3.3 114
Director: Stefen Fangmeier

Cast: Michael A. Mehlmann, Ed Speleers, Tamás Deák


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Industrial Light and Magic special-effects wizard Stefen Fangmeier makes the leap into the director's chair with this coming-of-age fantasy concerning a young boy whose discovery of a mysterious dragon egg leads him on a predestined journey to become a Dragon Rider and defend his peaceful world against an evil king. Based on the…  See more details below


Industrial Light and Magic special-effects wizard Stefen Fangmeier makes the leap into the director's chair with this coming-of-age fantasy concerning a young boy whose discovery of a mysterious dragon egg leads him on a predestined journey to become a Dragon Rider and defend his peaceful world against an evil king. Based on the best-selling novel by Christopher Paolini, Eragon tells the tale of the titular character (Ed Speleers), a humble farm boy living in the land of Alagaësia, whose life is forever changed when he discovers that he has been chosen to fight the most powerful enemy his world has ever known. Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Djimon Hounsou co-star in a film produced by Davis Entertainment and adapted from the novel by screenwriters Peter Buchman, Larry Konner, and Mark Rosenthal.

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20th Century Fox
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[Wide Screen, Color]
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Director's Commentary with Stefen Fangmeier

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael A. Mehlmann Villager #1
Ed Speleers Eragon
Tamás Deák Villager #2
Jeremy Irons Brom
Matt Devere Tall Soldier
Sienna Guillory Arya
Robert Carlyle Durza
Mate Haumann Sergeant
Andrea Fazekas Horst's Wife
Djimon Hounsou Aihad
Caroline Chikezie Nasuada
Garrett Hedlund Murtagh
Agnes Banfalvy Varden Woman
Pál Makrai Varden Guard
Rachel Weisz Saphira
John Malkovich King Galbatorix
Spencer Wilding Razac #1
Alun Armstrong Uncle Garrow
Gábor Tobágyi Razac #2
Maggie Baird Voice Only
Chris Egan Roran
John Gidcomb Voice Only
Gary Lewis Hrothgar
Richard B. Rifkin Horst
Julian Barnes Voice Only
Steven Speirs Sloan
Melissa Bickerton Voice Only
Neil Dickson Voice Only
Sean Mahon Voice Only
Neil Richardson Voice Only
Joss Stone Actor
Peter Lavin Voice Only
Randall Montgomery Voice Only
Anthony Armatrading Voice Only
Kenneth Danziger Voice Only
Jean Gilpin Voice Only
Kevin Owers Voice Only
Ian Ruskin Voice Only
Mark Sussman Voice Only
Paula Jane Newman Voice Only
Mark Silverman Voice Only
Deanne Mercer Dennis Voice Only
Peter Dennis Voice Only
Martin Jarvis Voice Only
Warren Press Voice Only
Alan Shearman Voice Only
Diz White Voice Only
James Shearman Conductor

