Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Dracula: Dead and Loving It

4.5 20
Director: Mel Brooks

Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Peter MacNichol, Steven Weber


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Mel Brooks does it again with this send-up of vampire films. That Leslie Nielson plays the great blood-sucking count gives viewers a good idea as to what they are in for. This Dracula takes himself very seriously despite the fact that he's a bit of a klutz with a tendency to slip in the bat guano that adorns his castle floor. Staying very close to Bram Stoker's…  See more details below


Mel Brooks does it again with this send-up of vampire films. That Leslie Nielson plays the great blood-sucking count gives viewers a good idea as to what they are in for. This Dracula takes himself very seriously despite the fact that he's a bit of a klutz with a tendency to slip in the bat guano that adorns his castle floor. Staying very close to Bram Stoker's original story, Brooks also pays sly homage to other major vampire film classics, including Nosferatu. Though silly but subtle gags abound in this outing, Brooks has taken great care to recreate the late 19th-century atmosphere in rich detail and harkens back to Hammer horror movies popular during the '50s and '60s.

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It received much scorn at the time of its release, as critics derided the creative bankruptcy they thought it represented in both its star (Leslie Nielsen) and its writer/director (Mel Brooks). Too bad those critics couldn't know how truly bankrupt the parody genre would become in the years to follow. If Dracula: Dead and Loving It can be accused of anything, it's of being sort of limp. Brooks and Nielsen have both been famous for the gag-a-minute pacing of their material, so it's a bit surprising that their first and only collaboration traffics in more a sporadic kind of joke-slinging. In fact, many scenes don't even end on a joke. However, since some jokes work on a basic visual level -- such as Steven Weber's Harker getting repeatedly drenched by blood after staking a corpse -- the decision to concentrate on a relatively small number of them can actually be viewed as a disciplined sort of shrewdness. Unfortunately, comic minimalism is not why most people watch either a Brooks movie or a Nielsen movie, meaning Dead and Loving It should still be filed among the lesser works of both funnymen. At the very least it's fun to see the two legends interacting with each other, especially in the scene where Brooks' Van Helsing and Nielsen's Count Dracula jockey to see who can get in the last word -- which has a funny payoff at the end. Also, Peter MacNicol was a brilliant casting choice to play Renfield. With his excellent ability to twitch and dart his eyes around the room, he was born to play that character. Still, viewers are more likely to remember a bat with Leslie Nielsen's head crashing into a window and going cross-eyed, which is a more representative example of the film's humor level.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Leslie Nielsen Dracula
Peter MacNicol Renfield
Steven Weber Jonathan Harker
Amy Yasbeck Mina
Lysette Anthony Lucy
Harvey Korman Dr. Seward
Clive Revill Sykes
Mel Brooks Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Mark Blankfield Martin
Chuck McCann Innkeeper
Avery Schreiber Peasant Couple in Coach
Cherie Franklin Peasant on Coach
Ezio Greggio Coach Driver
Rudy DeLuca Guard
Tony Griffin Crewman
Casey King Crewman
Zale Kessler Orchestra Leader
Robin Shepard Ballroom Guest
Maud Winchester Ballroom Guest
Gregg Binkley Woodbridge
David DeLuise Intern
Tommy Koenig Intern
Michael Connors Intern
Johnny Cocktails Intern
Stephen Wolfe Smith Intern
Carol Arthur Villager
Henry Kaiser Villager
Ira Miller Villager
Kathleen Kane Villager
Shirley Kirkes Ballroom Dancer
Manette LaChance Ballroom Dancer
Stan Mazin Ballroom Dancer
Jody Peterson Ballroom Dancer
Alton Ruff Ballroom Dancer
Megan Cavanaugh Essie
Leslie S. Sachs Usherette
Vince Grant Intern
Elaine Ballace Ballroom Guest
Audrey Baranishyn Ballroom Dancer
Jeffrey Broadhurst Ballroom Dancer
Megan Cavanagh Essie
Phillip Connery Ship Captain
Lisa Cordray Hat Check Girl
Ric Coy Intern
Kevin Crawford Ballroom Dancer
Jennifer Crystal Nurse
Barbaree Earl Ballroom Guest
Sonje Fortag Villager
John Frayer Ballroom Dancer
Darla Haun Brunette Vampire
Sandy Johnson Ballroom Dancer
Ben Livingston Young Lover at Picnic
Derek Mark Lochran Villager
Cindy Marshall-Day Young Lover at Picnic
Tricia McFarlin-Mattson Ballroom Dancer
Anne McVey Ballroom Dancer
Grinnell Morris Intern
Delores Nemiro Ballroom Dancer
Maura Nielsen Ballroom Guest
Thea Nielsen Ballroom Guest
Jim Peace Ballroom Dancer
Matthew Porretta Handsome Lieutenant at Ball
Dennon Rawles Ballroom Dancer
Nick Rempel Crewman
Karen Roe Blond Vampire
Sandra Rovetta Ballroom Dancer
Blane Savage Ballroom Dancer
David Savoy Speciality Dancer
Sharon Savoy Speciality Dancer
Loraine Shields Villager
Ted Sprague Ballroom Dancer
Richard Alan Stewart Intern
Jude Van Wormer Ballroom Dancer
Alan Walls Ballroom Dancer

Technical Credits
Mel Brooks Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Peter Albiez Special Effects
Larz Anderson Special Effects
Bruce Barbour Stunts
Robert Latham Brown Associate Producer,Production Manager
Lindsay Chag Casting
Terry P. Chapman Special Effects
Lauren Cory Set Decoration/Design
Rudy DeLuca Original Story,Screenwriter
Brad Dechter Musical Arrangement
Gregg Goldstone Asst. Director
Steve Haberman Original Story,Screenwriter
Steve Harborman Screenwriter
Bruce Hill Art Director
Dream Quest Images Special Effects
Barbara Ann Jaeckel Set Decoration/Design
Allen Johnson Choreography
Alan Johnson Choreography
Elliot Koretz Sound Editor
Conrad Krumm Special Effects
Norman Langley Camera Operator
Hummie Mann Score Composer
David Marquette Musical Direction/Supervision
Colin C. Mouat Sound Editor
Michael D. O'Shea Cinematographer
Joseph G. Pacelli Set Decoration/Design
Jan Pascale Set Decoration/Design
Robert A. Phillips Special Effects
John Phillips Sound Editor
Lambert Powell Special Effects
Richard Ratliff Special Effects
Hal Sanders Sound Editor
Gary Schaedler Special Effects
Peter Schindler Executive Producer
Carol Schwartz Makeup
Robert Scott Asst. Director
Mike Shea Special Effects Supervisor
Dodie Shepard Costumes/Costume Designer
Kenneth J. Silverstein Asst. Director
Doyle Smiley Special Effects
Steven H. Smith Camera Operator
Roy Forge Smith Production Designer
R.L. Tolbert Stunts
Paul Vigil Special Effects
Mike Washlake Stunts
Adom Weiss Cinematographer
Adam Weiss Editor
Darrell Woodard Asst. Director
Leah Zappy Associate Producer

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