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Farscape: Season 2

Farscape: Season 2

5.0 4
Director: Andrew J. Prowse, Catherine Millar, Ian Watson, Rockne S. O'Bannon

Cast: Andrew J. Prowse, Catherine Millar, Ian Watson, Rockne S. O'Bannon

This boxed set from ADV contains the entire second season of the Sci-Fi channel series Farscape. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer. English soundtracks are available in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo. Includes three featurettes: "Aliens Encountered," "Weapons and Ships," and "Alien Races." Other special features include


This boxed set from ADV contains the entire second season of the Sci-Fi channel series Farscape. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer. English soundtracks are available in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo. Includes three featurettes: "Aliens Encountered," "Weapons and Ships," and "Alien Races." Other special features include biographies, character backgrounds, and a Farscape dictionary.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Clearly the brightest jewel in the Sci-Fi Channel's original-programming crown, Farscape continues to expand its genre's boundaries with provocative, consistently engrossing episodes -- among them the complete run of second-season episodes collected here. Viewers will be reintroduced to John Crichton (Ben Browder), the erstwhile astronaut catapulted into a galaxy many light-years distant from Earth and taken aboard the living starship Moya, whose passengers are fugitives from oppressive totalitarians known as "Peacekeepers." In "Mind the Baby," Moya surrenders her newborn "offspring" to Crais, a devious Peacekeeper, in a bid to navigate uncharted reaches of the galaxy without being molested. Successive episodes "Vitas Mortis," "Taking the Stone," and "Crackers Don't Matter" show Moya and the fugitives continuing their odyssey -- which, not surprisingly, becomes increasingly dangerous. In "The Way We Weren't," evidence of the murder of a previous Moya is found. In "Picture If You Will," a dynamic photograph puts the crew behind the magic 8-ball. "Home on the Remains" finds the crew hungry and seeking not only food but a cure for Zhaan (Virginia Hey), who begins sprouting toxic buds. In "Dream a Little Dream," Zhaan reveals a bit of Moya history to Crichton. In "Out of Their Minds," the crews' minds are thrown into each other's bodies. "My Three Crichtons" finds a research vessel spitting out Crichton carbon copies. The collection concludes with the three-part "Look at the Princess," in which Crichton's life in endangered when he agrees to marry the DNA-poisoned Princess Katralla. In "Beware of Dog," a hostile beast on Moya attacks and poisons D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe). In "Won't Get Fooled Again," Crichton relives the launch of his Farscape One, but instead of entering a wormhole, he wakes up in a hospital on Earth. "The Locket" finds Aeryn (Claudia Black) mysteriously aging. Finally, "The Ugly Truth" follows Moya's crew as they board the Talyn to discuss disarming the young gunship. "A Clockwork Nebari," a brainwashed Aeryn and Rygel return from a Commerce Planet with a surprise for Chiana. An entire disc is taken up by the all-consuming three-parter, "Liars, Guns and Money." And in the pivotal season finale, "Die Me, Dichotomy," Crichton goes to a medical expert to have Scorpius' brain implant removed, but it takes over his body. (Good luck hanging from that cliff until Season Three.) Farscape boasts production values and special effects that are more impressive than you'll find in some feature films, but it's the superior scripting and fully defined characters that really distinguish this series from the space operas of yore. Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon deserves most of the credit for keeping Farscape on track, and the fruits of his labors are here in the form of four particularly memorable episodes.

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Release Date:
Section 23
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[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Deleted scenes; Audio commentaries; The Farscape dictionary - Understand what the frell they're saying!; Actor biographies; Main character back stories - Know what makes the lead characters tick!; Alien encounteres - Learning the guest characters on each show!; Weapons and ships - Know your marauders from your prowlers!; Alien races - Scarrans, Sebaceans, Luxans, oh my!; 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Surround audio puts you in the middle of the action!

