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Film Noir Classics Collection 2

Film Noir Classics Collection 2

Director: Edward Dmytryk, Fritz Lang, Max Nosseck, Richard Fleischer

Cast: Edward Dmytryk, Fritz Lang, Max Nosseck, Richard Fleischer

Five classic crime films from the 1940s and '50s are featured in this special DVD collection. The Film Nor Classics Collection 2 includes the titles Born to Kill, Clash by Night, Crossfire, The Narrow Margin, and the 1945 version of Dillinger. All five features have been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1.


Five classic crime films from the 1940s and '50s are featured in this special DVD collection. The Film Nor Classics Collection 2 includes the titles Born to Kill, Clash by Night, Crossfire, The Narrow Margin, and the 1945 version of Dillinger. All five features have been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1. The audio for all five pictures has been mastered in Dolby Digital Mono; the dialogue is in English, with optional subtitles in French, Spanish, and English. Born to Kill includes a commentary track from the film's director, Robert Wise, while three others in the set feature commentaries from noted contemporary filmmakers. Clash by Night is accompanied by a talk from Peter Bogdanovich, with excerpts from an interview with director Fritz Lang. Dillinger features a commentary from John Milius, with excerpts from an interview with screenwriter Philip Yordan. And Narrow Margin includes a chat from William Friedkin, which features highlights from an interview with director Richard Fleischer. And finally, the Crossfire DVD comes with a bonus short subject on the movie, "Hate Is Like a Gun."

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This follow-up to 2004’s Film Noir Classics Vol. 1 is every bit as meritorious as the first collection, compiling another assortment of skillfully made thrillers that exhibit the easily recognizable qualities of the post-WWII era’s gritty, dark crime dramas. Our favorite from this group is Richard Fleischer’s The Narrow Margin (1952), a claustrophobic suspense yarn mostly set onboard a train that carries a hard-boiled cop (Charles McGraw) and his prisoner, a gangster’s widow (Marie Windsor) needed to testify at the trial of a Mob big shot. Taut, fast-paced, well acted, and beautifully photographed, this is one of the very best noirs; it’s been ripped off many times and was officially remade under the same title in 1990 with Gene Hackman and Anne Archer. Edward Dmytryk’s Crossfire (1947), the second-best film in the box, aroused some controversy with its then-daring exploration of anti-Semitism, which rears its ugly head during the frenzied search by police for an insane ex-solider in the wake of WWII. Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, and Robert Ryan head one of the finest casts in noir history. Forties tough guy Lawrence Tierney is seen to advantage in what are arguably his two best starring films: Max Nosseck’s stylish but cheap Dillinger (1944), in which he plays the notorious real-life gangster shot down by G-men outside a movie theater, and Robert Wise’s savagely unsentimental Born to Kill (1947), featuring the rugged Irishman as a killer who marries good girl Audrey Long for cover but really fancies her sister, bad girl Claire Trevor. To some, Fritz Lang’s Clash by Night (1952) is memorable primarily for an early appearance by Marilyn Monroe. But it’s also a sharply cynical exercise in deceit and betrayal that gives a good role to noir icon Barbara Stanwyck and allows the director to dip into the cinematic bag of tricks he acquired during the golden age of German Expressionism.

Product Details

Release Date:
Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Closed Caption; All movies digitally remastered; Expert commentary on all titles, including Robert Wise on Born to Kill, Peter Bogdanovich and Fritz Lang on Clash by Night, John Milius (director of the 1973 Dillinger) on Dillinger, and William Friedkin and Richard Fleischer on The Narrow Margin

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Stanwyck Mae Doyle D'Amato
Charles McGraw Walter Brown
Edmund Lowe Specs
Lawrence Tierney Sam Wild,Dillinger
Robert Young Capt. Finlay
Anne Jeffreys Helen
Claire Trevor Helen Trent
Marie Windsor Mrs. Neall
Paul Douglas Jerry D'Amato
Robert Mitchum Sgt. Peter Kelley
Jacqueline White Ann Sinclair
Robert Ryan Earl Pfeiffer,Monty Montgomery
Walter Slezak Arnold Amett
Gloria Grahame Ginny Tremaine
Gordon Geberl Tommy Sinclair
Marc Lawrence Doc
Marilyn Monroe Peggy
Phillip Terry Fred Grover
Audrey Long Georgia Staples
J. Carrol Naish Uncle Vince
Paul Kelly The Man
Queenie Leonard Mrs. Troll

