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Farscape - The Complete Fourth Season

Farscape - The Complete Fourth Season

4.6 3
Director: Andrew J. Prowse, Ben Browder, David Kemper, Geoffrey Bennett

Cast: Andrew J. Prowse, Ben Browder, David Kemper, Geoffrey Bennett


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Clearly the brightest jewel in the Sci-Fi Channel's original-programming crown, Farscape continues to expand its genre's boundaries with provocative, consistently engrossing episodes -- among them the complete run of the fourth and final season episodes collected here. Viewers will be reintroduced to John Crichton (Ben Browder), the erstwhile astronaut catapulted into a galaxy many light-years distant from Earth and taken aboard the living starship Moya, whose passengers are fugitives from oppressive totalitarians known as Peacekeepers. In "Crichton Kicks," John is reunited with Chiana (Gigi Edgley) and Rygel (Jonathan Hardy) to prevent a dying Leviathan from being captured by mercenaries. In the two-part "What Was Lost" arc, Interion scientists conduct an archeological dig on a planet where the rest of the crew is reunited in "Sacrifice," and in "Resurrection," the crew must stop the Peacekeepers from finding an alien weapon of mass destruction. Mercenaries capture Rygel after the crew is forced to make an emergency landing on a planet in "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing." Aeryn (Claudia Black) returns to the ship in "Promises," but she's been affected by heat delirium. In "Natural Election" Moya is attacked by a strange space organism. John and Chiana are trapped in a virtual world controlled entirely by the unstable Stark (Paul Goddard) in "John Quixote." In "I Shrink Therefore I Am" bounty hunters out to capture John shrink the crew. Aeryn is accused of killing a planet's leader in "A Prefect Murder." In "Coup by Clam" the crew is poisoned by an alien doctor. "Unrealized Reality" finds Crichton falling into a wormhole and being captured by an inter-dimensional being. In "Kansas" John returns to Earth only to discover he is actually 15 years in the past. And John finally returns home in "Terra Firma" to open Earth's eyes to upcoming danger. In "Twice Shy" Chiana buys a slave girl from a passing ship, but the girl turns out to be more than the crew expected. Crichton, D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe), and Rygel are brought to a training camp and discover the Peacekeeper who murdered D'Argo's wife in "Mental as Anything." In "Bringing Home the Beacon" the female members of the crew visit a space station and happen upon a secret meeting between Grayza (Rebecca Riggs) and the Scarrans. John seeks the location of Katratzi by watching the broadcast of a television show from Earth in "A Constellation of Doubt." In "Prayer," Aeryn is interrogated by the Scarrans. The collection begins to conclude with the three-part arc "We're So Screwed," starting with "Fetal Attraction," wherein the crew makes an attempt to rescue Aeryn after she is discovered at a Scarran station. In "Hot to Katratzi" Crichton and Co. get into the middle of a Peacekeeper/Scarran summit to try and rescue Scorpius (Wayne Pygram), who is being tortured by Stark. And in "La Bomba," the crew decides to side with Scorpius and try to destroy the source of the Scarrans' power. And finally, in the pivotal series finale, "Bad Timing," the Moya's crew learns, to their horror, that the Scarrans have dispatched a ship to Earth. Farscape boasts production values and special effects that are more impressive than some feature films, but it's the superior scripting and fully defined characters that really distinguish this series from the space operas of yore. Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon deserves most of the credit for keeping Farscape on track, and the fruits of his labors are here in the form of these memorable episodes.

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Release Date:
Section 23
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

In-depth cast interviews; Archival footage; Deleted scenes; Bloopers; Cool Farscape facts by Paul Simpson, author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion; Aliens encountered; Extensive set, prop, and costume galleries; Updated character histories; Official plot synopses; 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Surround Audio

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ben Browder John Crichton,Cmdr. John Crichton
Claudia Black Aeryn,Off. Aeryn Sun
Virginia Hey Delvian Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Anthony Simcoe D'Argo,Ka D'Argo
Jonathan Hardy Rygel
Gigi Edgley Chiana
Lani John Tupu Pilot
Wayne Pygram Scorpius,Scorpius/Harvey
Paul Goddard Stark

