Epic Movie

Epic Movie

2.6 11
Director: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer

Cast: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, Kal Penn, Adam Campbell


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Scary Movie screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer join forces to parody the "biggest" movies ever to hit the silver screen in this comedy that gives such popular box-office hits as Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Narnia: TheSee more details below


Scary Movie screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer join forces to parody the "biggest" movies ever to hit the silver screen in this comedy that gives such popular box-office hits as Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe the same treatment that Scary Movie gave to the slasher subgenre. A virtual smorgasbord of spoof, Epic Movie tells the tale of four fully grown orphans: one the victim of snakes that attacked her plane, another raised by a kindly Louvre curator, the third a Mexican "libre" wrestling refuge, and the last an average mutant from an "X"-community. When the curious quartet visits a sprawling chocolate factory, they stumble across a magical wardrobe which transports them to the enchanted land of Gnarnia. It seems that the wondrous fantasy land has recently fallen under the spell of the evil White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge), and in order to bring peace back to Gnarnia these four bumbling mortals will have to join forces with a charismatic pirate, a painfully sincere group of aspiring wizards, and one particularly libidinous lion.

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Product Details

Release Date:
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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Audio commentary by writers/directors Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer; Breaking Wind: An Epic Into the Sounds of an Epic Movie - audio commentary of burps, farts and beaver lines; How Gratuitous - chase the beaver icon to find more eye-popping features; Everyone Loves Beaver: Epic Hook-Ups Featurette; Making the Video: Lazy Pirate Day featurette; Outtakes; Alternate ending; Epic Porn: What Would Your Porno Movie Be Called? featurette; What Makes Aslo So Irresistible? featurette; Hot or Not: Character Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs featurette; Fox Movie Channel presents Making a Spoof and In Character with Fred Fred Willard; Die Libre: winning short film from the Epic Movie Viral Video Contest

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kal Penn Edward
Adam Campbell Peter
Jennifer Coolidge White Bitch
Jayma Mays Lucy
Faune Chambers Susan
Crispin Glover Willy
Tony Cox Bink
Héctor Jimenez Mr. Tummus
Darrell Hammond Captain Jack Swallows
Carmen Electra Mystique
Fred Willard Aslo
David Carradine Museum Curator
Kevin McDonald Harry Potter
Jim Piddock Magneto
George Alvarez Ron
Crista Flanagan Hermoine
Dana Seltzer Flight Attendant
Dane Farwell Dumbledore
Tad Hilgenbrinck Cyclops
Jim Piccock Magneto
Groovy Wolverine
Kahshanna Evans Storm
Lindsey Kraft Rogue
Jareb Dauplaise Nacho Libre
Ricco Rodriguez Chanchito
Danny Jacobs Borat,Pirate With Eye Patch
David Lehre Ashton Kutcher Look-Alike
James Salker Samuel Jackson Look-Alike
Cordele Taylor Kanye West Look-Alike
Alla Petrou Paris Hilton Look-Alike
Gregory Jbara Mel Gibson Look-Alike
Jill Latiano Singing Pirate Girl
Abe Spigner Flavor Flav Look-Alike
Shawn McDonald P. Diddy Faun
Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad
Katt Williams Harry Beaver
Nick Steele Lead Archer
Brennan Thomas Woodsman
Eagles of Death Metal Aslo's Camp Band
David J. Catching Band Member
Jesse Hughes Band Member
Brian O'Connor Band Member
Gene Trautmann Band Member
Kenny Yates Pirate With Heart
Daniel Joseph Pirate
Taran Killam Pirate
Jeremy Rowley Pirate
Qiana Chase Pirate Wench
Jillian Grace Pirate Wench
Masha Lund Pirate Wench
Pollyanna Salas-Uruena Pirate Wench
Sara Jean Underwood Pirate Wench
Olivia Hardt Cribs Faun
Zee James Cribs Faun
Ginney Jones Cribs Faun
Britten Kelley Cribs Faun
Arielle Vandenberg Cribs Faun
Heather Storm Aslo's Girl
Irina Voronina Jogging Girl
Audra Lynn Wardrobe Girl
Darko Belgrade James Bond
Brooklyn Freed Bond Girl
Michelle Misty Lang Bond Girl
Sabi Dorr Blacksmith
David Whatley Monk
Mike Grief Prison Guard
Mary Castro Breast Bite Woman
Ron LéRoy Nose Bite Guy
Thomas Van Tassel Crotch Bite Guy
Lichelle D. Ebner Morphed Mystique
Paul Zies Thug
Roscoe Lee Browne Narrator
Ronald Lee Clark Oompa Loompa
Joe Gieb Oompa Loompa
Arturo Gil Oompa Loompa
Ricardo Gil Oompa Loompa
Michael Lee Gogin Oompa Loompa
Joseph S. Griffo Oompa Loompa
Pancho Moler Oompa Loompa
Mike Murga Oompa Loompa
Mark Povinelli Oompa Loompa
Jon Simanton Oompa Loompa
David Steinberg Oompa Loompa
David J. Steinberg Oompa Loompa
John Tamaki Oompa Loompa
Kevin Thompson Oompa Loompa
Tyce Diorio Willy Dance Double
Richard Steeio Vazquez Curator Dance Double
Megan Hiratzka Dancing Pirate Girl
Samantha Lee Dancing Pirate Girl
Philip "Spee-D" Albuquerque Breakdancing Pirate
Jaime "Venum" Burgos Breakdancing Pirate
Oren "Flea Rock" Michaeli Breakdancing Pirate
Frankie DeMiranda Dancing Soldiers
Chadd Smith Dancing Soldiers
Anwar "Fliistylz" Burton Michael Jackson Look-Alike

Technical Credits
Jason Friedberg Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Aaron Seltzer Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Wade Allen Stunts
Robert Alonzo Stunts
Joni Avery Stunts
Lubomir Bakchev Cinematographer
Sala Baker Stunts
Helena Barrett Stunts
Joey Box Stunts
Trav W. Cadwell Stunts
Arnold Chon Stunts
Niki Cook Production Manager
Clay Cullen Stunts
Mike Curtis Animator
Brian Duffy Stunts
David M. Dunlap Cinematographer
Andy Dylan Stunts
Crystal M. Dyson Stunts
Jared Eddo Stunts
William Elliott Production Designer
Cheyenne Ellis Stunts
Jonathan Eusebio Stunts
Patrick Flanagan Animator
Chris Fogel Sound Mixer
Sandra Gimpel Stunts
David Guzman Stunts
Maguerite Happy Stunts
Amanda Harding Casting
Frank Helmer Costumes/Costume Designer
Casey Hendershot Stunts
Austin Hiser Animator
Michael Hugghins Stunts
Dave Jordan Musical Direction/Supervision
Gary Kasper Stunts
Dennis Keiffer Stunts
Martin Klebba Stunts
Silvina Knight Makeup
Amanda Koblin Casting
Mark La Bonge Camera Operator
Luke LaFontaine Stunts
Rodney Liber Executive Producer
Dan Lombardo Executive Producer
Daniel Lomino Art Director
Anthony T. Lukins Costumes/Costume Designer
Michelle Matt Costumes/Costume Designer
David Mattey Stunts
Shawn Maurer Cinematographer
Cliff McLaughlin Stunts
Arnon Milchan Executive Producer
David M. Morizot Stunts
Michael J. Morreale Executive Producer
Brad Moylan Animator
Marty Murray Stunts
Brian Oerly Stunts
Hal Olofsson Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Jen Sung Outerbridge Stunts
Heather L. Patton Costumes/Costume Designer
Paul Sanchez Camera Operator
Peck Prior Editor
Summer Ramsey Costumes/Costume Designer
Tanoai Reed Stunts
Matthew Rugetti Stunts
Paul Schiff Producer
Scott L. Schwartz Stunts
Edward Shearmur Score Composer
Russell Solberg Stunts
Pat Thompson Producer
Jonathan Valera Stunts
Jojo Villanueva Musical Direction/Supervision
Stacy Walker Choreography
John Warnke Set Decoration/Design
Ryan Watson Stunts
Chrissy Weathersby Stunts
Raliegh Wilson Stunts
Scott Workman Stunts
David Wyman Sound Mixer
Kofi Yiadom Stunts
Tricia Yoo Costumes/Costume Designer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Epic Movie
1. Four Orphans/Lucy
2. Edward
3. Susan
4. Peter
5. Willy's Place
6. Hiding
7. The World of Gnarnia
8. The Faun's Lair
9. WMD
10. The White Bitch
11. Heroes
12. Punked
13. Doing What's Best
14. Let the Training Begin
15. Saved by Captain Jack
16. Pirate Ship
17. Half Man, Half Lion
18. Face-Off
19. Tonight We Party
20. Shape Changing
21. No Mercy
22. Freeze-Frame
23. All Hail
24. End Titles

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