Technical Credits
Edward Dmytryk Director
Fritz Lang Director
Max Nosseck Director
Richard Fleischer Director
Robert Wise Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Dillinger
1. Credits [1:03]
2. Money for Drinks [4:17]
3. Specs Green and Friends [5:06]
4. Sure of Himself [4:10]
5. White Cross [3:03]
6. Breakout and Bank Spree [4:09]
7. Remember Me? [4:35]
8. Thinking to Much [3:56]
9. Double Cut [3:02]
10. One Big Happy Family [3:02]
11. Robbery on the Run [2:04]
12. Captured [3:32]
13. Wooden Gun [3:04]
14. Death Between Pals [1:49]
15. Rail Heist [5:33]
16. RIP: The Ottos and Tony [5:48]
17. Hiding in Chicago [4:07]
18. Stir Crazy [3:10]
19. To the Movies [2:55]
20. Final Shootout [1:19]
Side #2 -- Crossfire
1. Credits [1:16]
2. Murder Scene [4:48]
3. Everybody's the Type [5:14]
4. Guys in a Bar [4:04]
5. Only Story I've Got [4:10]
6. Helping Mitchell Escape [3:39]
7. Too Used to Hating [4:07]
8. Blurring Into Ginny [3:44]
9. Free Dance [3:11]
10. Ginny's Husband [4:15]
11. Snakes Are Loose [2:02]
12. Crazy Monty [5:27]
13. Balcony Reunion [6:14]
14. Questioning Ginny [6:58]
15. Those Guys Got Ways [2:28]
16. Hate Enough to Kill [3:54]
17. Questioning Leroy [3:38]
18. Real American History [3:05]
19. Saying Nothing [4:08]
20. Looking for Floyd [3:05]
21. Right House, Right Killer [5:27]
22. Cast List [:30]
Side #3 -- Clash By Night
1. Credits [1:56]
2. Day's Catch [3:28]
3. Back Home [2:55]
4. Life's History [5:14]
5. Where She Goes [2:40]
6. Date Night [5:17]
7. Drinks With Earl [4:58]
8. Wrong [5:20]
9. Buzzing Around [3:25]
10. Foolish Questions [4:06]
11. Tough to Please [4:18]
12. Nonmember of the Wedding [4:53]
13. Evening Heat [6:05]
14. The Drunk and the Restless [3:49]
15. Dying of Loneliness [1:35]
16. Fierce Embrace [4:03]
17. Ask About Your Wife [2:41]
18. Suspicious Search [5:12]
19. Animals [3:41]
20. Love the Hard Way [4:07]
21. Get Out! [2:35]
22. The Woman I Marry [4:36]
23. Confrontation [3:40]
24. High-Stakes Gamble [1:31]
25. Trust Somebody [8:49]
Side #4 -- The Narrow Margin
1. Credits [1:06]
2. Her Escort [5:36]
3. Hitman Strikes [2:50]
4. Keeping Distance [3:00]
5. Boarding the Train [3:41]
6. His Move to Make [3:17]
7. Cabin Search [5:22]
8. Business Proposition [4:41]
9. Too Many Oats [3:01]
10. Some Explaining to Do [4:47]
11. Colorado Stopover [3:05]
12. No One Knows But Us [4:52]
13. I Want to Live [3:09]
14. In Business for Keeps [4:49]
15. No Gravy Train Deal [2:32]
16. Innocent Bystanders [3:36]
17. Played for a Sucker [4:47]
18. Tough Spot [4:44]
19. No More Running [2:19]
Side #5 -- Born to Kill
1. Credits [1:08]
2. Divorce Day [3:21]
3. Roll of the Dice [2:36]
4. Killer in Waiting [5:02]
5. What I Want I Take [2:34]
6. Fellow Travelers [4:07]
7. Retaining Arnett [3:07]
8. Fourth for Dinner [3:22]
9. Shall We Dance? [4:03]
10. Decided on Marriage [2:32]
11. Upset [4:46]
12. Her Sister's Keeper [3:24]
13. No Longer Upset [2:58]
14. Newlyweds at Odds [4:18]
15. Soulmates [4:07]
16. I Don't Get Her [3:02]
17. Most Attractive Man [3:19]
18. Mrs. Kraft's Visitors [6:02]
19. The Way He Wants [3:21]
20. Murder in the Dunes [3:12]
21. Figuring Things Out [3:37]
22. Want to Live or Die? [3:07]
23. Not Rotten Clear Through [5:46]
24. Telling Georgia the Truth [4:30]
25. Way of the Transgressor [3:59]
26. Cast List [:27]

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