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Films of Kenneth Anger, Vol. I
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Films of Kenneth Anger, Vol. I

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Cast: André Soubeyran, Camilla Salvatorelli, Yvonne Marquis


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High definition transfers from newly restored elements; Screen specific audio commentaries for all films by Kenneth Anger; Rabbit's Moon outtakes; 48 page full color book featuring: an introduction by Martin Scorsese, Kenneth Anger's hand drawn sketches for the unrealized Puce Women project, excerpts from Anaïs Nin's diaries about the making of Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, rare behind the scenes stills and more

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Films of Kenneth Anger, Vol. I 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CComperry More than 1 year ago
Perfect for the person looking to study film from the early to mid 20th century. Puce Moment is probably my favorite of this bunch, followed very closely by Fireworks. Kenneth Anger has an amazing ability to combine authentic period costuming and characters with a bizare, surreal twist and story line. I love that he doesn't give it all away at first, and that the average viewer may have to watch each short film a few times before really being able to decode them. This edition of Anger's films is also great because it has commentary by Anger himself, giving first hand insight into his thoughts and inspirations for each piece. Truely a must have for any film lover, and an AMAZING B&N bargain, at only $20.
Gonzo84 More than 1 year ago
Kenneth Anger, author of the famous Hollywood Babylon, has made his stamp in the world of film with this collection of short films that spans throughout his career. Anger introduces us to a different world of filmaking, during this time in America, Films were more of Romanticised structures without any kind of barriers being broken, by the 1950s, the only films that were known to have such a quality of vanguard was Citizen Kane and even that was overlooked at the time. Anger though brings us into a world of Imagery and Music; allowing music to tell the story rather than dialogue. I'm a huge film-buff, I've never taken any sort of film class, where his works are highly studied upon. I came across this collection of films a few years ago walking around Virgin Record store, I happened to walk by the Cult Section and noticed this DVD pack, I'd never heard of Kenneth Anger up to that point, just the sheer intensity of the imagery from the stills on the back cover sent shivers up and down my spine. At the time, I was an avid David Lynch freak, I loved anything that was out of the ordinary, especially visually. I read the description and learned that everyone from Martin Scorsese to David Lynch are admirers and influenced by Anger's films. Just that right there got me stimulated enough to have to get this collection. I learned more about Anger on my own throughout the following months, about his thurst for knowledge dealing with the Occult and even Satanism. I'm very agnostic and am open to any ideas and anything dealing with the devil actually doesn't bother me, but more inviting and intrigued, since I like anything that's different. His love of Aliester Crowley's works got me even more, since I was a fan of his works too, so now I was more intrigued & had a hunger to see what Anger could bring to the table. So I popped the DVD in & was suprised at first to watch one of his earliest works, a black & white short about the Navy starring Anger himself, shot entirely in a black backround, the story is narrated by classical music, which I didn't know at the time was Anger's methods. I was expecting Dialogue of sorts, but nothing like that appeared. The film like many of his works was short & by the end, I didn't know what to think, I was more dissappointed, since I think I was expecting a little more. So then I watched his other works featured on the DVD and once again, I found myself watching the same. By the end of it all I was still full of dissappointment, so I turned on the Kenneth Anger commentary to actually find out what was going on since some of these films seemed a bit confusing. Then I started learning what other directors were learning, that Anger had mastered the art of Music/Film, like no other. I could see why somebody like Scorsese had been so influenced, since some of Anger's works were driven by the sounds of Rock/Roll, like Scorpio Rising; a biker tale. All in all, at first I thought I wasted my money, glad that I viewed these films, but dissappointed none the less. Then it hit me months later, just how innovative & creative and influential Anger has become to the world of Film. He took a unknown genre & turned it into art. I could see why his works are studied upon at universities & are used as a guide to understand the use of Music as a narration, like Scorsese & Lynch & even Tarantino. So I warn you, this might not be the greatest, but for Film-Buffs this is unique q