Technical Credits
Stefen Fangmeier Director
Ismail Acar Animator
Charles Alleneck Animator
Steve Aplin Animator
Christine Arboit Animator
Virginie Arnaud Stunts
Alvise Avati Animator
Michael Bain Animator
Elisara Baker Stunts
Attila Balogh Stunts
Menyhért Dutombé Balogh Stunts
James Bamford Stunts
Alexander Baranov Stunts
Kym Barrett Costumes/Costume Designer
Roger Barton Co-producer,Editor
Petr Barvik Stunts
Loyd Bateman Stunts
Jamie Beard Animator
Chad Bellamy Stunts
Troy Bellinghausen Stunts
James Bennett Animator
Ferenc Berecz Stunts
Tomas Berka Art Director
Shweta Bhatnagar Animator
Graham Binding Animator
Samati Boonchitsitsak Animator
Fernando Borges-Pacheco Animator
Sándor Boros Stunts
Andy Bradshaw Stunts
Eric Bryson Stunts
Peter Buchman Screenwriter
Matt Bullock Animator
Zoltán Burger Stunts
Alex Burt Animator
Julian Butler Animator
Kevin R. Buxbaum Associate Producer
Viktor Cervenka Stunts
Kimberly Chiang Stunts
Chris Symes Executive Producer
Geovanny Corvera Stunts
Michael Cozens Animator
David Crone Camera Operator
David Cronnelly Stunts
Krisztián Czirjak Stunts
Zoltán Dankó Stunts
John Davis Producer
Richard Dexter Animator
Michael Diner Art Director
Patrick Doyle Score Composer
Richard Drown Stunts
Gábor Duck Stunts
Gord Dunick Animator
Zdenek Dvoracek Stunts
William J. Earl Animator
James Embree Stunts
Oliver Exmundo Animator
Balazs Farkas Stunts
Atilla Fasi Stunts
Gerd Feuchter Special Effects Supervisor
Cameron David Folds Animator
Tonia Forsberg Stunts
Ben Forster Animator
Koichi Funayama Stunts
Vladimir Furdik Stunts
Eric Gambini Animator
Bela Gerner Stunts
Critter Gitters Stunts
Christian Gneissl Stunts
Peter Godden Animator
Wyck Godfrey Producer
Adam Goodman Co-producer
Mary Guilfoyle Production Manager
Jean-Denis Haas Animator
Winham Hammond Stunts
Joe Han Animator
Jonathan Hely-Hutchinson Art Director
Masahiro Hirakubo Editor
John Homer Animator
Richard Hopkins Animator
Gergö Horpácsi Stunts
Lou Horvarth Stunts
Gus Hunter Art Director
Roman Jankovic Stunts
Kirk Jaques Stunts
Paul Jenness Animator
Jens Schwarz Animator
Flemming Jetmar Stunts
Priscilla John Casting
Hugh Johnson Cinematographer
Trevor Jones Stunts
Marchand Jooste Animator
Bogyó Kajtár Makeup
Maia Kayser Animator
Stuart Kearns Art Director
Shawn Kelly Animator
Peter Kelly Animator
Kimo Keoke Stunts
John King Art Director
Roland Kollárszky Stunts
Lawrence Konner Screenwriter
László Kósa Stunts
Miklós Kovács Stunts
Norbert Kovács Stunts
József Kovalik Stunts
Makota Koyama Animator
Lisa Kramer Animator
Wolf Kroeger Production Designer
Ágnes Krucho Stunts
Stano Kutik Stunts
Gary Laurie Animator
Tibor Lazar Art Director
Chris Lebenzon Editor
Michael Leonard Animator
Miroslav Lhotka Stunts
Dezso Libor Stunts
Angelica Lisk Stunts
Ruth-Anne Loveridge Animator
Marco Di Lucca Animator
Marc Mailley Stunts
Mindy Marin Casting
Kevin Martel Animator
Branislav Martinak Stunts
László Medriczky Stunts
Andrea Merlo Animator
Simon Millanta Animator
Christopher Mitchell Animator
Kaori Miyazawa Animator
Mike Möller Stunts
Zoltan Molnar Stunts
James Moore Animator
Atilla Mora Stunts
Giedrius Nagys Stunts
Miroslav Navratil Stunts
Gil Netter Executive Producer
Christopher Newman Asst. Director
Thai Nguyen Animator
Steve Nichols Animator
Wolfgang Niedermeier Animator
Ferenc Novinecz Stunts
Alex Nowotny Animator
Peter Olgyay Stunts
Jane Oshita Stunts
Michael Pangrazio Art Director
Zoltan Papp Stunts
Domonkos Pardanyi Stunts
Ninon Parent Stunts
Gábor Pesta Stunts
Tomás Peterá Stunts
Rezsö Piroch Stunts
Jakub Pistecky Animator
Niklas Preston Animator
Ales Putikk Stunts
Dusan Puvy Stunts
Mário Rapak Stunts
Ramahan Raulk Animator
Katherine Rayner Makeup
Stephen Remstedt Animator
Jay Rennie Animator
Marco Revelant Animator
Matthew Riordan Animator
Lásló Roman Stunts
Stuart Rose Art Director
Mark Rosenthal Screenwriter
Mac Ruth Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Sarkis Animator
Kenji Sato Stunts
Tibor Sauerwein Stunts
Chad Sayn Stunts
Ákos Schenek Stunts
Dave Sidley Animator
Gershom Sissing Animator
Adam Slater Animator
Stanimir Stamatov Stunts
Stefan Stankowski Camera Operator
Justin Steel Animator
Albrecht Steinmetz Animator
Nils Allen Stewart Stunts
Sylvestra Stuart Stunts
Peter Syomka Animator
Gaspar Szabo Stunts
György Szántó Stunts
Zoltan "Cerna" Székely Stunts
Istvan Szigeti Stunts
Eric Tang Animator
Peter Taylor Camera Operator
Geoff Tobin Animator
Barnabas Toth Stunts
Miklós Tóth Production Manager
Greg Towner Animator
Denis Trutanic Animator
Chi Chung Tse Animator
Martin Uhrovcik Stunts
Lásló Újvári Stunts
György Ulrik Stunts
Raycho Vasiliev Stunts
Jan Vosmik Stunts
Rudolf Vrba Stunts
Des Whelan Camera Operator
James Wheless Animator
Raliegh Wilson Stunts
Nick Wollage Sound Mixer
Andy Wong Animator
John Zdankiewicz Animator

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Eragon
1. Main Titles/The King's Stone [:27]
2. Eragon [5:50]
3. Roran Leaves Home [:13]
4. Hatched [2:23]
5. Death Order [5:01]
6. Dragons and Dragon Riders [1:17]
7. Life in Danger [1:59]
8. Chosen [2:16]
9. The Journey Begins [1:51]
10. Fortune Teller [1:54]
11. Instinct [2:38]
12. Finally Flying [4:50]
13. A Fellow Rider [4:56]
14. Girl of His Dreams [:03]
15. Saving Arya [4:35]
16. Dying With Honor [:25]
17. Murtagh [3:17]
18. The Varden [1:47]
19. Preparing for Battle [2:12]
20. Together As One [3:13]
21. To Win or Die [:19]
22. Losing Strength [1:15]
23. A Living Legend [2:45]
24. End Titles [1:42]


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Eragon 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 114 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It may not be anything like the book but the purpose is to entertain us and this movie did its job. It is in fact a great movie to watch! I can not wait until its out so i can buy this movie!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My 8 yo loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must say that if you have never read the series, this is very enjoyable. The acting is good as well as the special effects. As a fan of the series though, I was expecting a lot out of this movie, and I was a bit disappointed. They got the majority of the plot points but left out crucial ones that would have to know if they were to make the next movies and others they failed to elaborate (Angela's scenes and the prophecy). Plus, Galbatorix, frequently shown in the movie was not even described to us until the last half of the fourth book. They left out Elva, who helps drive the series in book 2 to the end, and they got the location and death of Brom wrong while forgetting to introduce to us a main character: Orik and another important character Jeod.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FallOutBoySucksForever More than 1 year ago
this movie is amazing and i wish they made the rest of the books into movies because i seriously enjoyed this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SMeyerSucks4Life More than 1 year ago
this movie diffrs from the book but i love how they made it they should have made eldest and the other two books into movies as well
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the worst waste of film ever created! It completely tarnished the original story because it changed the plot of the book, resulting in an absolute horrific abomination that will stain the reputation of the film industry forever. The script was very poorly edited and did not stick to the book's plot. The overall film was way too short and did not give the audience a prolonged sense of excitement that an average film would give. Also, John Malkovich did not give the best impression of being Galbatorix, who was considered to be the greatest evil in the whole series while the guy who played Durza gave a more convincing evil demeanor. The acting was also terrible despite the fact that the film had an all-star cast. They should completely redo the movie so that they get it right next time, but Mr. Paolini does not lift a finger to make the movie as it should have been. I would highly recommend the books, but not this movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just like most fans of the book...I was angry at how different the movie was than the book. To hammer home the point...a lot of sub-plots were either changed or deleted altogether. To a point, the similarities between the book and movie are a boy named Eragon and a dragon named Saphira. However, if you can detatch yourself from the book and watch the movie for the movie it is pretty cool. Movies rarely - if ever - live up to their book, why should this one be different? If you want to "see" the book, then re-read it...I have - many times - and still enjoy it...but don't blame the movie. The movie is not the book and the book is not the movie. My final stand = good movie, better book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mendra More than 1 year ago
The acting was terrible, the plot was stupid, an they totally changed everything that was in the book. Well, except that there was a boy who rescues a dragon. Plus, Saphira looks somewhat like a giant blue chicken. The book, however, is amazing. So just forget the movie, read the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was an action packed movie.The special effects were outstanding!The ghost dragon and the ghost man was a great ideal!Thats my opinion of the movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe the absurdity of the reviews I see for many books-made-into-movies. Obviously, the director cannot make the movie exactly like the book that is why we read the book and see the movie. The movie is a good representation of the director's thoughts and views of the book. Hopefully, in the future, people will acquire an understanding of this and not criticize the movie because it does not follow the book to the letter. As for the movie itself, I believe it was amazing. The special effects were tremendous and the storyline was not at all terrible.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just about walked out of this movie in the theater!!! The only thing similar to the book is the fact that there is a dragon and a boy who rescues her. The plot is laughable and the acting is worse!!! Read the book and use your imagination and you will have a better movie than this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was nothing like the book what so ever and it had terrible acting in it
