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Douglas Fairbanks Collection

Douglas Fairbanks Collection

Director: Albert Parker, Allan Dwan, Donald Crisp, Fred Niblo

Cast: Albert Parker, Allan Dwan, Donald Crisp, Fred Niblo

The Black Pirate was hailed in 1926 as the "return" of the Douglas Fairbanks who'd breezed through several peppy comedies before starring in lavish costume epics like Robin Hood (1922) and Thief of Bagdad (1924). The story involves a young nobleman


The Black Pirate was hailed in 1926 as the "return" of the Douglas Fairbanks who'd breezed through several peppy comedies before starring in lavish costume epics like Robin Hood (1922) and Thief of Bagdad (1924). The story involves a young nobleman (Fairbanks) whose father is killed by pirates. He vows to avenge his dad's death by becoming a buccaneer himself and routing out the villains. Along the way, he rescues damsel-in-distress Billie Dove (likewise of noble birth) and engages in a few bloody duels with the swarthy likes of Sam De Grasse and Anders Randolph. Charlie Stevens, a grandson of American Indian chief Geronimo -- and whom Fairbanks regarded as a "lucky charm" -- appears in several tiny roles. The Black Pirate was originally presented in two-color Technicolor form; the black and white prints are the most-often-seen version of the film, however.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Monica McIntyre
Executed with Douglas Fairbanks's signature bravado and flair, this 1926 swashbuckling classic was the first epic to be shot entirely in Technicolor. The adventure begins when a group of vicious and greedy pirates attack a ship sailing the South Seas. The sole survivor, Fairbanks, washes ashore on a deserted isle and swears revenge. Meeting up with the earringed scallywags again, he bests their captain in a duel and becomes the new leader of the pirates, secretly setting them up for imprisonment. Fairbanks was not only one of the biggest stars of his day; he was a consummate producer and a great stuntman. The film's action sequences are surprisingly graceful, with Fairbanks flying across ship decks like a trapeze artist. In one astounding stunt, he slides down the face of a sail, his knife easing his descent as it slices the canvas in two. The gorgeous period sets and costumes add to this silent gem's exquisite air of make-believe.

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Release Date:
Kino Video

Special Features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Douglas Fairbanks D'Artagnan,Don Cesar de Vega/Zorro,Don Diego Vega/Zorro,Michel, "The Black Pirate",The Earl of Huntingdon/Robin Hood,The Thief of Bagdad
Billie Dove The Princess
Leon Bary Athos
Mary Astor Dolores de Muro
Noah Beery Sgt. Pedro Gonzalez
Snitz Edwards His Evil Associate
Wallace Beery Richard I the Lionheart
Charles Belcher Actor,The Holy Man
Donald Crisp McTavish,Don Sebastian
George Siegmann Porthos
Jack McDonald General de Muro
Julanne Johnston The Princess
Sam de Grasse Prince John,Pirate Lieutenant
Anna May Wong The Mongol Slave
Enid Bennett Maid Marian
Eugene Pallette Aramis
Milton Berle Actor
Tempe Piggott Duenna
Anders Randolf Pirate Leader
Gilbert Clayton Actor
Marguerite de la Motte Constance Bonacieux
Paul Dickey Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Stella de Lanti The Queen
Boyd Irwin De Rocheford
Warner Oland Archduke Paul of Austria
William Lowery The High Sheriff of Nottingham

Technical Credits
Albert Parker Director
Allan Dwan Director
Donald Crisp Director
Fred Niblo Director
Raoul Walsh Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- The Mark of Zorro/ Don Q - Son of Zorrp
1. Opening Titles [6:14]
2. Meeting Don Diego [9:39]
3. Gonzales's Wish Fulfilled [6:48]
4. The Rebel's Lair [10:49]
5. Lolilta's Wish Fulfilled [12:46]
6. Ramon the Romantic [3:54]
7. Comeuppance [14:06]
8. Enter the Oppressor [14:17]
9. The Caballeros' View [7:30]
10. The Liberation [6:34]
11. The Great Chase [8:21]
12. The Truth Be Known [5:56]
1. Opening Titles [11:27]
2. In the Right [5:39]
3. A Garden Spot [10:14]
4. A Night Out [6:50]
5. The Serenade [6:56]
6. The Archduke's Ball [9:08]
7. The Plunge [12:05]
8. Marshalling His Forces [9:08]
9. Resurrection [8:41]
10. A Word With Matsado [9:48]
11. A Hero in Disguise [7:30]
12. De Vega Castle [13:14]
Side #2 -- Robin Hood
1. Opening Titles
2. The Earl of Huntington
3. Afeared of Women
4. The Feast
5. A Maid of Honor
6. The Hour of Departing
7. Mischief and Perfidy
8. A Plea for Help
9. The Penalty
10. Liberation
11. A Legend Is Born
12. Prince John's Treachery
13. Merry Men
14. A Garden Reunion
15. Taking the Town
16. A Mysterious Stranger
17. Storming the Castle
18. Firing Squad
Side #3 -- The Black Pirate
1. Opening Titles [2:41]
2. The Pirate Leader [6:04]
3. Sole Survivors [5:52]
4. Marooned [5:45]
5. "I Would Join Your Company" [4:42]
6. Single-Handed Capture [7:42]
7. Customary Tactics [4:39]
8. A Royal Hostage [8:45]
9. The Ransom Ship [6:18]
10. Lovestruck [4:12]
11. When Night Lowers [3:46]
12. Bid for Freedom [3:38]
13. A Trial for Life [9:25]
14. Comes a Horseman [3:16]
15. The Noonday [4:06]
16. To the Rescue [5:05]
17. Strength in Numbers [2:17]
18. The Princess & the Duke [5:41]
Side #4 -- The Three Musketeers
1. Opening Titles [1:38]
2. The Court of France [11:25]
3. The Queen's Papers [3:26]
4. Making Amends [3:44]
5. Duel at the Inn [2:45]
6. Paris: A Horse for a Hat [4:03]
7. Fate Plays Her Part [4:48]
8. The King's Musketeers [5:47]
9. Behind the Luxembourg [6:57]
10. Before the King [6:46]
11. Constance in Danger [8:00]
12. The Duke's Great Risk [5:19]
13. Musketeers for Dinner [6:44]
14. A Rude Awakening [5:44]
15. D'Artagnan & the Cardinal [5:06]
16. Musketeers Ride Forth [3:26]
17. An Inn Near Calais [5:38]
18. The Palace of the Duke [3:18]
19. After the Jewels [6:20]
20. Evening of the Court Ball [2:59]
21. The Grand Ball Room [3:56]
22. Mission Accomplished [5:57]
23. A Generous Foe [3:12]
24. A New Musketeer [1:44]
Side #5 -- The Thief of Bagdad
1. Opening Titles [1:24]
2. A Street in Bagdad [4:59]
3. The Magie Basket [5:40]
4. Crime and Punishment [5:56]
5. A Mongol Prince [5:29]
6. Invading the Palace [7:55]
7. Fleeing the Palace [5:16]
8. Parade of Suitors [17:00]
9. Wooing the Princess [8:28]
10. The Princess Chooses [14:31]
11. A New Challenge [14:10]
12. The Defile [3:05]
13. Fire, Monsters & Trees [7:11]
14. Forbidden Treasures [9:18]
15. The Mongol's Apple [6:04]
16. A Princess in Distress [1:31]
17. Outcome Undetermined [9:01]
18. The Mongols Attack [4:54]
19. A Thief to the Rescue [6:52]
20. Happiness Earned [8:40]

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