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Director: David Espar, Gail Willumsen, Joel Olicker, Kate Churchill

Cast: David Espar, Gail Willumsen, Joel Olicker, Kate Churchill


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The seven-part PBS series Evolution comes to DVD in this box set from WGBH Boston Video. Presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital soundtrack, the package includes all seven parts: "Darwin's Dangerous Idea, "Great Transformations, "Extinction!, "The Evolutionary Arms Race, "Why Sex?, "The Mind's Big


The seven-part PBS series Evolution comes to DVD in this box set from WGBH Boston Video. Presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital soundtrack, the package includes all seven parts: "Darwin's Dangerous Idea, "Great Transformations, "Extinction!, "The Evolutionary Arms Race, "Why Sex?, "The Mind's Big Bang, and "What About God?" Narrated by Liam Neeson, each of the four discs contain a link to the Evolution website, promos for additional products of interest from PBS, optional closed captions, and a catalog request. Each disc is available individually, but this is a choice way to get them all.

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Evolution offers a groundbreaking and definitive view of the extraordinary impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with Darwin's revolutionary theory, this seven-part series explores all facets of evolution -- the changes that spawned the tree of life; the power of sex; how evolution continues to affect us every day; and the perceived conflict between science and religion. Includes "Darwin's Dangerous Idea," "Great Transformations," "Extinction!," "The Evolutionary Arms Race," "Why Sex?," "The Mind's Big Bang," and "What About God?"

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Special Features

Access to the "Evolution" website, including interactive games, activities, and biographies; a comprehensive evolution library, with video and audio segments, interviews, images, source documents, web links, and additional resources; an online teacher course and student lessons; a printable teacher's guide; and an evolution glossary and frequently asked questions.; Closed captions

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Darwin's Dangerous Idea
0. Chapters
1. Prologue [5:11]
2. Common Ancestry [14:47]
3. Ecuador and the Tree of Life [12:55]
4. Natural Selection [9:04]
5. Mutation and HIV [12:59]
6. Complexity [6:35]
7. How the Eye Evolved [10:48]
8. God [11:31]
9. A Scientist Discusses Religion [4:53]
10. The Human Question [14:31]
11. Tree of Life [8:38]
12. Epilogue [4:34]
Side #2 -- Great Transformations/Extinction!
0. Great Transformations: Chapters
1. Prologue [2:56]
2. The Evolution of Whales [13:44]
3. From Water to Land [10:27]
4. The First Animals [5:27]
5. The Mechanism of Change [14:32]
6. The Transformation of Humans [9:26]
0. Extinction!: Chapters
1. Prologue [2:44]
2. The Mother of All Extinctions [9:10]
3. The Dinosaurs Win Out [6:04]
4. KT-Extinction, Triumph of Mammals [3:46]
5. Thailand and the Empty Forest [13:19]
6. Hawaii and Biological Invasion [9:17]
7. Planet of Weeds [6:39]
8. Return to Thailand [5:31]
Side #3 -- The Evolutionary Arms Race/Why Sex?
0. The Evolutionary Arms Race: Chapters
1. Prologue [2:23]
2. Newts, Snakes and Co-Evolution [7:33]
3. Microscopic Predators [3:02]
4. The Tuberculosis Epidemic [13:57]
5. Domesticating Germs [5:24]
6. Survival of the Wild Cats [6:52]
7. Symbiosis and Leafcutter Ants [10:11]
8. Good Germs [7:08]
0. Why Sex?: Chapters
1. Prologue [2:40]
2. Lesbian Lizards [5:04]
3. The Advantage of Sex [9:46]
4. The Peacock's Tail [8:28]
5. Songbirds and Monogamy [5:36]
6. Chimpanzees and Bonobos [8:13]
7. Sex and Human Behavior [16:44]
Side #4 -- The Mind's Big Bang/What About God?
0. The Mind's Big Bang: Chapters
1. Prologue [3:10]
2. Stone Age Tools [7:45]
3. The World's First Beads [7:16]
4. Neanderthals and Humans [7:07]
5. Modern Humans and Art [2:49]
6. Components of the Human Mind [7:32]
7. Language [11:41]
8. Cultural Evolution [9:12]
0. What About God?: Chapters
1. Prologue [2:01]
2. Biblical Literalism [6:38]
3. The Students at Wheaton [13:57]
4. Wheaton's Conflict [13:15]
5. Trouble at Lafayette High [16:12]
6. Return to Wheaton [4:29]

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Evolution 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent overview of evolution. What sets it apart are the diverse topics addressed. The dramatic reenactments of Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands and at home were very well done. There is plenty here so one can return to it repeatedly without tiring of it. Some may disagree but I thought the episode about religion vs. evolution was handled perfectly. While it's thorough and clear about which side has all the evidence, I don't think the documentary goes so far that it would offend or turn off most religious viewers who are negative towards evolution. While they might not go away convinced, I can't imagine them becoming so upset they would turn away in horror or anything like that. Those who have a problem with evolution should make the effort to watch this, if only to think a little more deeply about the subject. I highly recommend this work.
JAChristine More than 1 year ago
For as long as I can remember, I've been deeply fascinated by all aspects of science and nature. In fact, I recently returned to college after a 20-year absence to complete my BS degree AND entered graduate school for this coming fall. I first saw the mini-series "Evolution" on PBS several years ago. It was an excellent presentation on our current level of knowledge about how life appeared on Earth, and properly addressed the doubts and uncertainties that many people in the US still seem to have about it. The program starts off with a "docudrama"-style presentation of what Charles Darwin went through as he came to see that evolution explained the diversity of animals and plants better than any other concepts in his time. It even shows some of the personal events in Darwin's life, demonstrating that he was a flesh-and-blood human being and not some "demon" or "freak" as some creationists may want to believe. It's vital for all people, regardless of their position on evolution, to see Charles Darwin as the person he truly was in life. The later episodes of "Evolution" detail different aspects of the process of evolution by natural selection, not only in a basic sense but also how the evolutionary process affects our everyday lives. (The development of resistance in microbes to medicines is a particularly vital example for today). The series even directly addresses the supposed "conflict" between evolution and religion. On one hand, it introduces the audience to a Catholic scientist who supports the concept of evolution by writing and talking in public about it. On the other hand, one also sees a creationist's efforts to misrepresent the known facts of how life on Earth came to be. It's a tribute to the producers of "Evolution" that they chose to put a multiple-episode program together. It would be all too easy to try fitting a less-thorough program on just one broadcast (and later just a single DVD). The concept of evolution is not just a "theory" as many folks still think, but even recently has been demonstrated as a process that you can literally see happening within your own lifetime. You just have to open your eyes and your mind, and know where to look. This DVD set is the ideal starting point for everyone who truly wants to understand what evolution IS and IS NOT. Closed minds need not apply here, but probably should make a sincere attempt anyway. I highly and unconditionally recommend the DVD set of "Evolution" to everyone and anyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago