Fear of a Black Hat

Fear of a Black Hat

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Cast: Larry B. Scott, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Kasi Lemmons


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Writer/director Rusty Cundieff's satire of gangsta rappers, focusing on a hiphop trio who release a Christmas album called "Ho Ho 'Hos."See more details below


Writer/director Rusty Cundieff's satire of gangsta rappers, focusing on a hiphop trio who release a Christmas album called "Ho Ho 'Hos."

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Henstooth Video
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital]
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Special Features

Audio commentary by director Rusty Cundieff; Original theatrical trailers; Music videos; Deleted scenes; Cast interviews

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Rusty Cundieff Ice Cold
Larry B. Scott Tasty Taste
Mark Christopher Lawrence Tone Def
Kasi Lemmons Nina Blackburn
Howie Gold Guy Friesch
G. Smokey Campbell Backstage Manager #1
Barry Heins Marty Rabinow
Eric Laneuville Jike Singelton
Jaki Brown-Karman Actor
Kimberly Hardin Actor
Bob Mardis Actor
Brad Sanders Promoter #2
Tim Hutchinson Reggie Clay
Deezer D Jam Boy
Darin Scott Security Head
Jeff Burr Chicago Cop
Kenneth J. Hall John Liggert
Don Reed Daryll in Charge
Kurt Loder Himself
Lamont Johnson MC Slammer
Jeff Pollack White Punk #2
Nancy Giles Loreatha
Lance Crouther Street Vender
Penny Johnson Re-Re
Billy Elmer Security Guard #1
Rosemary Jackson Cheryl C.
Clyde Jones Rico
Rochelle Ashana Tiffini
Homeselle Joy Mabel Ann Jackson
Moon Jones Jam Boy

Technical Credits
Rusty Cundieff Director,Screenwriter
Stuart Blatt Production Designer
W.M. Christopher Borog Executive Producer
William Christopher Gorog Producer
Karen Horn Editor
Larry Robinson Musical Direction/Supervision
Darin Scott Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Fear of a Black Hat
1. Start [1:24]
2. N.W.H. [2:21]
3. Tough Neighborhood U.S.A. [1:52]
4. My Peanuts [:44]
5. Landmark Music Hall, Chicago [6:24]
6. A Brush With the Law [5:39]
7. Guerrillas in the Midst (Rehearsal) [4:09]
8. Guerrillas in the Midst [10:22]
9. Tasty Taste's Love Song [1:39]
10. "Booty Juice" [1:16]
11. Ice's Ice Box [1:50]
12. Sunshine Estates [2:23]
13. Tone-Def Explains His Art [1:04]
14. Security Bust [3:25]
15. "F**k the Security Guards" [2:19]
16. "A Gangsta's Life Ain't Fun" [:57]
17. Rappers Against Violence [3:27]
18. Cheryl C [4:17]
19. Jike Spingleton Black Author [:56]
20. New Mack Village [2:11]
21. Tasty Taste's Welfare [1:05]
22. Keeping It Raw [5:58]
23. "Everybody's Got to Die" [3:48]
24. Come Pet the P.U.S.S.Y. [2:04]
25. "I'm Just a Human" [2:04]
26. "Granny Says Kick Your Black Ass" [1:02]
27. N.W.H. News [6:21]
28. The Black in the Hat Comes Back [6:39]

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