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Essential Classics - American Musicals
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Essential Classics - American Musicals

3.1 9
Director: Morton Da Costa, Stanley Donen, Vincente Minnelli

Cast: Howard Keel


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
One of Hollywood's best movie musicals, the enchanting Vincente Minnelli hit Meet Me in St. Louis sits alongside The Wizard of Oz as one of the greatest Judy Garland films. Made and released in 1944, this tasty slice of Americana tells the story of a well-to-do midwestern family in 1903, secure and happy in their home yet unnerved by the prospect of imminent changes. Garland plays the oldest daughter of screen parents Mary Astor and Leon Ames, with Tom Drake supplying romantic interest and little Margaret O'Brien stealing scenes left and right as the precocious younger daughter. In the best tradition of Hollywood musicals, Minnelli eschews realism entirely; his St. Louis is an art director's dream, spotlessly clean and brightly colored. The same can be said for Garland's home and the costumes worn by her and her family. If early-20th-century American life was in the least bit inconvenient, you'd never know it from this film. But that hardly matters: Minnelli's St. Louis is a wonderful place to inhabit, if only for two hours. And those songs! Tunesmiths Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin wrote "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for the movie, and the score also includes such standards as "The Boy Next Door" and "The Trolley Song." Finally, there's Garland herself: Radiant in Technicolor, young but already a seasoned pro, she is at her very best, long before illness and emotional disturbances sapped her vitality and diminished her beauty. Meet Me in St. Louis long ago took its rightful place among the pantheon of movie musicals, but its equally noteworthy for presenting a legendary star at the peak of her abilities.
Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Two discs for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Fans of Stanley Donen's rowdy, lusty MGM musical will kick up their boots for this truly special edition. It contains not only a close approximation of the original CinemaScope version but also the rarely seen full-screen version that MGM insisted Donen make simultaneously, so it could be shown in theaters that lacked the then-revolutionary widescreen equipment. Howard Keel stars as Adam, an Oregon mountain man in the market for a bride. Jane Powell is Milly, who accepts the proposal, only to find herself playing cook and maid to Adam and his six boisterous, brawling brothers. She attempts to civilize her new husband and her lovelorn brothers-in-law, all of whom want wives of their own. Adam proposes a more direct approach than "goin' co'tin" -- kidnap the prospective brides! According to Donen's commentary and an entertaining documentary about the making of the film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was budgeted as a B-movie by MGM, forcing Donen to film on sound stages rather than on location. But it endures as one of the last great MGM musicals, and one of the most beloved. The high-spirited performances are infectious, especially during the classic barn-raising extravaganza, and the Saul Chapin-Gene de Paul score, while it did not produce any hits, remains a delight, with such tunes as "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" and the haunting "Lonesome Polecat." A decided improvement over previous pan-and-scan versions, this features-laden set is the one to have and to hold, from this day forward.

Product Details

Release Date:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Howard Keel Adam Pontabee
Judy Garland Esther Smith
Robert Preston Harold Hill
Jeff Richards Benjamin Pontabee
Margaret O'Brien "Tootie" Smith
Shirley Jones Marian Paroo
Buddy Hackett Marcellus Washburn
Mary Astor Mrs. Anne Smith
Russ Tamblyn Gideon Pontabee
Lucille Bremer Rose Smith
Pert Kelton Mrs. Paroo
Tommy Rall Frank Pontabee
Marc Platt Daniel Pontabee
Ronny Howard Winthrop Paroo
Tom Drake John Truett
Hermione Gingold Eulalie MacKechnie Shinn
Jane Powell Milly Pontabee
Marjorie Main Katie the Maid
Paul Ford Mayor Shinn