Technical Credits
Andrew J. Prowse Director
David Kemper Director
Geoffrey Bennett Director
Ian Watson Director
Karl Zwicky Director
Kate Woods Director
Michael Pattinson Director
Peter Andrikidis Director
Rowan Woods Director
Geoff Bennett Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Collection 1 - Disc 1
1. Need a Little Help [6:03]
2. This Is a Dying Ship [12:31]
3. You Haven't Seen Moya? [10:05]
4. Rabbit to the Hound [4:43]
5. Welcome to the Universe [8:02]
6. No Dream Is Guaranteed [3:36]
1. Erratic Weather Patterns! [6:15]
2. The Greatest Archeological Discovery [13:34]
3. Like a Wormhole Back to the Past [9:33]
4. A Link Between My World & This One [6:43]
5. Peace... Sacrifice [5:27]
6. Receive the Spirit of John Crichton [3:19]
1. I'm Not Gonna Tell Anybody! [4:12]
2. A Need-to-Know Basis [10:10]
3. You Never Heard My Heart [7:59]
4. 500 Shots or 600? [8:07]
5. Was That Winona? [9:43]
6. One of Us Has a Purpose [4:40]
Side #2 -- Collection 1 - Disc 2
1. We're All Stuck [7:27]
2. Same Dren... Different Planet [9:15]
3. Go Get Your Own Vomit [12:48]
4. We Die... You Die [6:33]
5. Just Shoot Me! [6:55]
6. We've Got a Message [1:53]
1. Aeryn, You've Come Back [6:06]
2. Asylum? [8:59]
3. I Don't Care About Your Promises [6:06]
4. When Did You Become an Assassin? [8:49]
5. This Is a Chameleon Ship [10:06]
6. Feels Like Coming Home [4:45]
Side #3 -- Collection 2 - Disc 1
1. What Happened to the Stars?! [5:34]
2. Some Kind of Weird Plant [11:24]
3. The Plant Is in the Frelling Ship [9:26]
4. The Whole Ship Knows? [6:48]
5. The Captain Says, 'Abandon Ship' [7:31]
6. Until I Was Sure [4:07]
1. Care for a Game? [4:54]
2. You're Kinda Stuck [11:22]
3. Kiss the Princess [7:43]
4. Scorpius Has Got Control [8:43]
5. Finding a Door Out [9:59]
6. A Warrior Needs Clarity [2:09]
1. Groceries to Unload [5:04]
2. Find Crichton [12:11]
3. No Larger Than a Hand Length [9:36]
4. I Know the Codes [8:36]
5. We've Got Crichton [6:57]
6. Traveling Into Tormented Space [2:27]
Side #4 -- Collection 2 - Disc 2
1. You've Been Banished [7:29]
2. Peace Is New [12:19]
3. Where Is the Assassin? [10:39]
4. She Got Bit by an Insect [5:49]
5. As Soon as We Find the Beekeeper [5:33]
6. A Leader Belongs With His People [3:01]
1. This Food Is Dren [6:13]
2. Did You Eat Any of the Mollusks? [11:40]
3. If This Doesn't Work, You're Dead [9:26]
4. No Way in Hell I'm Wearing That [6:59]
5. You Bit Off My Nose! [9:18]
6. Feel the Power [1:16]
7. Chapter 7 [1:02]
8. Chapter 8 [:00]
Side #5 -- Collection 3 - Disc 1
1. The Language of Wormhole [6:40]
2. Time Is Meaningless [9:43]
3. An Unrealized Reality [10:52]
4. What Happens to Me? [6:22]
5. Destination Is the Key [8:18]
6. Maintain Focus [2:55]
1. Can't Believe I'm Home [6:52]
2. How Do We Fix This? [11:47]
3. That's My Mother. She Died. [9:31]
4. Trick or Treat [6:16]
5. I've Disappeared [7:12]
6. Time Must Play Out [3:13]
Side #6 -- Collection 3 - Disc 2
1. Earth's First Contact [4:23]
2. Welcome Back to Terra Firma [13:28]
3. They Don't Like Aliens [6:53]
4. Shopping With Aliens [9:48]
5. If I Wasn't Here on Earth [7:02]
6. I Have to Go [3:17]
1. I'll Buy Her Myself [5:46]
2. There's Nothing to Say [12:23]
3. A Lot More Dangerous Than She Looks [7:03]
4. What We've Got to Look Forward To [8:19]
5. Are You Ready to Watch Aeryn Die? [7:26]
6. Roasted Spider Soup [3:54]
Side #7 -- Collection 4 - Disc 1
1. Your Objective Is Mental Discipline [5:24]
2. Macton's a Frelling Liar [11:04]
3. Attempt to Remain Focused [7:57]
4. Earth is Not Safe [9:55]
5. Time to Revisit Your Memories [8:35]
6. Killing Him Would Have Been Merciful [1:55]
1. You Brought Us to a Dead Leviathan? [7:45]
2. We Need to Stick Together [9:33]
3. You Would Assassinate Grayza? [7:42]
4. This Is an Act of War [8:49]
5. Where's the Beacon? [8:37]
6. It Was Never Aeryn [2:23]
Side #8 -- Collection 4 - Disc 2
1. We Will Pierce the Veil of Secrecy [5:06]
2. Earth Is Under No Threat [10:16]
3. Humans Never Give Up [9:26]
4. A Moment That Unites Us [10:42]
5. You Want to Dance? [7:03]
6. You Set Me Up [2:17]
1. Aeryn Could Be Dead [7:09]
2. Feeling Better? [9:52]
3. Worse Than You Can Imagine [8:38]
4. Are You in Pain? [8:33]
5. Who Is the Father? [9:16]
6. We've Set a Course for Katratzi [1:21]
Side #9 -- Collection 5 - Disc 1
1. Permission to Dock [6:26]
2. Keep That Freighter Here [10:15]
3. The Frelling Hynerian Plague [9:35]
4. Her Fetus Must Be Saved [5:52]
5. Showtime [9:03]
6. I Have Taken Innocent Lives [3:39]
1. Where Does It Hurt, Scorpius? [3:59]
2. This Offer of Peace Is Genuine [15:48]
3. So Many Sleepless Dreams [6:44]
4. Playing a Game of Chicken [7:46]
5. A Pardon From the Supreme Council [9:24]
6. You're Gonna Get Us All Killed [1:10]
Side #10 -- Collection 5 - Disc 2
1. Kill Me Later [6:20]
2. Flowers Trump Wormholes [12:25]
3. Take Us to the Bottom [5:17]
4. I Left a Nuclear Bomb in an Elevator [8:06]
5. A War Is Inevitable [8:34]
6. Everything Old Is New Again [4:08]
1. We've Attached a Bomb to Scorpius [8:36]
2. No Turning Back [8:22]
3. I'm Coming With You [7:58]
4. Too Much, Too Fast [8:19]
5. I Could Never See the End [5:24]
6. We Have Some Unfinished Business [6:12]

