Dream House

Dream House

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Director: Jim Sheridan

Cast: Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz


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A successful New York writer (Daniel Craig) discovers that the country holds just as much menace as the big city after moving his family to a cozy New England town and discovering that their gorgeous new home was once the site of a brutal murder. The closer the writer and his wife (Rachel Weisz) get to their


A successful New York writer (Daniel Craig) discovers that the country holds just as much menace as the big city after moving his family to a cozy New England town and discovering that their gorgeous new home was once the site of a brutal murder. The closer the writer and his wife (Rachel Weisz) get to their new neighbor (Naomi Watts), the more that details begin to emerge about the slaying of a devoted mother and her two children. Jim Sheridan (In America, Brothers) directs a script by David Loucka (The Dream Team, Problem Child).

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It's hard to review a thriller with a twist ending, since presumably you don't want to give away the twist. But it might be harder to review a movie like Dream House, where there are multiple twists that arrive long before the climactic finale is in view -- and while there are still plenty of mysteries left to solve. Dream House turns the tables on you a few times, too late in the game to be part of the premise, but too early to be part of the ending. While those twists and turns are not altogether unpredictable, their placement within the film is definitely refreshing, especially compared to cookie-cutter fare, where the big, artsy surprise happens when there are ten minutes left in the film and you've probably been waiting for it for a half hour. It's also a nice change of pace to see a thriller based around compelling characters, who give us an emotional stake in their struggles. The premise of the story is that high-powered New York book editor Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) has finally decided to quit his big-city job and move to a rural, small-town house with his wife Libby (Rachel Weisz) and their two little girls, to spend time writing his novel and bonding with his family. But, of course, Will's picturesque life turns dark at the edges when creepy stories begin to emerge about the gruesome things that happened at the house before they moved in. It's impossible to discuss the movie further without potential spoilers, but I'll put it to you this way: If you think you've got a hunch what the halfway-point twist might be, your gut is probably right. Which is to say, this isn't a thriller for viewers who live for shocking surprises, it's for viewers who like to watch things play out. If your modus operandi is to never, ever see what's coming, this is not the film for you. But if you like the idea of good performers acting out a narrative that's one part suspense, one part drama, then you won't be disappointed. Bolstering the film's overall effect is the fact that it's got real heart. You never doubt the depth of the connection between Craig and Weisz, or even the honesty of supporting actors like Naomi Watts. And while we can only speculate about why the spark between them feels so vivid, you can't really discount the knowledge that Weisz and Craig apparently fell in love while making this movie, since they got married shortly after filming. This may be an unusual element to factor in when it comes to a film's quality, but I'll take it. Their connection onscreen makes their story feel important, so that whether or not we know what's in store for the characters after the next twist, we care about seeing them through it.

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Burning down the house; Building the Dream House; The dream cast; A look inside

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Daniel Craig Will Atenton
Naomi Watts Ann Paterson
Rachel Weisz Libby Atenton
Elias Koteas Boyce
Marton Csokas Jack Patterson
Taylor Geare Trish
Claire Astin Geare Dee Dee
Rachel Fox Chloe Patterson
Jane Alexander Dr. Greeley
Brian Murray Dr. Medlin
Bernadette Quigley Heather Keeler
Sarah Gadon Cindi
Gregory Smith Artie
Mark Wilson Capt. Conklin
David Huband Officer Nelson
Martin Roach Tommy
Jean Yoon New Editor
Lynne Griffin Sadie
Jonathan Potts Tony Ferguson
Marlee Otto Young Author
Niguel Henry Author's Assistant/Guard 1
Bryon Mumford Author's Assistant/Guard 2
Joe Pingue Martin
Ryan Blakely Harkness Client
Karen Glave Harkness Receptionist
David Fox Building Inspector

Technical Credits
Jim Sheridan Director
Neishaw Ali Executive Producer
Ashanti Songwriter
Daniel Bobker Producer
Bruce Carwardine Sound Mixer
Robin Cook Casting
John Debney Score Composer
Caleb Deschanel Cinematographer
Mike Drake Executive Producer
Elinor Rose Galbraith Art Director
Walter Gasparovic Asst. Director
Dave Jordan Musical Direction/Supervision
Avy Kaufman Casting
Ehren Kruger Producer
David Loucka Screenwriter
Michael Madden Set Decoration/Design
Aleks Marinkovich Set Decoration/Design
Rick Nicita Executive Producer
James G. Robinson Producer
David Robinson Producer
Glen Scantlebury Editor
Carol Spier Production Designer
Olcun Tan Executive Producer
Thomas Tannenberger Executive Producer
Neil Trifunovich Special Effects Supervisor
Barbara Tulliver Editor
Delphine White Costumes/Costume Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Dream House
1. Chapter 1 [4:23]
2. Chapter 2 [4:58]
3. Chapter 3 [4:55]
4. Chapter 4 [5:59]
5. Chapter 5 [3:49]
6. Chapter 6 [4:03]
7. Chapter 7 [4:32]
8. Chapter 8 [2:29]
9. Chapter 9 [3:06]
10. Chapter 10 [2:50]
11. Chapter 11 [1:58]
12. Chapter 12 [5:03]
13. Chapter 13 [7:43]
14. Chapter 14 [5:50]
15. Chapter 15 [3:31]
16. Chapter 16 [2:16]
17. Chapter 17 [4:45]
18. Chapter 18 [5:00]
19. Chapter 19 [4:08]
20. Chapter 20 [4:14]


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Dream House 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Papalicious More than 1 year ago
just watched this movie and i find this a suspense one! Mind bugling! Whos's the murderer? you betta what this out!