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Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Am I Dead? [3:06]
2. Searching for Her Offspring [10:30]
3. Deliver Crichton to Me [12:43]
4. Talyn, You Don't Have to Run [7:37]
5. Fire Upon BOTH Leviathans! [8:43]
6. People Can Change [3:17]
1. I'm Dying [5:05]
2. I Knew You Had Strength [14:19]
3. You've Given Me Life! [8:03]
4. You Bonded with Moya's Energy [7:48]
5. I Came Here to End This [7:23]
6. The Normal Lifespan of a Leviathan [3:17]
Side #2 --
1. Got a Microt? [5:04]
2. This Entire Planet's Covered in Graves [11:38]
3. Fear...It Overwhelms [10:48]
4. I Want to Jump [8:38]
5. There's Radiation in the Rocks [5:53]
6. Let's Get Out of This Dead Place [3:55]
1. His Name is Traltixx [3:56]
2. People Are Starting to Act a Little Strange [11:15]
3. The Light Triggers Distrust [10:55]
4. I Need More Light [7:06]
5. Crackers Don't Matter [9:21]
6. All the King's Horses... [3:22]
Side #3 --
1. She Killed a Pilot! [4:00]
2. Anyone Can Be Replaced [9:01]
3. We Were Lovers [9:02]
4. She Was Tortured into It [7:50]
5. What Secret Project [12:56]
6. You Deserve to Be Bonded with Moya [3:05]
1. Don't Go Empty Handed [5:18]
2. I Want You to Get Rid of That [11:53]
3. It's Stronger Than All of Us [8:21]
4. It's Not Just a Painting [10:26]
5. This Joker Feeds on Fear [6:38]
6. The Fat Lady Is Singing [3:18]
Side #4 --
1. I Must Have Food, or I'll Die [3:40]
2. You Have to Pay for It [11:42]
3. She's Willing to Share the Wealth [8:15]
4. Moya's Worsening [7:43]
5. The Creature Attacked [10:36]
6. That Was Your Fourth Plate [3:59]
1. I Keep Seeing You Die [7:08]
2. We Found the Perfect Subject [8:14]
3. She's Executed [8:35]
4. I Am Guilty [9:57]
5. The Light of Truth [9:22]
6. Thank You for Your Compassion [2:38]
Side #5 --
1. Destroy Their Ship [4:40]
2. I Want My Body Back [10:19]
3. I Believe You Have No Weapons [10:55]
4. Stop the Vomit [7:39]
5. Just Shoot Us Full Power [8:47]
6. I Was in Your Pants [3:35]
1. It's INSIDE Moya! [3:43]
2. Me, John Crichton [10:31]
3. An Alternate Version of Yourself [11:32]
4. It Wants One of Me [8:47]
5. Not My Place, Don't Belong [7:55]
6. Only One Possible Genetic Path [3:27]
Side #6 --
1. You Scented Your Hair [4:15]
2. Sweet, Kinda Like Molasses [11:26]
3. I Want You to Consider Marrying Her [10:22]
4. Better Wed Than Dead [6:16]
5. Her DNA Was Poisoned [9:54]
6. Your Wedding Present from Prince Clavor [3:43]
1. Are You Wavering? [4:08]
2. Do Not Try and Kill Me Again [11:54]
3. Moya! Hear Me! [3:29]
4. Inventive, Evasive, In Custody [5:31]
5. It's All Politics, John [7:25]
6. Katralla and John [9:27]
1. They Look So...Stiff [5:44]
2. Find Your Friend's Head! [9:51]
3. Moya Wishes to Speak [9:17]
4. Tomorrow Will Be Dangerous [6:48]
5. How Badly Do You Want Him Dead? [9:18]
6. You're Not Talking to Me [4:59]
Side #7 --
1. We Have a Surprise for You [4:37]
2. We Must Resort to the Collar [10:57]
3. Your Brother Is Very Much Alive [9:13]
4. Super 3-D Smell-a-Vision in Sense-Surround [11:04]
5. You Don't Have to Kill Her [6:48]
6. We Are No Longer Cleansed [3:16]
1. Confront Your Fears with Strength [3:46]
2. He's One of the Best Healers [10:36]
3. I Want This Chip Out [9:14]
4. Crichton...Scorpius [6:59]
5. At Peace. Aeryn [10:35]
6. I Remove...Then Restore You [4:44]
Side #8 --
1. My Son Is Still Alive [3:14]
2. A Shadow Depository [7:29]
3. It's Part of the Plan [8:23]
4. Scorpius Is Here [12:28]
5. Just Frelling HURRY! [9:55]
6. We Are Rich [4:27]
1. I Have Ka D'Argo's Son [4:50]
2. I Can't Lose Jothee [9:33]
3. Our Money's ALIVE! [14:15]
4. Moya May Die [7:31]
5. Flames on Moya [5:28]
6. My Son! [4:19]
1. Bye, My Friends [5:02]
2. We're Inside Your Brain [10:44]
3. He Only Loves Me for My Mind [9:28]
4. Blue Eyes, So Soft [7:16]
5. There's No Escape, Crichton [10:09]
6. D'Argo, Please Kill Me [3:15]
Side #9 --
1. Parasites! [4:45]
2. Follow the Vorc [8:52]
3. Kill the Frelling Thing [9:48]
4. Another Creature's On Board [9:26]
5. Can You Say 'Cocoon'? [9:04]
6. Flashes of Scorpions [4:00]
1. I'm Not Your Son [3:04]
2. Some Alien's Personal Science Project [11:31]
3. I Miss Moya [9:38]
4. I Don't Know Who I Am [10:24]
5. Boogi-oogie-oogie [8:56]
6. I Feel Like I Died [2:21]
Side #10 --
1. Thicker Than Pea Soup [4:14]
2. Aeryn, What Happened? [7:45]
3. You're Aeryn's Granddaughter? [6:49]
4. It's Us Who Are Not Growing Old [10:25]
5. She's Gone. Aeryn's Gone [13:12]
6. A Feeling Something Happened [3:30]
1. Talyn Is Becoming More Aggressive [4:41]
2. No One Is Responsible! [10:12]
3. Please Resume Your Testimony [9:08]
4. Who Fired the Cannon [8:13]
5. Commence the Executions [8:11]
6. He Was Protecting Moya [5:30]

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Farscape: Season 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Brilliant... Where's the box set for season 3 & 4? is it possible to get? jwright79@charter.net
Guest More than 1 year ago
This boxed set is great! It includes edited scenes, commentary, and interviews with the cast and crew. Once you watch Farscape, you'll never understand why this outstanding series was canceled by Sci-Fi. Bar none, this is the best in television Sci-Fi ever. If you want comedy, drama, romance, fighting, and originality--look no further. Farscape is funny with a dark atmosphere, unlike the pretty and perfect little happy ending worlds you'll find in Star Trek. 'Bablyawn 5' and Stargate (SG-1) don't hold a candle to this production.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Within just a few minutes of watching this series you are irresistably drawn into the unique characters, witty dialogue, and amazing story development that make Farscape the great Sci Fi force it has become. The brilliant chemistry between the characters is a product of some of the best writers in the business who cast a spell that quickly engrosses you in the amazing universe that this series is set in. Each episode brings a fascinating story that is completely satisfying in and of itself, but also feeds the ongoing saga that is Farscape and makes the show all but addicting. Superbly written episodes are abound in this DVD of the complete second season. A must have for any fan of the science fiction genre and those that just love great television.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Produced by Jim Henson Productions, Farscape combines human actors with puppets with spectacular visual effects. The show followed the adventures of one human who, because of an accident, became lost in space. He was rescued by a strange assortment of aliens who were escaped prisoners fleeing their captors in a living space ship, named Moya. The crew of Moya in addition to Crichton consists of a warrior male (D'Argo), a male deposed emperor (Rygel), a female priest (Zhaan), a female thief (Chiana), and a female belonging to a space police force called the Peacekeepers (Aeryn Sun), who is not on the ship by choice. The spectacular special effects drew me to Farscape in the beginning, but the strong and imaginative writing, and superlative acting were what kept me watching week to week, and ever on in reruns. I have seen every episode, as many times as they have been aired and always notice something never spotted before. Nevertheless the primary reason I continue to watch this program (besides a healthy admiration for Ben Browder) is because of the ways in which the female characters are written and portrayed. Each of the females in the crew is a strong character-by strong I mean that they have characteristics that have been called heroic. Farscape turned some gender notions on their heads. For example, the spaceship Moya is alive and is female. She bore a male child that was part Leviathan (the ship's species) and part Peacekeeper. In other words, the mother was genetically altered to produce a hybrid child-one born with weaponry. Alien species encountered by the crew may have gender and they may not. In one interesting episode D'Argo hunts for a spaceship belonging to his species with a female creature looking for a mate. The actor portraying the part was male. The priest Zhaan was always very sensual and we learn eventually that members of her species, Delvian, are actually plants. As such she has shown us an interesting variation on sexual activity: think of plants and sunlight and you will get the idea. Aeryn and John do eventually develop a sexual relationship, as do Chiana and D'Argo. Chiana is freely sexual and not averse to using her sexuality to gain the advantage over another individual; indeed, she used her sexuality in order to survive the exile from her own planet. Do not get the idea the sexual act plays a major role in this series. It does not. However, unlike the various Star Trek® programs, the producers and writers of Farscape realize that male and female creatures will do what is natural. Furthermore, Aeryn possesses characteristics that would be considered masculine on our planet and John Crichton possesses those that would be considered feminine. Many 'scapers are women and this show belies the rather androcentric perspective of much of traditional science fiction. Women will especially enjoy this series, with its alternative view of a future in which women may be more than anyone would believe or expect.