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Farscape - The Complete Fourth Season 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Farscape may have died an undeserving and very premature death, however, true fans of (human) drama can take heart by acquiring the ENTIRE Farscape series on DVD, for television will not likely capture or captivate true science fiction afficionados the way that The Henson Company has here. From make-up to maquettes, Farscape had it all...except a fair chance. From the devious machinations of Scorpius to the humanity of Crichton and Aeryn Sun's blossoming virtue, true fans had watched it all in awe. As fans we had projected life into Pilot, Rygel, various creatures great and small, organic and imagined, et al. and shed tears borne equally from humor as well as from heartbreak. True, this series may not have been suited to everyone's tastes, seeing as how there was no boring entreaties by British aristocracy blithely sipping tea by a roaring fire while subtly denying repressed sexuality for 2 mind melting hours or Frenchmen riding bicycles with loaves of bread in the basket around the Eiffel Tower while subtitles informed the barely literate what each scene truly represented---There was ENTERTAINMENT that was thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and emotionally evocative. Farscape had accomplished within it's very first season that which shows that run an entire seven seasons feebly attempt to accomplish with every episode and never really manage to. Thank the brilliant and talented creators of Farscape by adding this compendium to your DVD collection. You'll find that it fits very well between Star Wars Episode I and II which you should relegate to coaster status anyway. No one can stoke the embers of the dead Phoenix to flame ever again, however, you can recall, with fondness, all of the friday nights past at which time we all either set ourselves or our VCRs in anticipation of capturing the continuing adventures of Moya and her crew. Add Farscape to your collection for we shall never see it's like again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago