Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty

4.2 12
Director: Tom Shadyac

Cast: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham


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40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell reprises his role as preening newscaster Evan Baxter in this heavenly sequel to the 2003 Jim Carrey comedy hit. Shortly after television anchorman-turned-U.S. congressman Evan Baxter (Carell) relocates his family from Buffalo to Northern Virginia, God (See more details below


40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell reprises his role as preening newscaster Evan Baxter in this heavenly sequel to the 2003 Jim Carrey comedy hit. Shortly after television anchorman-turned-U.S. congressman Evan Baxter (Carell) relocates his family from Buffalo to Northern Virginia, God (Morgan Freeman) reveals to him that a devastating flood is coming and the planet is about to be cleansed once again. Later, when Baxter accepts the responsibility of building a great ark and his rapidly changing physical appearance begins to draw media attention, his skeptical family attempts to discern if his actions are driven by delusion or divine intervention. John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill, and Molly Shannon co-star in a divine comedy of truly epic proportions.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
The family comedy Evan Almighty has plenty going for it. Unfortunately, you probably won't notice its finer points if you're engulfed in crippling disappointment over everything the film is not. Will you be one of the sad and disgusted masses, or will you be free of the heavy, burdensome chains of bitterness brought about by dashed expectations? With a few simple questions, you can find out for yourself. It all comes down to what exactly made you want to watch this movie in the first place. One possibility is A) you saw Bruce Almighty, which was mostly an excuse to let Jim Carrey work his comedic schtick, and you figured the sequel would likewise serve as a showcase for star Steve Carell's own brand of comedic stylings. Another less likely possibility is B) You thought the idea of a cute, fantasy-driven, just-barely-non-denominational religious story with simplified messages about showing kindness and protecting the environment sounded like a fine time. If choice A) describes your motivation to see Evan Almighty, you're in trouble. There's almost no smart, witty, or sarcastic humor in this movie; most of the jokes are based on people falling over or getting pooped on. Carell is capable of feats of hilarity far greater than this, which is why it's so tragic. Additionally, the film also features appearances by Jonah Hill, Molly Shannon, Ed Helms, and Wanda Sykes -- fantastically gifted comedians, none of whom get the chance to be one tenth as funny as we know they can be. That's partly because they're not given good jokes, let alone the chance to improv, but it's also because this movie just isn't meant to be a belly-laughing comedy. The humor in Evan Almighty takes a back seat to the story itself, a "what if" about a man discovering faith and figuring out his priorities. Unfortunately, the depth of that story doesn't exactly resemble flood waters, so it can come off as hokey and dumb. That wouldn't be such a problem for most viewers if the film delivered the irony and wit that adults need to accept a sappy story that reduces the most destructive act of the Old Testament God to mainstream family fare. But the thing is, the movie is still really sweet, and as side-steppingly uncomplicated as the moral is, it's still a good one -- especially for tweens and young kids, who won't have a problem laughing at the poop and pratfalls.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Deleted scenes; Outtakes; Animals on Set Two by Two; Animal Roundup Game; Steve Carell Unscripted; The Ark-itects of Noah's Ark

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Steve Carell Evan Baxter
Morgan Freeman God
Lauren Graham Joan Baxter
Johnny Simmons Dylan Baxter
Graham Phillips Jordan Baxter
Jimmy Bennett Ryan Baxter
John Goodman Congressman Long
Wanda Sykes Rita
John Michael Higgins Marty
Jonah Hill Eugene Tenanbaum
Molly Shannon Eve Adams
Ed Helms Ed Carson
Rachael Harris Actor
Larry Dorf Officer McKenzie

Technical Credits
Tom Shadyac Director,Producer
Deborah Aquila Casting
Ian Baker Cinematographer
Gary Barber Producer
Odin Benitez Sound/Sound Designer
Roger Birnbaum Producer
Michael Bostick Producer
Joel Cohen Original Story
Linda de Scenna Production Designer
John Debney Score Composer
Bobby Florsheim Screenwriter
Jose Antonio Garcia Sound/Sound Designer
Gary Goetzman Executive Producer
Tom Hanks Executive Producer
Ilona Herzberg Executive Producer
Scott Hill Editor
Matt Luber Executive Producer
Ori Marmur Co-producer
Neal H. Moritz Producer
Jim Nedza Art Director
Kathy Nelson Musical Direction/Supervision
Steve Oedekerk Original Story,Screenwriter
Amanda Morgan Palmer Co-producer
Morgan Palmer Co-producer
Dave Phillips Executive Producer
Judy Ruskin-Howell Costumes/Costume Designer
Jennifer Smith Casting
Alec Sokolow Original Story
Josh Stolberg Screenwriter
Jonathan Watson Asst. Director,Co-producer
Janet L. Wattles Associate Producer
Jason Wilson Associate Producer
Tricia Wood Casting

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Evan Almighty [WS]
1. Change the World! (Main Titles) [3:35]
2. A New Home [6:25]
3. Cosponsoring a Bill [3:57]
4. Genesis 6:14 [4:22]
5. Committee Meeting [4:38]
6. Lucky Day [6:25]
7. The Chosen One [4:12]
8. Ark Building for Dummies [4:33]
9. Construction Project [3:49]
10. Running With the Pack [2:55]
11. Ask and You Shall Receive [5:11]
12. Back to Work [6:03]
13. It's Because of Him [6:04]
14. Together Again [4:59]
15. Cutting Corners [3:41]
16. The Flood Is Imminent [5:02]
17. Get on the Ark [4:53]
18. A Little Help [2:54]
19. Capitol Hill [4:47]
20. Thou Shalt Do the Dance (End Titles) [7:00]

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