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think the Director did a great job with the movie, and the special effects were outstanding. However the movie was very rushed and it skipped alot of important info from the book. But I did enjoy the movie, I know when this movie comes out on DVD I am so going to buy it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read both the first books of the Trilogy and I have to say, the movie was HIGHLY disappointing. The storyline does not really follow the book, Sapphira was made to grow up MUCH too fast in the movies. Many important details which explain the entire story were left out and the flow of the plot is halted many times and not very convincing or conclusive. Very disappointed. Would never buy it much less watch it again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read Eragon when it came out several years ago, and loved it. I read its sequel Eldest when it came out, and have enjoyed it as well. So needless to say when it was announced that Eragon was being made into a motion picture, I was excited. Further more as you can imagine I was one of those crazy people anxiously waiting for the film to hit theaters and saw it opening night. Now as I have read Eragon and Eldest several times (and am eagerly looking forward to reading the final installment) the movie was a let down. It was rushed in some places, acting was rather stiff (such a shame with amazing actors such as Dijmon Hounsou, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Rachel Weisz.), and the important sub plots that would allow the film to branch out into the Eldest movie were dropped completely (Ronan's love for Katrina and Sloan's disaproval). But alas through all the goofs I went to see the movie a second time with my younger sister, who had not read the book, and with her youthful excitement and ignorance to the novel's sub plot drops, and skewered plotline, I found myself enjoying the fantasy of Eragon and his cliche uttering dragon, Saphira. I went as far as seeing the movie a total of four times in theaters, each time with a different friend or family member, and each time I found myself continually enjoying the new story line, and actually had to reread the book, so I ould COMPLETELY seperate the movie from the book. The movie, I must admit, is very addicting even though it suffers from cardboard acting, an odd script, a rushed plot, and plot drops, that I owuld go as far as comparing it to the two Harry Potter movies that started it all, Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. Because of you remember they were poorly acted, had weird script lines, seemed at times rushed, and there were severe changes and plot drops, and yet people loved them! Harry Potter movies 1 & 2 are my least favorite, compared to the following two movies, but are rather additcing as I find myself wanting to watch them over and over again when ever I can. Eragon is the same way. Give this movie a chance and you'll find that it will be somewhat worth the time. If you feel the urge to only rent the movie, do so, but for the ignorant movie watchers, enjoy the movie, read the book, then watch the movie again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As you think that a book that becomes a movie is great like the Harry Potter movies or the Lord of the Rings movies that this movie wouldge great,but turn out not be the best movie,but if you like this movie then make your own choice.I do have to say that the movie has great special effects and it has o.k. acting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the commercials alone, I thought it was going to be horrible, and I was still surprised at how bad it was. The plot was totally stripped and changed in completely superflous ways. One of the worst movies I have ever seen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would have to say I was very disappointed with the movie. That fact that it rushed through and skipped some of the most important parts was horrible. The worse thing was some of those parts were supposed to set up something for the next book. Like Eragon getting the wound on the back and Murtagh apparently being dead. However, ERagon is Eragon and as a die hard fan of the book I would still get the movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have never read the book, Eragon was just barely an OK movie. The special effects were impressive, but the acting was very wooden and two dimensional. If you have read the book, this movie will be a huge disappointment. The plot had very little to do with the book, other than a boy finds a dragon that hatches. Many things about the plot were changed - they even changed the reason that Galbatorix has his black dragon within the first five minutes of the movie, and there was no reason to change that. I can understand leaving some things out of a movie from the book, because movies would be five hours long if everything was included, but that does not excuse rampant altering of the storyline. Do yourself a favor and just read the book instead of wasting your money on the movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
great fighting sequences great action great storyline great everything the chick who plays the arwen like charecter is one very hawt chick she is indeed destined for that role same with irons as brom and speelers as eragon