Technical Credits
Morton Da Costa Director
Stanley Donen Director
Vincente Minnelli Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Music Man
1. Main Title [2:34]
2. "Rock Island" [3:22]
3. "Cowell's Tirade." [1:45]
4. "Iowa Stubborn." [3:55]
5. Meeting Marcellus [2:13]
6. Mrs. Shinn [3:03]
7. "Ya Got Trouble" [4:18]
8. First Impressions [1:51]
9. "Piano Lesson" [1:58]
10. Winthrop's Home [1:49]
11. "Goodnight, My Someone." [3:45]
12. July 4th Exercises [4:34]
13. "Seventy-Six Trombones." [7:38]
14. His Credentials [3:38]
15. "Sincere." [3:22]
16. Pass/Pitch/Play [3:17]
17. Say Yes Mrs. Shinn [2:10]
18. "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little"/"Goodnight, Ladies." [2:51]
19. "The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl." [2:58]
20. "Marian the Librarian." [7:42]
21. Two Solicitations [4:14]
22. "Gary, Indiana." [4:20]
23. "Being in Love." [4:46]
24. "Indecent" Plans [1:20]
25. "Wells Fargo Wagon" [4:48]
26. Dance/Band Practice [3:32]
27. The Candy Kitchen [5:10]
28. "Lida Rose"/"Will I Ever Tell You"? [5:30]
29. "Gary, Indiana" Reprise [2:14]
30. Two to Tango [4:17]
31. "Lida Rose:" Reprise [:58]
32. Rumor Exchange [4:18]
33. Think System [2:01]
34. "Shipoopi." [6:41]
35. Grecian Urns [1:02]
36. Footbridge Podium [1:36]
37. "Till There Was You." [3:42]
38. Who's Selling Whom? [2:25]
39. "It's You;" Gunning for Hill [2:51]
40. "Seventy-Six Trombones" and "Goodnight, My Someone" Reprises [2:45]
41. Caught in the Door [4:11]
42. Stand up for Hill [2:47]
43. The Band [2:35]
44. Parade ("Seventy-Six Trombones" Reprise) [2:14]
45. The Cast [1:55]
Disc #2 -- Meet Me in St. Louis
1. Credits [1:42]
2. Meet Me in St. Louis [3:08]
3. Men on Their Minds [3:47]
4. The Boy Next Door [3:25]
5. On the Ice Wagon [3:29]
6. Hot and Bothered [2:49]
7. Leisurely Dinner [4:15]
8. Warren Calling [4:14]
9. Too Much Bloom [2:16]
10. Skip to My Lou [3:00]
11. I Was Drunk Last Night [1:28]
12. Under the Bamboo Tree [2:33]
13. Turning the Lights Out [4:49]
14. Over the Bannister [2:44]
15. The Trolley Song [4:56]
16. Halloween Night [3:21]
17. Most Horrible [6:02]
18. Who Hit Tootie? [4:36]
19. Laughable Truth [2:28]
20. Apology Accepted [2:30]
21. Papa's Annoucement [4:40]
22. Wrecking Everybody's Life [3:09]
23. You and I [3:34]
24. Elegant But Breathless [5:02]
25. Date Crisis [4:06]
26. Changing Partners [6:29]
27. A Way to Be Together [2:56]
28. How Will Santa Know? [1:30]
29. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [2:47]
30. Tears in the Snow [2:40]
31. The Nicest Present [4:16]
32. Right Here at the Fair [3:54]
Disc #3 -- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1. Credits [1:41]
2. Wife Shopping [2:21]
3. Bless Yore Beautiful Hide [2:30]
4. Determined to Marry [4:36]
5. Echo Pass Elation [2:01]
6. Wonderful Wonderful Day [3:20]
7. Brothers From a to G [3:58]
8. Slopping the Hogs [2:25]
9. Milly's Terms [2:21]
10. When You're in Lobe [3:21]
11. Brothers Bare All [3:09]
12. Trouble in Town [1:52]
13. Goin' Co'tin [5:04]
14. Mannerly Me [2:11]
15. Barnraising Dance [6:34]
16. Barnraising Brawl [5:24]
17. Wounded [1:22]
18. Lonesome Polecat [2:47]
19. Sobbin' Women [5:17]
20. Creative Kidnapping [4:20]
21. Pursuit and Avalanche [2:56]
22. Can't Abide [3:46]
23. Poor Little Dears [3:51]
24. Cat Fight [3:14]
25. June Bride [2:33]
26. Spring, Spring, Spring [4:04]
27. Brotherly Baby Watch [2:37]
28. Open Pass, Open Heart [3:30]
29. Search and Rescue [3:20]
30. Shotgun Weddings [3:13]
31. Cast List [1:10]

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