty! [4:06]
11. The Idiot's Lantern: Facing the Future [3:48]
13. The Idiot's Lantern: Credits [:52]
Disc #4 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; The Impossible Planet - The Satan Pit - Love & Monsters
1. The Impossible Planet: The Impossible Planet [4:47]
2. The Impossible Planet: Impact [2:12]
3. The Impossible Planet: A Black Hole! [7:04]
4. The Impossible Planet: Gone! [2:14]
5. The Impossible Planet: Night Shift [3:28]
6. The Impossible Planet: Toby! [5:17]
7. The Impossible Planet: Basic 30 [4:15]
8. The Impossible Planet: Breach [3:29]
9. The Impossible Planet: The Shaft [3:36]
10. The Impossible Planet: The Cavern [2:34]
11. The Impossible Planet: Discovery [4:54]
13. The Impossible Planet: Credits [:36]
1. The Satan Pit: The Satan Pit [7:03]
2. The Satan Pit: Bring Us Up! [4:43]
3. The Satan Pit: 10 Miles Down [2:40]
4. The Satan Pit: I Go Down [2:11]
5. The Satan Pit: Into the Pit [6:52]
6. The Satan Pit: We're Stuck! [1:42]
7. The Satan Pit: Act of Faith [3:36]
8. The Satan Pit: He's Gone [3:28]
9. The Satan Pit: The Rocket [4:24]
10. The Satan Pit: An Idea [5:26]
11. The Satan Pit: What Happened? [3:34]
13. The Satan Pit: Credits [:53]
1. Love & Monsters: Love & Monsters [4:47]
2. Love & Monsters: Elton [2:12]
3. Love & Monsters: One Day... [7:04]
4. Love & Monsters: Victor Kennedy [2:14]
5. Love & Monsters: Getting Closer [3:28]
6. Love & Monsters: Jackie [5:17]
7. Love & Monsters: Infiltration [4:15]
8. Love & Monsters: You've Failed! [3:29]
9. Love & Monsters: Victor's Secret [3:36]
10. Love & Monsters: Join Us [2:34]
11. Love & Monsters: Happy Ending? [4:54]
13. Love & Monsters: Credits [:42]
Disc #5 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; Fear Her - Army of Ghosts - Doomsday
1. Fear Her: Fear Her [5:02]
2. Fear Her: Not Natural [3:42]
3. Fear Her: Investigating [3:35]
4. Fear Her: Alone [2:51]
5. Fear Her: Chloe's Room [5:57]
6. Fear Her: Let's Find Out! [5:06]
7. Fear Her: Terrible Dreams [1:40]
8. Fear Her: It's Scared! [3:59]
9. Fear Her: New Friends [2:48]
10. Fear Her: Beacon of Love [4:07]
11. Fear Her: Torch Bearer [3:03]
13. Fear Her: Credits [:54]
1. Army of Ghosts: Army of Ghosts [3:51]
2. Army of Ghosts: They're Everywhere! [5:24]
3. Army of Ghosts: The Sphere [3:19]
4. Army of Ghosts: Ghostbusting [4:06]
5. Army of Ghosts: It's Him! [5:38]
6. Army of Ghosts: Welcome to Torchwood [2:48]
7. Army of Ghosts: You're the Enemy [2:06]
8. Army of Ghosts: Canary Wharf [4:48]
9. Army of Ghosts: Captured [4:35]
10. Army of Ghosts: Cybermen! [1:56]
11. Army of Ghosts: Attack [6:54]
13. Army of Ghosts: Credits [:00]
1. Doomsday: Doomsday [3:25]
2. Doomsday: Extraction [5:30]
3. Doomsday: The Genesis Ark [3:19]
4. Doomsday: The Bravest Human [4:06]
5. Doomsday: Quick Call [5:38]
6. Doomsday: Pete & Jackie [2:48]
7. Doomsday: Exterminate/Delete [2:06]
8. Doomsday: The Ark Opens [4:48]
9. Doomsday: Rose Returns [4:35]
10. Doomsday: Breach Closed [1:55]
11. Doomsday: Goodbye [6:54]
13. Doomsday: Credits [:00]
Disc #6 -- Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series; Doctor Who Confidential
1. New New Doctor [12:35]
1. Fear Factor [12:08]
1. Friends Reunited [12:21]
1. Script to Screen [12:36]
1. Cybermen [10:30]
1. From Zero to Hero [10:20]
1. The Writer's Tale [11:07]
1. You've Got the Look [10:35]
1. Myths and Legends [9:12]
1. The New World of Who [11:39]
1. The Fright Stuff [12:25]
1. Welcome To Torchwood [12:43]
1. Finale [10:03]

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Doctor Who - The Complete Second Series 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must admit, I was a little worried about how I would like David Tennant as The Doctor, after I had loved Christopher Eccelston so musch in the first season. However, after a couple of episodes, I really loved what David Tennant did with the role. He is more jovial than his predecessor, but I also think he has an underlying saddness to the way he plays the role that truly makes him endearing. His enthusiasm seems to be a charade to hide his underlying melancholy (not to get too psychoanalytical).Billie Piper, also, continues to improve in this season. I found myself really attached to her character, as well as her mom and boyfriend, Mickey. All are well-played. It's how the characters react to the special effects and storylines that make the episodes compelling. The characters aren't there merely as a means of showing off sci-fi special effects. Which is not to say that the show doesn't have really intriguing,involving storyline, because it does. This season has some of my favorite episodes, such as the two parter in the black hole, the return of Sarah Jane, the return of the cybermen and the lovely two-part season finale that left me as emotional as I have been at a tv show in a long time. The special effects seem to constantly improve, and I love the way the relationship between The Doctor and Rose develops. The show has great tongue-in-cheek humor, yet manages to make its more emotional moments seem genuine without a schizophrenic shift. In short, anyone who likes character driven scf-fi with cool special effects, should certainly check out this season of Dr.Who, and if you were cautious of how you'd like David Tennant, give him a couple of episodes. I think you'll be pleased.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love doctor who. the second series was my favorite. i watched every episode on TV. this is a must have dvd. i only wished i had enough money to buy it.
paladin63 More than 1 year ago
David Tennant os one of the best actors to ever, and that will ever, play the Dr. He makes the series and show enjoyable for even the most virgin viewer to the Dr. Who series. Buy it w/o any reserve - even for just your average sci fi fan and he/she will be happy with you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great series. The visuals, acting and plot are great. For me the Darleks are a bit dated, but there is a history there. All four series are wonderful!
Guest More than 1 year ago
With the new doctor and the return of rose, i have to say the show is even better and entertaining.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of the Doctor Who series for as long as I can remember. My Dad and Uncle got me hooked when I was a child. I am soooo glad they have brought the show back. The story plots and special effects are getting better and better! The balance of dark story and humor with good acting and brightness for future events both in the series and in real life is neat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Who has been entertaining me since the 80's. I've gone through all incarnations of him since the Tom Baker years. David Tennant shows many of the Dr.'s qualities from whimsy to arrogant command in a blink of eye. Though not my favorite incarnation (that honor goes to Christopher Eccleston) season two gave me more complex adult story lines and Tennant's Dr.showed alot more emotional depth and development. Billie Piper as his companion was also excellent. The character grew from a hero worshipper to a true side kick. The underlying sexual tension was also a nice touch and is the first time I'd actually like to see a romantic interest story line for the Dr. I also appreciated that the special effects, although still not cutting edge has moved with the times and yet retained the original sense of fun and fantasy. I'm especially grateful they have kept the Tardis and it's sound effects the same. Also true of the Dalek voices. I reccomend this series to all who will listen.
BookFanNYC More than 1 year ago
The combination of David Tennant and Billie Piper makes this show even more fun than Series 1 (and I liked Chris Eccleston's Doctor a lot). Amazing plots, historical figures (Queen Victoria was a personal favorite), and a killer finale. Definitely the highlight of the four seasons filmed so far.
Richard_Write More than 1 year ago
The new doctor picks up with Rose on their travels and go to the future and past and to different plants and dimensions. Fast paced and entertaining. Exotic aliens and great special effects. A must for Dr. Who fans. And again the music is fantastic. Not to mention the special features; Dr. Who Confidential, David Tennet's Video Diary, behind the scenes, etc.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thing that Doctor Who is one of the most brilliant shows on T.V. It has something for everyone. Some of the episodes- like the episode with Queen Victoria and the warewolf- are not for younger children, but are still outstanding! I would recommend this show to anyone no matter how picky they are regarding their television shows!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Being a Doctor Who fan I had to have the series. I have had to search and wait for it to be on sale because of my budget. I now will enjoy being able to watch and rewatch Dr. Who without commercials and the extras just make it even better
Melodys-Meanderings More than 1 year ago
David Tennant IS the Doctor. He plays the character with great energy, sensitivity, and believability. His companion Rose, played by Billie Piper is along for the ride of her life and keeps the Doctor realizing that there is more to being a Time Lord than saving the earth. The subordinate cast is absolutely excellent too. Each episode is filled with special effects that WOW and great stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The updated "Doctor Who" now has a Tenth incarnation in the form of David Tennant (who first appeared, albeit briefly, in the previous series finale "The Parting of the Ways" after the Ninth Doctor "regenerates" into his newer version). Includes the introductory episode/Christmas special, "The Christmas Invasion," in which the new Doctor must help fight off an imminent alien invasion with the help of his companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Also worth seeing on this set: a former companion from the Doctor's early years makes a reappearance -- Sarah Jane Smith, along with her robotic dog K-9 in the episode "School Reunion". The two part finale "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday" has got to be perhaps the most emotional of all the episodes of the new series to date. Like its predecessor set, this is definitely worth keeping.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This re-envisioned version of Dr Who is a masterpiece. Taking all the best of the original BBC series and adding todays special effects as well as more relevant story arcs, Dr Who is a series with something for everyone. David Tennant plays a likable, brilliant and eccentric Doctor that brings to mind the fourth incarnation played so well by Tom Baker. With the expanded scope of times and places the Doctor and his Companion visit, fans feel as if we have come home again. From satiric to serious to poignant, the new Dr Who is a phoenix risen from the ashes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love David Tennant as "The Doctor"; he is quirky and just crazy enough to be a time lord. Billie Piper makes a great counterpoint as well.
Guest More than 1 year ago
David Tennant was so yummy in the Casanova mini-series on BBC, I was anxious to see him in this role. He brings an edgier take to the show and I'm so glad I watched it. Rose just gets better and better. Gives the good doctor a run for the money.
MeleeMelon More than 1 year ago
Doctor Who is the perfect show for anyone in need of a SciFi fix. But you don't need to be a Star Trek fan to like it. The story line has the classic "universe runs into trouble,guy saves the day", but with unique plot elements and characters that are completely crazy! And how could you go wrong with the gorgeous David tennant :D
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago