Faerie Tale Theatre Collection
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Faerie Tale Theatre Collection

Director: Emile Ardolino, Eric Idle, Francis Ford Coppola, Gilbert Cates

Cast: Emile Ardolino, Eric Idle, Francis Ford Coppola, Gilbert Cates


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
In 1982, when cable TV was in its infancy, actress-turned-producer Shelley Duvall did something wonderful. She gathered a formidable roster of A-list talent, past, present, and future, to bring some of the world's most beloved fairy tales to life. Inspired casting coups include: Herve Villechaize as Rumpelstiltskin; Mick Jagger as the Emperor in "The Nightingale"; Paul Rubens (a.k.a. Pee-wee Herman) as Pinocchio; Susan Sarandon as the Beauty to Klaus Kinki's Beast; Alan Arkin and Art Carney, tailor-made for the con men in "The Emperor's New Clothes"; and Vincent Price as the voice of the Magic Mirror in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." As with the equally impressive Rabbit Ears animated productions, Faerie Tale Theatre treated its source material, and the audience, with great respect. But FTT was much more playful in its adaptations, allowing some smart and sly humor to tickle any adults in the room. In the series-opening "Tale of the Frog Prince," for example, princess Teri Garr remarks that frog Robin Williams is quite a "horny toad." The multi-award-winning FTT also showcased up-and-coming talent. A pre-Beetle Juice Tim Burton, for example, directs the fantastic "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp," starring James Earl Jones as the Genie. Shot on video, each episode in this anthology series was lavishly mounted. Granted, there have been tremendous strides in special effects in the ensuing years, but FTT is all about story. For families who have long since worn out their VHS copies, the DVD release of FTT is a wish come true, and a chance for this benchmark series to enchant a new generation. You will watch happily ever after.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Beverly D'Angelo Henbane
Dana Hill Actor
David Hemmings Actor
Dennis Christopher Jack
Ed Begley Actor
Elizabeth McGovern Snow White
Ellen Barkin Actor
Eve Arden Stepmother
Gregory Hines Actor
Hoyt Axton Ranger
James Coburn Actor
Jeff Bridges Actor
Karen Black Actor
Keram Malicki-Sanchez Actor
Lesley Collier Actor
Mako Actor
Malcolm McDowell Wolf
Ned Beatty Actor
René Auberjonois Actor
Rick Schroder Hansel
Stephen Barber Actor
Stephen Elliott Beauty's Father
Timothy Dalton Actor
Tom Conti Actor
Valerie Bertinelli Princess Sabrina
Alex Karras Papa Bear
Ben Vereen Actor
Billy Crystal Actor
Bridgette Andersen Gretel
Bud Cort Actor
Candy Clark Actor
Carol Kane Good Fairy
Carrie Fisher Thumbelina
Christopher Lee Actor
Elliott Gould Giant
Howard Hesseman Actor
Jane Darling Actor
Jennifer Beals Cinderella
John Gielgud Actor
Lauren Hutton Actor
Mark Blankfield Actor,Narrator
Mary Steenburgen Little Red Riding Hood
Pam Dawber Actor
Paul Reubens Actor
Robert Carradine Aladdin
Shelley Duvall Actor
Susan Sarandon Beauty
Tim Kazurinsky Actor
Tony Van Bridge Actor
Vincent Price The Magic Mirror,Actor
Alan Arkin Actor
Barbara Hershey Actor
Brandis Kemp Mama Bear
Brian Dennehy Actor
Diane Ladd Helen
Eric Idle Actor
Gena Rowlands Actor
George Kirby Actor
Herve Villechaize Actor
Howie Mandel Actor
Hunter Carson Actor
Jeff Goldblum Actor
Jim Dole Actor
Joan Collins Actor
Katherine Helmond Fairty
Klaus Kinski Beast
Lainie Kazan Actor
Linda Manz Actor
Matthew Broderick Prince Henry
Pat McCormick Actor
Peter MacNicol Actor
Ray Sharkey grand vizier
Sally Kellerman Queen Natasha
Teri Garr Actor
Vanessa Redgrave Evil Queen
William Katt Flower King
Anjelica Huston Marguerite
Art Carney Actor
Bernadette Peters Sleeping Beauty
Brock Peters Actor
Burgess Meredith Mr. Mole
Carl Reiner Actor
Carole King Goldilocks' Mother
Darrell Larson Chris
Edie McClurg Stepsister Bertha
Helen Mirren Actor
Jean Stapleton Giantess,Fairy Godmother
Leonard Nimoy Wicked Magician
Liza Minnelli Actor
Mary Woronov Actor
Melissa Gilbert Actor
Mick Jagger Actor
Paul Dooley Actor
Rex Smith The Prince
Robin Williams Actor
Roy Dotrice Actor
Tim Conway Actor
Valerie Perrine Actor
Alfre Woodard Actor
Beatrice Straight Actor
Christopher Reeve Prince Charming
Dick Shawn Actor
Don Novello Actor
Edward James Olmos Actor
Fred Jones Actor
Jack Fletcher Actor
James Earl Jones Genie
John Lithgow Goldilocks' Father
John Pielmeier Mr. Fieldmouse
John Vernon Walter
Judith Blegen Actor
Lance Kerwin Actor
Michael Preston The Huntsman
Nancy Lenehan Georgette
Talia Shire Actor
Treat Williams Actor

Technical Credits
Emile Ardolino Director
Eric Idle Director
Francis Ford Coppola Director
Gilbert Cates Director
Graeme Clifford Director
Ivan Passer Director
James Frawley Director
Jeremy Kagan Director
Lamont Johnson Director
Mark Cullingham Director
Michael Lindsay-Hogg Director
Nicholas Meyer Director
Peter Medak Director
Robert Iscove Director
Roger Vadim Director
Tim Burton Director
Tony Bill Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 1 - Side 1
1. Birth of Prince Henry [16:50]
2. Princess Meets Frog [9:28]
3. Dinner With the King [19:44]
4. The Kiss [8:29]
1. Bride to Be [13:33]
2. Spin the Gold [8:24]
3. First Born Child [7:27]
4. The Secret Name Revealed [10:04]
1. Witches Spell [12:42]
2. Pay for Your Crime [18:30]
3. Prince Henry Discovers Rapunzel [13:43]
4. The Blinded Prince in Search for Love [5:46]
1. The Magic Root [14:12]
2. The Singing Bird [15:35]
3. The Imperial Mimic [4:31]
4. Saving the Emperor [19:25]
Side #2 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 1 - Side 2
1. Start of the Tale [16:50]
2. To the Castle [9:28]
3. Tricked By the Witch [19:44]
4. Prince Charming to the Rescue [8:29]
1. Jack and His Mom [13:33]
2. Climbing the Beanstalk [8:24]
3. Escape [7:27]
4. Taking the Harp [10:04]
1. Mary's Visit [12:42]
2. Escaping the Wolf [18:30]
3. To Grandmother's House [13:43]
4. In Disguise [5:46]
1. Hard Times [14:12]
2. Finding Home [15:35]
3. The Candy House [4:31]
4. Into the Oven [19:25]
Side #3 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 2 - Side 1
1. Spring Is Here [16:50]
2. In the Bear's House [9:28]
3. Hiding Place Discovered [19:44]
4. New Friends [8:29]
1. A Real Princess [13:33]
2. Choosing the Perfect Woman [8:24]
3. The Queen's Test [7:27]
4. A Real Princess or Not [10:04]
1. Brought to Life [12:42]
2. In the Real World [18:30]
3. Becoming a Donkey [13:43]
4. Pinocchio's Reward [5:46]
1. Wishing for a Child [14:12]
2. Find Home [15:35]
3. Helping a New Friend [4:31]
4. Marriage and Reunion [19:25]
Side #4 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 2 - Side 2
1. The Young Queen [16:50]
2. Surprise Visitor [9:28]
3. Gift of Ribbons [19:44]
4. Saving Snow White [8:29]
1. The White Rose [13:33]
2. Dining With the Beast [8:24]
3. Letting Beauty Go [7:27]
4. "The Beast No More" [10:04]
1. Giving Martin a Scare [12:42]
2. Into the Castle [18:30]
3. Alone Once Again [13:43]
4. Defeating the Curse [5:46]
1. Leaving Home [14:12]
2. Who Needs a House [15:35]
3. Huff and Puff [4:31]
4. Defeating the Wolf [19:25]
Side #5 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 3 - Side 1
1. Best Friends [16:50]
2. The Snow Queen's Journey [9:28]
3. Searching For [19:44]
4. Blue No More [8:29]
1. Who's the Piper? [13:33]
2. The Council Meets [8:24]
3. The Piper Works His Magic [7:27]
4. Gathering of Children [10:04]
1. Treated Like a Slave [12:42]
2. The Fairy Godmother [18:30]
3. Arriving at the Ball [13:43]
4. The Glass Slipper [5:46]
1. Master and His Cat [14:12]
2. Puss Visits the King [15:35]
3. Puss Needs the King's Help [4:31]
4. The Ogre Meets His Match [19:25]
Side #6 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 3 - Side 2
1. A Love of Clothes [16:50]
2. One Man Army [9:28]
3. The New Tailors [19:44]
4. Behold...The New Clothes [8:29]
1. Long Lost Uncle? [13:33]
2. Unleashing the Genie [8:24]
3. Aladdin and the Princess [7:27]
4. A New Master [10:04]
1. Preparing for the Throne [12:42]
2. Having Fun for Once [18:30]
3. The Great Laugh Off [13:43]
4. The Simple Truth [5:46]
1. Van Winkle's Farm [14:12]
2. Off to Hunt [15:35]
3. The Long Sleep [4:31]
4. Awake in a Different World [19:25]
Side #7 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 4 - Side 1
1. A Father's Advice [16:50]
2. Saved [9:28]
3. Deal With the Witch [19:44]
4. Spirit of Protection [8:29]
Side #8 -- Faerie Tale Theatre: Disc 4 - Side 2
1. Bill for Shoes [16:50]
2. Into the Palace [9:28]
3. The Invisible Cloak [19:44]
4. A Perfect Couple [8:29]

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